Appearances aren't always what they seem! Just when you thought Gus looked a bit too meek and timid to be a hero, the cut scene shows another side to him.
Outside the police station Kaz Stasek tells you about the latest murder at the old lavatory. Did you explore the area around the shore? If you did, you'll have seen the old lavatory and also something you could possibly use as an alternate means of getting there.


Continue to the left, past the spot where Gus first spoke to Inspector Skalnic, until you find the old rowing boat. Use the rowing boat to get across the water to the old lavatory.


The door to the tower is locked. First try opening the door, thereafter you're able to climb across the water mill and get to the other side.
If you look at the reservoir closely (near the large rusted pipe) you see a sewer cover at the bottom and a metal staircase leading into the reservoir. Walk all the way around the reservoir, where you find the body of the latest victim. Search the body to get the 5th spiked metal ring.
Thanks to a combination of bad marksmanship (although one shot does knock the lock off the tower door) and a jammed revolver, you avoid being shot and flee into the tower.


Climb down the ladder, through the trapdoor, to the lower level of the tower.
From the instructions on the wall next to the tank contraption you can work out how to drain the reservoir.


Climb up the ladders to exit the tower, walk round the reservoir and open the sewer cover.


When Gus enters the sewer maze the screen display shows his current position in the maze, the door that he must get to and a compass with four directional arrows to move him around.
Navigating the maze to get to the door shown on the screen is fairly simple.


Begin by taking the RIGHT path, 2nd path UP then 1st path UP again



The locked door in the sewers has a complicated locking device. Study the locking device and note that it has 6 'grooved' squares. The 5 rings at the top are the spiked rings you've collected so far. There's obviously a sixth ring that must be found. You were given three clues during the game on where to look for it.
In the introductory cut scene and in Gus' second vision you see the killer dragging a victim. In Gus' third vision you see the actual murder of the 6th victim. Note that you can view these cut scenes again with the cinematic viewer accessed from the main menu.
All three cut scenes mentioned above take place in the sewers. You know there's another victim somewhere in the sewers, so all you need to do is find it somewhere in the maze.


Take the sixth and final ring from the body you find in the sewers, then return to the locked door.
From the grooves on the squares on the locking device you know that the 6 rings must be fitted into the correct squares. Your problem is that more than one ring will fit each square. Although, at first blush it seems that this puzzle must be solved by trial-and-error, it can be done using a process of logical reasoning.


Go through the sewer door and watch as Gus' worst fears and nightmares are realized. You, on the other hand, should have expected this after reading Vaclav Kolar's thesis.

At this point the game switches back to Victoria - Chapter 7