Chapter 3 begins with a phone call from Claire. Make your way to the morgue at the office.


When Claire discovers that the killer has been in the morgue she tells you to check the security cameras. Use the monitors in the room opposite the elevator (on level B2) to see the killer leaving through the basement.
After the cut scene of your futile pursuit of the killer talk to Claire to learn that the killer inserted a photograph of the next intended victim in the corpse. She also tells you that Todd Browning (your boss) wants to see you.
Go up to the general office on the 8th floor, where you are summoned to the boss' office. Fetch his coffee mug from the interrogation room on the right at the end of the passage. Place the mug in the coffee machine (at the very end of the passage) and press the button to fill it with coffee.
Talk to Miller after your meeting with the boss. Miller has ascertained that a certain Vaclav Kolar knew both the 4th and 5th victims, so you decide to pay him a visit.


Kolar's room is the first one on the left, up the stairs. When Kolar leaves the room to fetch a copy of his thesis, take the empty beer bottle lying on the floor at the base of the chair.


Take the beer bottle to Claire and she asks you to lift the prints for her. The fingerprint equipment is on Claire's desk in the 8th floor general office. Note that unless you first take the beer bottle to Claire, you won't be able to use the equipment.
In close up view, begin by placing the bottle on the desk. Next, open the jar of fingerprint powder, then pick up the brush, dip it in the powder and paint the bottle. If you've done everything correctly so far there should be two arrows above the bottle, allowing you to turn it. Take a sheet of lifting tape, then twist the bottle (using the two arrows) until a good, clear print is visible. There are a number of prints on the bottle (the cursor will change into a magnifying glass when placed on a print) but the lifting tape will only work on one of them.
Take the prints to Claire, then head back to Pat's house.


It's now time to put your culinary skills to the test. The ingredients and utensils have been conveniently laid out on the kitchen table, and the recipe book is open at the correct page. All you need to do is decipher the recipe.
Baking the gingerbread cookies is not as difficult as it at first seems. Only a very basic knowledge of baking is required, the rest is pure logic.


With the cookies in the oven, return to Victoria's bedroom to resume reading your grandfather's memoirs.

At this point the game switches back to Gus - Chapter 4