The Whispered World

by Daedalic Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   April 2010


Gameplay:    This is a third person game. The main menu has continue game, new game, load, save, options and quit game. Credits and bonus are seen at the left side of the main screen.

The option selections are for subtitles, voices and the volumes for voice, music and fx.

ESC key accesses the main menu.

The cursor gets a bright spot at the center when over an active spot.

When the active spot is clicked on; action selection is seen. Choose eye, mouth or hand action.

In inventory, left click and hold an item; then choose eye, mouth or hand action.

Right mouse click on screen opens inventory bag. Right click on an item hastens the dialogue.

Press the space bar to show all active spots in the screen.

Save games can be overwritten.

The bonus is accessed after the game is finished. It has concept arts of the game.

If your game closes and goes to the desktop like mine, open the game again and use the continue game selection. It starts where you crashed.

The narrator tells his last story about a land about to die. It begins at the Autumn Forest. This is the story about Sadwick the sad clown. He will destroy the world in a few days.

Sadwick experiences his constant nightmare.

Chapter One

The Autumn Forest

Sadwick wakes up. Look around the trailer. Study the torn note on the wall above his bed. It is the human cannonball act that Ben wants Sadwick to do.

Open the drawer of the side table and take the daily chore list. Look at it in inventory. At 7:00 am, Sadwick has to feed Spot. Burping alphabet?

Take care of Spot:

Exit the caravan. See Spot the worm (caterpillar). He does not look right.

Spot's persona:    Pick Spot up and click-place him on the bucket of water beside Ben. Use Spot on Ben and find out that the water Spot drank is full of starch. This makes Spot's Fat or Round persona.

Move the cursor at top right of the screen and see a selection for Spot. The first is for a normal size Spot and the second (circle) makes Spot round-fat. The other options will come later.

Look around. Check the hanging laundry on the clothes line. Look at Ben, Grandpa and check Bruno at right.

Check the traps by Bruno. Learn that Grandpa uses Noahi eggs to trap fire dragons and that Spot loves fire dragons.

Go to the forest:

Enter the forest at left. Sadwick walks in circle and comes back to the clearing. Talk to Ben completely.

Where can I get a map?

Ben says he hid it in the trailer. Enter the trailer and look around again.

Check the hole on the broken stovepipe and the stove.

Change Spot to normal by clicking at top right and selecting the first option-circle.

Place Normal Spot in the hole of the stovepipe. He comes out of the stove that does not have a handle.

Take Ben's casket. It is locked and Sadwick needs the key.

Use hand on bear's head. Take the key from his open mouth.

Use key on casket in inventory. Get the map. Exit the trailer.

Where can I get a compass?

Ben says Grandpa has one. Talk to Grandpa.

After a while, receive the compass from Grandpa. Also learn about the Autumn Forest, oracles and pantaloons.

Grandpa's trailer:

Enter Grandpa's trailer. Check everything. Note the petroleum soup in the cauldron.

Take the hairnet hanging on the wall left of door.

Take the dentures and handkerchief beside the bed.

Close the door and take the cork from the bottle behind the door.

Exit the trailer. Take the shovel left of Sadwick's trailer.

Bobby, the Chaski (messenger):

Go left to the forest. See a map of the forest. Select the only other place we can go to - the Shore.

Talk to Bobby, the Chaski messenger. Learn about the Asgil that he is afraid of and his mission. He is carrying the Whispering Stone that needs to be taken back to Corona, the king's castle. It is used to prevent the end of the world.

Bobby gives Sadwick a test - catch him a fish.

Catch a fish:

Pick up the branch in front of Bobby.

In inventory combine the branch with the hairnet to get a dip net.

Use the dip net on the lake and get a fish.

Give the fish to Bobby. Sadwick picks up the fish bone on the ground.

Learn about Shana, the oracle. Bobby can't find Shana and got lost. Ask him about the cabin of Shana. Bobby marks Sadwick's map. Talk to Bobby about your nightmares and learn that Shana might be able to interpret the dreams.


Look for Shana to help Bobby and to have your dream interpreted.

Go bottom left to see the map. Select the ruins.

Statue:    Check the statue with the tongue. Read the engraved message on the tongue: In memory of the mighty sea-eyes.

They watched over our world for millennia. They watched over us from numerous eyes. We brought them the green round fruit of the fatalie trees as offerings. They rewarded us by bringing light to our lives.

Check the head of the statue and see moss. Use the handkerchief on the moss and see escutcheon - the royal insignia and a hole.

Take note of the 2 turtles on each side of the statue. Check the bush and the gate behind the bushes.

Bobby:    Go back to the Shore and talk to Bobby. He says the Asgils are here.

After much discussion, Bobby gives the Whispering Stone.

Whispering Stone:    Go back to Ruins.

Use the Whispering Stone on the hole on the forehead of the statue. An earthquake happens. The shaking opens the gate and rips the ceiling of Sadwick's trailer dropping open pipes.

The Whispering Stone rolls out of the hole and is swallowed by Spot.

Bobby:    Go back to the Shore. Bobby is not here. Looks like there was a fight.

Pick up the knife and bombs from the ground.

Shana's cabin:

Find Shana's cabin:

Go back to the Ruins. Use the knife on the bush. Go through the archway and to the valley.

Rock brothers:    Talk to the 2 rocks, Yngo and Ralv.

Learn that the door is part of Shana's cabin that got destroyed by termites. Shana still lives in the cabin.

Enter Shana's cabin:

Open the door and enter to the other side. Sadwick exits around the door.

Move to one side behind the open door. Then using the arrow going back out, exit through the door (not around the door).

Be inside Shana's cabin. Look around.

See notes on shelves at both sides of the door, armchair, globe and grandfather clock.

Rock Brothers:   

Exit the cabin and talk to the Rock Brothers again.

Ask about Shana's not being in her cabin. Learn about a hint appearing at half past noon.

Enter the cabin again by exiting through the door of the ruined cabin.

Grandfather clock:

Hour hand:    Look close at grandfather clock. See that the hour hand is missing.

Use the fishbone on the clock face as the hour hand.

12:30    Look close at grandfather clock.

Click on minute hand and then click on VI. The minute hand points to VI.

Click on hour hand and then click on XII. Press the button at center.

Note 1:    See the beam of light points to a note. Take the note to read it. Do a sleeping giant a favor.

In inventory, read Sadwick's daily schedule. See that at 12:15, Sadwick is supposed to wash Bruno, the gentle giant who was sleeping when he left the circus.

12:15    Look close at grandfather clock.

Click on minute hand and then click on III. The minute hand points to III.

Click on hour hand and then click on XII. Press the button at center.

Note 2:    See the beam of light points to a note. Take the note to read it. The colors comes back into the world.

In inventory, read Sadwick's daily schedule. See that at 5:30, Sadwick is supposed to watch the sunrise.

5:30    Look close at grandfather clock.

Click on minute hand and then click on VI. The minute hand points to VI.

Click on hour hand and then click on V. Press the button at center.

Shana appears on the armchair.

Shana the Oracle:

Talk to Shana completely. She refuses at first to interpret Sadwick's dream. But learns about Sadwick's vision of the end of the world.

Sadwick tells his dream. Shana goes into a trance. She screams that the world is about to meets its end. Sadwick, you hold the fate of the world in your hand. Sadwick dooms the world.

When asked about the prophecy, Sadwick cannot get himself to tell the truth - instead he says that he will save the world.

The task is that the Whispering Stone must be taken to Corona at Castle, just like in the prophecy (trance).

Find Kalida and Kalida will take him to Corona. Kalida lives in the middle of the lake. At the forest where it is deepest, the chosen one will be guided by light.

Guided by light:

Go back to the ruins. Check the shadow newt holding a red Noahi egg.

Go right and select the Tree in the map.

Guided by lightning bugs:    See lightning bugs. That must be the prophesized light.

Look at and then try to take lightning bugs. They fly to the hole on the tree. Later they fly down from the top. That must mean that the tree is hollow and has an opening on the top.

Use the cork taken from Grandpa's trailer on the hole.

Try to take the lightning bugs again. This time they fly to the stone and disappear.

Move the stone and see that they are gone. Use the shovel taken from the clearing on the bleak spot. A hole is made.

Top of tree:    Enter the hole made and walk the cavern. At the left side, check the puddle and smell petroleum.

Climb up and be on top of the tree. Look around. See the lake and the island at the center of the lake.

How do we get there? Remember the act Ben wanted Sadwick to practice - the human cannonball.

Go back down and out of the tree.

Check the resin on the side of the tree. Try to use the knife to take the resin. You need something to hold it.

Study the human cannonball act:

Trailer:    Go back to the Circus and enter Sadwick's trailer.

Check the open pipes shooting electricity at the ceiling that the earthquake revealed. Sadwick gets a headache and collapses. What is that all about?

Human cannonball act:    Study the torn note on the wall above the bed.

The human cannonball act needs a cannon, plug, parachute and bombs.

The cannon is the tree showed to us by the lightning bugs.

Get a parachute:

Go outside and talk to Grandpa about everything. Learn that Loucaux is the leader of the Asgil.

Try to take Grandpa's pantaloons hanging on the clothes line. Ben stops Sadwick from doing so.

Ben's monster:    Talk to Ben about everything. Talk about what he is not scared of. Learn that he is scared of Asgils only if they have claws, 2 heads and sharp teeth.

Teeth:    If you haven't taken it yet, enter Grandpa's trailer and take the denture.

Claws:    Enter Sadwick's trailer and take the bear claws.

2 heads:    Go to the Ruins and take the 2 turtles on each side of the statue.

Get glue:    We need glue to put them together. There's resin in the Tree but we need a container.

Cave:    Exit the clearing and select the cave in the map.

See that there are totems here like a cemetery. One of the totems has a bowl. Try to take the bowl.

Change Spot to his fat persona by clicking the corner at top right and selecting the second circle.

Pick up the Fat Spot and place him on the bowl. The bowl drops on the ground. Pick up the bowl.

Check the cave and see a big spider web. There are mushrooms on the cave wall.

Exit the cave and go left to the map.

Tree:    Go to the tree. Use the bowl on the resin at right side of the trunk to get bowl full of resin.

Make Ben's monster:    In inventory use resin on the 2 turtles to make sticky turtles.

Combine sticky turtles with dentures to get dentured turtles.

Combine dentured turtles with claws to make two headed monster.

Get the pantaloons:    Go back to the Circus.

Show Ben the two headed monster. He gets scared and cowers.

Immediately take the pantaloons from the clothes line and the ball he dropped from the ground.

Get fuse and light for the bomb:   

Light for the bomb:    Go to the Ruins.

Use the ball dropped by Ben on the shadow newt. The newt drops the red Noahi egg to get the ball.

Go back to Circus. Use the Noahi eggs on the trap by Bruno. See fire dragons enter the trap.

Change Spot to his normal (first circle) persona. Pick up Spot and use him with the fire dragon inside the trap.

Spot acquires his Fiery persona which is the third circle at top right corner selection.

Cave:    Go to and enter the cave.

Now that Spot is in his fiery persona, use Spot (third circle) on the spider web.

Enter the deep part of the cave. See 11 eyes in the dark corner.

Change spot to his Fat persona; the second circle in Spot selection at top right of the screen.

Use Fat Spot on the eyes. See a Moreye with 11 eyes encased in the wall.

Pick up the rope beside the skull on the ground.

Make a fuse:    Go back to the Circus.

Enter Grandpa's trailer. Use the rope on Grandpa's cauldron that has petroleum soup to get fuse cord.

In inventory, combine the fuse with the bombs left by Bobby.

Prepare a plug:

Enter Sadwick's trailer and pick up Ben's pointy hat from the floor. It looks like the plug in the human cannonball sketch. But it sags too much.

Shana's door:    Go to the Ruins and then to Shana's door.

Talk to the Rock Brothers about their plans for world domination. They think Sadwick is a greenhorn. They ask Sadwick questions to check if he is not a greenhorn.

Shana is a mysterious snake creature.

Moreyes have 11 eyes.

Kalida lives on an island at center of the lake.

They give stone powder to Sadwick.

In inventory, combine the stone powder with pointy hat to get a petrified hat.

Blast off:   

Go to the tree and prepare the human cannonball act.

Enter the hole in the ground. Go to the left side of the passage.

Place the fused bombs on the puddle.

Change Spot to his fiery persona. Use Fiery Spot to light the bomb.

Climb up to the top of the tree.

Use the petrified hat on the hole.

Use (hand) the petrified hat to get Sadwick to sit on the plug.

Sadwick picks up Spot and away we go.


Midflight, Sadwick falls asleep and dreams his vision of a sphere with a mouth. The mouth says that he is most awake as he is now and says for him to destroy this place. Wake up!

Chapter 2

Kalida Awakening

Island shore:   

Talk to Mulachei, the monk. The monk leaves. The inventory is empty.

See a pole that cannot be picked up on the pier. Check the statue. The engraving says Kalida has her ears in the water. See all the candles.

Continue until the bridge. See a rope on left side of the bridge.

Cross the bridge and continue on to the village.

Village path:

Check a bell hanging overhead. It has no bell rope.

Check the hut (House of the Howls) at top left and see that it is locked.

Go back to the path and see another building on the right. Learn later that it is the old pearl factory.

Bando's hut:

Continue up the path and enter the open door.

Talk to Bando. Learn that he's bored and the boss wants him to be quiet since he shouts a lot. The pearl factory has been closed because the boss has met his goal. Ruben the boss doesn't want Kalida awakened by noise.

Bando was told to stop some actions so that Kalida will not be awakened: blow the foghorn at the House of the Howls, ring the bell and work in the factory.

Let's see if those ceased actions will wake Kalida.

Ring the bell:   

Take the tooth-hook from the animal rug. Try to take the key from under the window.

Exit the hut. Go down to the old factory at right side of the path.

Enter the factory and see that it is dark. Pick up the flint from the ground.

Go back down until the start of the bridge.

Use the flint on the rope at left side of the bridge. Get the rope.

In inventory combine the rope with the hook to get hook with rope.

Go to the bell at the start of the village path.

Use the hook with rope on the bell. He did it. Pull the rope.

Ruben calls Bando to his office for some scolding about the bell ringing noise.

Blow the foghorn:

Now that Bando is gone, go back to his hut. Take the key from under the window and the ladder from left wall.

Go down to the hut below - the House of Howls. Use the key on the door.

Enter the hut and look around. Take the baton from stool and the parchment from the wall. Read the parchment in inventory. It is a music sheet.

Use mouth on the horn. It's clogged up.

Change Spot to his fat round persona (second circle). Use Fat Spot on the foghorn.

The thing blocking the foghorn blows off. The foghorn sounded and Bando is blamed again.

Get the pantaloons:

Exit the hut and check the pantaloons that landed at the rocks right of path. Try to take the pantaloons.

Go back to Bando's hut. Pick up the sock on the stool Bando was sitting on.

Close the door and see a mouse hole on the base left of the wall.

Use hand on mouse hole and eyes are seen.

Use the sock on the mouse. Take the mouse.

Go back to the pantaloons. Use the mouse on the pantaloons to get pantaloons.

Get the factory going again:

Climb up to the house at top of the village path.

Enter and the bell rang to waken Ruben. (If Bando is still being chewed out, go to a screen that does not show Bando's hut and then return).

Talk to Ruben. Learn that he's sleeping on his desk because his bed squeaks. He has exactly 10000 pearls and he doesn't need any more. Mulachei leaves at the remote end of the island. Yakis are afraid of the light. Kerrek is the pet that protects Ruben's pearls while he is asleep.

Exit the room.

Take a pearl:

Use the ladder taken from Bando's hut on the open window of Ruben's house.

Enter the hut. Go up the stairs and Kerrek wakes up and barks. Ruben wakes up then. Exit the house.

Enter the hut again. Use the pantaloons taken earlier on Kerrek the pet. Sadwick ties it around the muzzle.

Climb the stairs at right. Check the bed and hear squeaking. Hmm. See a nail on the floorboard.

Take a pearl. Exit the bedroom. Exit the house using either the window or the door.

Ruben wakes up when you exit or enter again through the door. He smells that one pearl is missing. Ruben orders Bando to start the factory again.

Bando's Shovel:   

Go to Bando's hut and talk to him about his problem. He needs a shovel.

Enter the room at right and pick up the axe. Check the door at right. It is opened by the gears at left. The gears are not working.

Exit the hut and go down to the bridge.

Pick up the broken shovel on the ground by right post of the bridge.

Go down to the shore. Use the axe on the pole at the dock.

In inventory combine the pole with the broken shovel.

Go back to Bando and give him the shovel.

Ruben wakes up and states that it is fine as long as the Yakis stays on the other side of the island.

With the noise back, Kalida still has not awakened.

Open the door to the other side of the island:

Ruben thinks it's okay for the noise but the Yakis must stay on the other side of the island or Kalida might awaken.

Broken cogwheel:    Check the other room again. Take note that the mechanism that opens the door is missing a gear.

Pick up half of a broken cogwheel from the floor. See a vise on the table at right.

Exit the hut. Go down and then right to the factory.

The factory is now lit. See a molding press used to make the pearls.

Pick up the other half of the broken cogwheel at bottom right.

Go back to Bando's hut. Go to the other room.

Use both broken cogwheel on the vise.

Change Spot to his fiery persona (third circle). Use Fiery Spot on the broken cogwheels on the Vise. They are fused and get a complete cogwheel.

Mechanism:    Place the cogwheel on the mechanism.

Arrange the cogwheels so that they all move and connect the left cogwheel to the right one by the door.

Pull the lever to see if the cogwheels move. When the cogwheels are placed correctly, the door opens.

Other side of island:

Mulachei:    Go through door. See a cabin and lots of candles.

Enter the hut and talk to Mulachei staring at - meditating on a chessboard. Talk about Kalida.

Learn that the candles keep the 5 Yakis from meeting in the dark. They will go to the pier and sing a song that will wake Kalida.

Ask him about leaving the candles alone. There's no balance without movement. Just like on this chess game.

Sadwick wants to prove him wrong so that Mulachei will leave the candles alone.

Queens puzzle:

The Queens can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Place the queens so that they do not take each other out.

When a queen is positioned, a square with a queen that can be taken is bordered red.

If the queen cannot be taken, the square it is on is blue.

When done correctly, Mulachei says he will not light candles anymore.

Take the candle on the hutch. Exit the cabin.

There are several solutions to this puzzle. Here are two:

Find the 5 Yakis:   

Mulachai clues us that to wake Kalida, find the 5 Yakis and bring them to the shore. Exit the cabin.

Clearing:    Check the signpost and learn that the Yaki territory is behind the cabin.

Go to the clearing and check the 2 Yakis sleeping by the tree.

Yaki at Mulachei's cabin:    Go back to the cabin area.

Remember that the Yakis are afraid of the light. Blow out (use mouth) the candles around the clearing.

See a Yaki appear left of the cabin. Try to catch it or get it to the Yaki territory.

It moves to the barrel. Click on it and it goes back to the left.

Use the Fat Spot (second circle) on the barrel.

Click on Yaki again. Now it goes to the signpost. Use the axe to chop down the signpost.

Click on Yaki again. Now it goes to the Yaki territory.

Yaki at Bando's hut:    Go back up to Bando's hut.

Open the cabinet beside the table with the vise. See a Yaki emerge and walks out.

Blow out the candles:

Blow out the candle in Bando's hut.

Go to the path and blow out all the candles until the shore. Goodnight, mom.

Yaki at Ruben's:    Now to find the last Yaki.

Enter Ruben's house by using the ladder leaning on the window.

Climb upstairs to the bedroom. Hear that squeaking sound.

Use the candle on the protruding nail on the floor.

Use Fiery Spot to light the candle. The 5th Yaki comes out from under the bed.

Exit through door or the window.

Guide the 5 Yakis to the shore:

Go back to Yaki territory and see that there are now 5 Yakis asleep.

Sadwick doesn't know how to get them to the shore.

Try Spot and his different persona and still they ignore Spot as playmate.

Make 5 Spots:    Go back up to the village and then to the pearl factory.

Check the pearl molding press. Change Spot to his normal self. Place Spot on the molding press.

Turn the wheel on the left to close the press. The 5 Spots formed drop down the hatch.

Sadwick refuses to jump down. Take the ladder leaning by Ruben's window.

Use the ladder on the hatch. Climb down the hatch.

See the 5 Spots (4th circle). Bando is slaving and enjoying himself.

Get the 5 Yakis:   

Go to Yaki territory. Use the 5 Spots on the 5 Yakis. Each one has a playmate now.

Now that all the candles are blown out, walk or guide the 5 Yakis to the shore.

If there is lit candle left, the Yakis go back to the Yaki Territory. Blow out the candle and get the Yakis again until you get to the shore.

Sing the song to wake Kalida:

See that each Yaki sits on a hand of the statue.

As stated by Mulachai the Yakis have to sing to waken Kalida.

Read the parchment taken from the House of Howl.

See that each note is in different bar like the different level of each Yaki.

Use the baton and click on the different Yakis in the order of the notes.

Kalida awakens and flies to Corona.

Sadwick is just sleeping. I am more real than you think. Wake up!


Chapter 3

The Asgil


See Corona on the horizon. There is no path to reach the castle atop a spire.

Open the door:

Look around and pick up the stone off the circular platform on the ground.

Stand on platform and see that it lowers a bit to the ground.

Study the door and see a picture of a skull.

Skull formation:    Take note that there is a rock formation in the foreground that looks like a skull. Study it and note that there's an extra bone-rock on the left side.

Move to the left and see that the skull's view changes. It is made up of 5 stones.

There are 5 levers on the left. See that they are all standing upright.

Move levers and then move right to check the look of the skull formation at foreground. To verify, stand on the platform and see if something happens.

With the levers upright, push back the second and the last (from left to right) levers.

Go right and check the skull formation. Then step on the platform.

The door opens. Enter the cavern.

Find out what this place is about:

Cavern:    Look around. See a guard below. There's a window on the left.

Look through the window.

War room:    See Loucaux call Gourney the guard. They talk about the king and time.

These are the Asgils. They leave to inspect the troops.

See a bucket at top across the room; 2 stone disks with arrows and a plan of action on the table.

Take the rope under the window at top right where Sadwick is peeking through.

Pull back by using the arrow at top center of screen.

Enter the war room:    See a horn above the guard below.

In inventory combine the rope and the stone. Use rope with stone on the horn above the guard.

Sadwick pushes the stone. The stone knocks the guard unconscious.

Try to take the rope with stone again from the horn. The knot is tight.

Enter the war room now. Read the plan of action. Look around and then exit.

Loucaux returns and catches Sadwick. Listen to Loucaux' tirade about the king and time. He wants to stop time.

Gourney takes Sadwick to prison.

Get out of prison:

Prison:   Spot is not here. Look around. Check the chute over water at right.

Check the haystack on the left. Get a needle. Take some hay.

Use the mouth on door of cell to call the guard. Talk to the lisping guard Gourney.

When you say you're hungry, the guard gives food. Learn that the cook was ordered to be executed.

Loucaux is the boss. The cook is missing at the moment. Gourney leaves to look for the cook that is hiding.

Take the tray with food - mildew soup. Get a wooden spoon also.

Open the door:    Look at the keyhole and see that the key is still in the keyhole.

In inventory combine the wooden spoon with the needle to get a spoodle.

Use the tray with food on the chute to throw out the food. Get a sticky tray.

Place the sticky tray on the food hatch under the door.

Use the spoodle on the keyhole. Take the tray with the key.

In inventory use the spoodle on the tray with key to get key.

Use the key on the keyhole. The door opens. Exit and be on a walkway of a cliff village.

Find Spot:

Cliff village:

See that the drawbridge on the left is raised and tied with a rope.

There is a grindstone and barrel next door to prison.

Read the sign above the door to the right and see that it is the kitchen - Room of Gluttony.

The next door is closed with no handle or keyhole.

Go through the open doorway at right (before corner).

Exit out at third level on the left side of the cliff.

Enter through the far left (next at left) doorway.

Come out at left door at right side of the cliff third level.

Enter through the middle door (next at right).

Weapons room:   

See someone hiding in the suit of armor. Talk to suit armor. All right then.

Take club from floor beside suit of armor.

Take dull knife from wall right of door. Take bow above knife.

Missing cook:    The person in the suit of armor might be the missing cook.

Close the door and make the cook think you left.

Talk to the cook completely. Why shouldn't I give you away?

Scroll to see all the selection. I'll tell it to your boss. His name is Loucaux. Tell him I know where the cook is.

Mildew soup recipe:    Learn about mildew soup.

Try to learn the recipe. Scream several times and finally convince the cook to give the recipe.

The recipe calls for something of the air; something out of ground, something from water and something from yourself.

Exit the room and then enter the door on the left. Be at left side of the cliff. Enter the second from left doorway.

Be at the lowest level again.

Lower the drawbridge:

Use the dull knife on the grindstone right of the prison doorway.

Use the knife on the rope of the drawbridge.

Cavern:    Go left and be at the cavern.

Look through the window of the war room again.

See Spot in the cage at top right. Loucaux threatens Spot and is awaiting his meal of mildew soup. Let's make one then.

Make mildew soup:

Pull back from window.

Use the spoodle on the knot of the rope with the rock (hanging on the horn) used to knock out the guard.

Pick up the rope. Take also the coin left by the guard. Go to the right.

Kitchen:    Enter the kitchen right of the grindstone. Look around the kitchen.

Something from the air:

Take the rib from the floor.

Look at the table. Take the plate and the chopstick.

See a fly hovering over the table. Use the chopstick with the fly. Bravo!

Go left and see a cauldron. Place the fly in the cauldron.

Something from the ground:

Look at the mushroom on the ground beside the cauldron. Use the knife on the mushroom.

Drop the mushroom in the cauldron.


Exit the kitchen. Go to extreme right and around the corner.

See a water wheel, lever, valve and dials (tube). We'll deal with that later.

Something from the water:

See a frog on the water and a wood beam above.

Cross to other side:

Go back to the grindstone at left. Use the coin on the grindstone. You made an arrowhead.

Use the arrowhead with the rib and get an arrow.

Combine the arrow with bow from weapons room. Then attach the rope to the bow and arrow to get rope with bow.

Go back around the corner and use the rope with bow on the wood beam on the other side.

Use rope to swing to the other side.

Go near the frog and it jumps to the water.

Place the sticky tray on the seat-rock the frog was sitting on. Move away a bit.

The frog hops back to same place. Take the stuck frog on a tray.

Go back to kitchen's cauldron. Drop the frog in the cauldron.

Something from yourself:

Use mouth on cauldron. Sadwick spits on soup.

Boil the soup:   

Nothing is happening. Sadwick says to boil the soup.

Place hay on the fire(place) under the cauldron.

Use mouth on fire(place) to blow on fire. It worked.

Serve the soup:

Use plate on cauldron. Place plate full of soup on table.

Use gong to call dinner. You need a beater.

Use the club from the weapons room on gong. Thunk! Hmm...

Use the club on the bitey furry animal at right. It chomps on the gong.

Use club with furry animal on gong.

Loucaux hears the gong and comes in for din din. He enjoys the soup.

Exit to the right and get Sadwick to sneak out.

Release Spot:

Go back to the war room window in the cavern at left. Look through window.

Talk to Spot in the cage. The Spot persona choices are back.

Change Spot to Fiery Spot to burn the cage. Spot drops on the ground.

Change Spot to 5 Spots. Get 5 Spots to go through the mouse hole under the door.

Get out of here:

Go to kitchen and see that Loucaux is having a nap. Take the master key from his belt. Exit the kitchen.


Go around the corner at right. Study the locked valve, the dials and the unreachable lever.

Valve by water wheel:    Use the master key on valve on wall. Turn the valve and see water rise one level.

The dial has 4 levels. So let's look for 3 more valves.

Valve in prison:    Go left and enter the prison left of grindstone.

Change Spot to Fiery Spot. Use Fiery Spot on haystack. See the valve on the floor

Use the master key on valve. Turn the valve.

Valve in weapons room:    Go back to cliffs village. Enter the doorway at far right before the corner.

Enter the left doorway at third level. Enter the middle doorway at right side of third level.

Look at wall right of the suit of armor. There is a secret passage.

Enter the secret passage. See the valve on the wall.

Use the master key on valve. Turn the valve.

Find the last valve:

Go to bottom level by entering the left doorway; then the middle doorway.

At the lowest level, check the door that doesn't have any keyhole or handle right of the kitchen.

War room:    Go back to the cavern at left.

Use the master key on the door to war room.

Use the beater (club with furry animal) on the left stone disk with arrow pointing left.

See the room turn. The window is now gone and the door is still open.

Secret room:    Exit and see that you are now at middle level of the cliffs village.

Enter the right doorway and be at right side of cliff.

Enter the rightmost doorway on this right side of the cliff. Be in a secret room.

Look around and see 2 stone disks with arrows also.

See the valve on the floor. Use the master key on valve. Turn the valve.

Close the door and take the fork thing.

Pull the lever:   

Exit the secret room and then enter the doorway on far left. Be at the lowest level. Sadwick says he will leave this door open.

Go around the corner at right and see that the dial is now full and the water wheel is turning.

That lever on the ceiling is still out of reach.

Get a bucket:

Go back to the secret room through the formerly closed doorway on lowest level.

Enter the last door at right at middle level.

Use the gong on the stone disk with left arrow twice.

Go down to lowest level using the door at far left. Go left to the cavern.

See that there's no door to the war room but the window is lit.

Look through the window. See that the window is now on the left side and the bucket is close.

Try to take the bucket. Use the beater (club with animal) or fork thing on the bucket. The bucket falls on the ground.

Go back to secret room and hit the left stone disk once.

Go back down and back to the cavern. The door to war room is now open.

Enter and pick up the bucket.


Go back around the corner at the right side of the lowest level of the cliff.

In inventory, combine the fork thing with the bucket.

Use the fork and bucket on the rope of the lever above.

Change Spot to 5 Spots. Use 5 Spots on bucket.

Change 5 Spot to Fat Spot (second circle). The weighed bucket pulls the lever.

Enter the elevator that falls from above and be above ground.

Find a way to Corona:

See Corona castle on a spire at the background. Pick up the round stone on the ground.

Maurice, the station agent:    Go left and see the train station at the bottom of one of the track's post.

Talk to Maurice. Learn that the train line was discontinued. The locomotive is still here but has not moved for a while.

Maurice starts thinking of changing the train station as a museum. Agree with Maurice.

Discuss the entrance fee and end up with 10 gold coins.

Ask about business with the museum. Maurice asks what he's doing wrong since he does not have any business.

Be an advisor and get one gold coin a day.

- Advise about grumpy employees. Introduce staff discount. Get 50 % discount.

- Lower the prices to 8 gold coins.

Be a jester and get one gold coin a day.

- Change the name to Maurice's Medium Museum.

Take down the laundry. Be the laundry boy for one gold coin a day.

Chase the birds in the front yard. Be a gardener for one gold coin a day.

Take down the laundry:

Take down Grandpa's pantaloons and the shirt from the clothesline.

Take the clothesline.

Scare the birds away:

Use the club with furry animal on the garden. Sadwick places it at the corner.

Use chopsticks on the club to get club with arm.

Use shirt on club with arm.

The scarecrow scared away the birds.

Enter the train station:   

Talk to Maurice now that all chores are done.

Ask to enter the museum. The entrance fee can be taken from his salary as advisor, jester, laundry boy and gardener.

Find a way to get up to the tracks and the locomotive:

Repair the elevator:   

Look around the room. See the elevator that goes to the top of the tracks.

The stake is a grab rail of the elevator.

Check the opening right of the chest. Something is missing here. Use the fork thing on the opening. Use the lever-fork thing. See the cogwheels move but are not connected.

Use Grandpa's pantaloons on the cogwheels on the wall of the elevator to act as V belt.

Slow down the elevator:

Now pull the lever and see that the elevator closes immediately before there is time to enter.

Use the clothesline on the stake-grab rail of the elevator.

Change Spot to his Fat persona. Use Fat Spot on the clothesline-cord to anchor the elevator.

Pull the lever down and see what happens.

Uh oh! The elevator pulled Spot. When the elevator is brought down a flat skinny Spot is seen. That is Spot's fifth circle persona.

Get in the elevator:

Take the pantaloons down and use Spot's skinny persona on the cogwheels.

Use the pantaloons on the lever.

Use knife on shelf support above the chest. The shelf's one side falls down and makes an incline.

Use the round stone on the shelf. Immediately enter the elevator when the round stone rolls down to the pantaloons and pulls the lever.

The elevator rises to the top.

Start the locomotive:

Check the locomotive.

Fire in the firebox:

Check the firebox. It needs a fire in the firebox. It cannot be opened.

Use the Skinny Spot in the firebox.

Change Spot to his fiery persona. That makes fire in the firebox.

Disengage the immobilizer system:

See that the lock prevents the wheel from moving. It has to be removed.

Change Spot to Skinny Flat Spot. Use Skinny Spot on the lock. Spot is wrapped on the lock.

Change Skinny Spot to his Fat Spot. That breaks the lock.

See the locomotive travel on invisible tracks to Corona.


Chapter 4


Sadwick arrives outside the Castle of Corona.

Find a way in:

Look around. Pick up the stick on the ground.

Check the gate. See a gap at the bottom of the gate.

Change Spot to his flat skinny persona. Use the Flat Skinny Spot on the gap of the gate.

Get Spot to open the gate: Thanks, Andrew!

See the wheel to open the gate is beside a locked tower and barn with a holed roof.

Go left and see Bobby the Chaski messenger.

Find a way to get to the gate wheel:

Check the barn and see a hole in the roof.

Go left and see a seesaw and a tuft of grass.

Go to the shed roof:

Change to Fiery Spot and burn the tuft of grass to see a mouse hole.

Change to 5 Small Spots. Enter the mouse hole and be on the window above the seesaw.

Change to Round Fat Spot and jump on the seesaw.

While the stone is in the air change to Normal Spot. The stone lands and Normal Spot is now on the shed roof.

Go to the barrel:

Change to 5 Spots and enter the drain pipe into the barrel.

Once inside the barrel, change to Round Fat Spot. This tilts the barrel and soaks the messenger.

The messenger goes inside the barn to dry off. Go inside the barn and see that Bobby took off the socks and pants.

Go back out again.

Go inside the barn:

Change to 5 Small Spots. Enter the mouse hole and be on the window above the seesaw.

Change to Round Heavy Spot and jump on the seesaw.

While the stone is in the air change to 5 Spots. The stone lands and 5 Spots are now on the barn roof.

Drop through the roof and be inside Bobby's sock.

Change to Round Fat Spot to stretch the sock to the ground.

While inside the sock, move once to the right (behind the post at this angle) to position directly in front of the colander on the back wall.

Change to light 5 Spots. Spot hits the colander and drops the colander and themselves under Bobby's pants.

Go to battlement above gate wheel:

Change to Fiery Spot to make a hot air balloon. Spot floats out of the barn and drops itself into the battlement.

Open the gate:

At the battlement, change to Fat Spot and drop down to the gate wheel. The wheel turns and opens the gate.

Check the castle:

Back to being Sadwick, pick up Bobby's pants that drop down on the bushes.

Go to the barn and talk to Bobby to learn the situation here. Exit the barn.

Take note of the banner on the balcony of the castle at left. Enter the castle.

Look around the throne room. Check the throne and the lock beside it.

See a locked dungeon, a floor mosaic and wall mosaic.

Open the door with grating:

Climb to the balcony and see a door with grating.

Shield:    Check the blank shield on the wall. There's a gap behind the shield.

Use the Flat Spot on the shield. Then change him to Fat persona. The shield is pushed off. See chains on the wall.

Tapestry:    Move the tapestry on the left and see a lever. Pull the lever and see the grated door open.

Enter the opening and the door slams shut. Hmm.

Block the mechanism:   

Pull the lever that is behind the tapestry.

Immediately move the tapestry off the chains that was behind shield.

Use the stick on the chains to hold the mechanism and not slam the door again.


Exit to the balcony and climb the stairs at other end.

Understanding the astronomer:  

The astronomer talks in garbled language.

Go down and check the books on the case left of the door. See that 4 books on the second to bottom shelf are disarranged.

Arrange them in order by taking (hand cursor) a book-Encyclopedia and clicking it over another book or free space.

Arrange them A-G, H-N, O-U and V-Z.

Model of the planetary system:    Now talk to the astronomer and be able to understand him.

Learn that the door to the king's tower can only open if there is water in the fountain. The king needs the water of life.

Repair the fabric of space and time and that will solve the way to the king and get him the water of life that can save him.

The model of the planetary system represents the fabric of space and time. So if the planetary model is repaired the fabric of space and time can also be fixed.

The planetary model needs oil for lubrication and one of the planets is missing.

Check the blackboard with the drawing of circles-planets. Learn about the 5 planets.

Take the chalk from the blackboard.

Go down and take the moon ornament on the base of the planetary system.

Pick up the crank from the floor.

See that the fountain below the planetary model is dry.

There are 4 colored planets on the console. One hole is empty.

The cogwheels to run the system are below the console. The grease tube is left of the console.

Take the rapper ring of a door knocker left of the bookcase.

Take the key right of the door.

Exit and go down to the throne room.

We need oil and the Whispering Stone.

Find Oil:

Throne room:

Locked box:    Use the key from the astrolab on the throne lock-locked box right of the throne.

Take the pliers, handsaw and crowbar.

Use the crowbar on the floor mosaic and get the mosaic tile.

Wall mosaic:    Look close at the wall mosaic and see that tiles are disarranged.

The design is the coat of arms seen on the banner outside at the balcony.

The mosaic is made up 2 slider puzzles: the left side and the right side.

Arrange each side to form the coat of arms.

This a RANDOM puzzle.

In my game -  in the numbered picture below, move the numbers as shown.

For the left red side, move the tile in the numbered position:

6 5 4 1 2 5 4 1 2 3 6

9 8 7 4 5 8 9 6 5 8 9

For the right blue side, move the tile in the numbered position:

7 4 5 8 9 6 3 2 1 4 7 8 9 6 3 2 5

6 9 8 7 4 5 8 9 6 5 8 7 4 5 8 9 6 5 8 9 6 5 4 7

Place the floor tile mosaic on the empty space at the bottom. See that the tile color needs to be light royal blue.

Take the floor mosaic tile again.


Open the tower door:    Exit the castle and go to the tower left of the gate.

See that there is no ring on the door knocker. Use the door rapper ring from the astrolab on the door.

Enter the laboratory.

Make light royal blue color:

Pick up the empty flask from the table under the window.

Place the empty flask under the tap of the bottommost blender.

Paint blender:

Study paint blender on the left wall.

Top row:  Open the valve of the blue once, the yellow twice and purple once.

The middle blender at next row turns green.

Middle row:    Turn the purple valve once. Get white at bottom row middle blender

Bottom row:    Open red valve once.

See that the big glass bulb on the floor has blue paint. Open the tap-lever to fill the flask with blue color.

Take flask full of blue paint.

Make white paint:

Exit the lab and go to the well.

Use the crank on the side of the well. Automatically raise the bucket with water. Take the bucket with water.

Go back to the lab at the tower.

Open the drawer of the table-chest under the window. Take the mortar and pestle.

In inventory, combine the chalk with the mortar and pestle to get chalk powder.

Use the chalk powder with the bucket of water to get white paint.

Combine the white paint with the flask with blue paint and get flask full of light blue paint.

In inventory, combine the flask full of light blue paint and the mosaic tile to get light blue mosaic tile.

Get oil:

Open the dungeon door:

Go back to the castle and look close at the wall mosaic.

Use the light blue mosaic tile on the space at the bottom. Hear a click. The dungeon door is opened.

Enter the dungeon and look around. See 2 cages, bed of nails, rack and brazier.

Get to olive branch:

See olive branch sticking in on the window above the cage on the left. Try to get it. Sadwick can't reach it but maybe we can cut it off.

Make a sickle:

Take the bone hand of the skeleton in the ball shaped cage:

Use the edged moon ornament on the bone stump that is left of the arm to form a sickle attached to bone stump.

Raise the ball shaped cage:

See a hook attached to the tube shaped cage at center.

Use Bobby-messenger's pants on hook. Place Round Fat Spot inside the pants. See that the cage goes up. But we can't get in.

Take him out and the cage lowers and we can get in the cage.

Change Round Spot to Normal Spot. Place Normal Spot inside the pantaloons.

Enter the cage. Change Normal spot to Fat Round Spot. That raises the ball shaped cage and cuts the olive branch.

Take the olives from the branch. Take Spot out of the pantaloons.

Make olive oil:

Go back to the lab at the tower left of the gate. Let's distill the olives.

Place the olives in the glass bulb on the tripod. The empty flask is on the window at top.

Check the pipe maze and see that they are topsy turvy. There are 2 corks in the pipe maze.

Arrange the pipe maze to form a path from the glass bulb on the tripod to the empty flask on the window.

Use the 2 corks that will automatically be taken from the pipe maze and placed on the table to seal the open pipes.

Grab a pipe and click to turn the pipe. You might need to wait a bit for it to turn.

Use the 2 corks from the table to block the open pipes of the path to the empty flask.

Change Spot to Fiery Spot. Use Fiery Spot on glass bulb with olives.

Get flask of olive oil:

The flask is on the window sill that is unreachable.

Change Spot to 5 Spots. Use 5 Spots on the flask of oil. Ah - it dropped outside. Crash!

Go to the barn. See that the flask of oil broke in the feeding trough of the cow. The cow might have drunk the oil.

Use the empty bucket on the cow. Hehehehe and milk the cow. Get a bucket of oil. How about that!

Take the tether-rope on the ground.

Extract the Whispering Stone from Spot:

Go back to dungeon and we'll torture (in a way) Spot to release the Whispering Stone.

Check where in Spot the Whispering Stone is:

Check the brazier right of the rack. Change Spot to Fiery Spot and light coal in the brazier to get blazing coal.

Use handsaw on rack to make a circular hole.

Push the blazing coal behind the rack with hole.

Use pliers on bed of nails under the ball shaped cage on the left. Get 4 nails.

Change Spot to Flat Skinny Spot. Use Flat Skinny Spot on the rack with hole. Sadwick nails Flat Spot on the rack.

Ah - there's the Whispering Stone and a very good X-ray too.

Extract the Stone:

Now how do we get it out?  In inventory combine the hand with the pliers.

Then combine the pliers with bone hand with tether to get tether with bone hand pliers.

Use tether with bone hand pliers with Stretched and Nailed Spot.

Get the Whispering Stone and 4 nails.

Repair the fountain and the model of the planetary system:

Go back to the Astrolab.

Oil the planetary system:

Try to use the bucket of oil on the grease tube left of the open door of the cogwheels at base of the console.

The astronomer stops Sadwick. You need a funnel.

Get a funnel:

Use the 4 nails on the blackboard. The noise made the astronomer drop the ear trumpet.

Pick up the ear trumpet.

Use the ear trumpet on the grease tube of the console. Use the bucket of oil on the funnel.

Align the planetary system:

Place the Whispering Stone on the empty slot of the console panel. The Astronomer said to align the system.

5 planets:    Talk to the astronomer again.

Learn the names of the 5 planets: Avrius, Pornitus, Vernicus, Silentia and Frobble.

Blackboard:    Look at the drawing of the planets and get a description from the astronomer.

Encyclopedia:    Go to the Encyclopedia at the top shelf of book case.

Read that:

1. Vernicus is bigger than Frobble but smaller than Avrius.

2. The planet in the middle is Pornitus. It is the biggest of the 5 planets.

3. Looking from the sun, the planets keep getting bigger and smaller again after Pornitus.

4. Silentia is the second planet in the system but not the second smallest.

5. Frobble is often shaded by the second largest planet which is one position near to the sun.

Periodic Table:    Go to the laboratory in the tower and read the Periodic Table right of the doorway.

From left to right, the elements are: Vernin (red), Avrium (purple), Silencium (brown or blue), Pornitium (yellow) and Frohm (green).

Deduction from the clues:

Go back to the Astrolab. Now we know the color of the planets, size and arrangement from drawing and the clue to the order and size.

From largest to smallest:

Pornitus - from Encyclopedia clue 2 and colored yellow from periodic table.

Avrius - from Encyclopedia clue 1 and colored purple from periodic table.

Silentia - from Encyclopedia clue 4 and colored blue from periodic table.

Vernicus - from Encyclopedia clue 1 and colored red from periodic table.

Frobble - from Encyclopedia clues 2 and 5 and colored green from periodic table.

Use the blackboard drawing to arrange the colored balls on the socket of the console.

Place yellow Pornitus at bottom (6 o'clock position) socket.

Going clockwise, place red Vernicus.

Going clockwise, place purple Avrius.

Going clockwise, place green Frobble.

Going clockwise, place blue Silentia.


Insert the crank on the hole-gearbox. Watch as Sadwick turns the handle. The door to the path leading to the King's chamber is opened. The Fountain of Life is flowing.

Spot:    Spot goes to the water and drinks. He changes to a cocoon.

Talk to the astronomer about Spot and the end.

Try to bring water of life to king:

Use the empty flask on fountain of life. Things start to happen.

Spot falls in the water of the fountain.

The worlds will collide. The Blue Sphere of Sadwick's nightmares lands on the planetary system.

The time has come. This world will come to an end. Your destiny is fulfilled.

Use the crank on the cogwheels at base of console to stop the collision and time.

The door to the king closes. The blue sphere becomes encrusted sphere and releases tar from its mouth.

What have you done? Time stands still.

Sound of the flying monsters is heard.

The Asgils are here:

Exit the Astrolab. See the world is broken up in pieces. Loucaux and Gourney are here.

Go to the throne room and watch Loucaux. Somebody was stupid enough to do our job!

Talk to Loucaux. Sadwick is thrown to the dungeon.


Sadwick and Bobby the Chaski are caged. Talk to Bobby. And that coming from you?

See that the dungeon has a big hole on the floor that is open to the abyss.

See pebbles on the window sill and a stone wedge on the floor.

Get pebbles:

The pebbles are too high for Sadwick.

Talk to dungeon door and complain to Gourney. Ask about different cell and about Bobby.

Gourney raises Sadwick and Bobby lowers down. Take the pebbles from the window sill.

Get the stone wedge:

Use pebbles on Bobby, the messenger. This time Bobby complains to Gourney.

Sadwick is lowered to the ground. Take the stone wedge.

Lower to the abyss:

Use the stone wedge on the pulley of Bobby's cage to block it from going down.

Use pebbles on Bobby again. Again, he complains.


Sadwick is lowered to the abyss and the cage is opened.

Pick up the flask full of water from well (water of life) and Spot's cocoon.

Enter the cage and automatically the cage is back at the dungeon.

Get out of dungeon:

Pick up the crowbar on the steps to the door.

Talk to the dungeon door. Ask Gourney to talk to Loucaux about a proposition.


Impress Loucaux:

Talk to Loucaux and convince him to make you his clown.

He wants something that refers to him.

To impress him; burp his name: L O U C A U X. Yawn! Use the scroll arrows to locate the alphabets.

Treat Loucaux:

Now that Sadwick is one of the Asgils and the court jester, go outside.

Check the saddlebag of the flying monster. Take bombs.

Talk to Gourney. Learn about the tubes. Passing of time pains Loucaux. The liquid from the fountain heals him.

Go back inside the castle.

Look at the hoses connected to Loucaux. Sadwick goes up to the balcony.

Use the crowbar to pull the hoses. Loucaux is covered with the tar released by the fountain.

Take care of encrusted sphere and fountain:

Release the astronomer:

Go to the Astrolab and see the astronomer tied up.

Use the crowbar on tube of telescope and automatically pick up a shard of glass.

Use shard on astronomer. Pick up the rope.

Prepare for human cannonball act:

Bomb:    Use the rope on the grease tube of the console to get rope with oil.

Combine the rope with oil with bomb to get rope with bombs.

Plug:    Take the funnel from the grease tube.

Cannon:    Go to the broken telescope and use it as cannon.

Place the bomb inside the broken telescope.

Place the funnel on the broken telescope to get a telescope with plug.

Place Spot's cocoon on the funnel-plug to get a loaded telescope.

Light the loaded telescope by using the shard of glass on the light beam at right side of window.

I'm free again! The light has come back to the world.

Take the water of life to king:

Enter the opened door at left of balcony.

See the king's chamber at end of bridge. See Spot's cocoon at bottom of rain drain of bridge.

Cross the bridge. The bridge breaks.

Loucaux is transformed to an octopus. He is stagnation itself. No more fear. No more stagnation. No more guilt.

Use the flask with water of life on rain drain. It washes over Spot.

Loucaux the octopus pushes Sadwick and himself to the abyss.

The newly transformed Butterfly Spot saves Sadwick and brings him to the other side of the bridge.

Pick up grandpa's pantaloons. Enter the king's chamber.

Mirror room:

The room is empty.

Look around and check everything. These things are strangely familiar.

Check the mirror. It is dusty. Use grandpa's pantaloons to remove the dust.

Continue to see what happens.

Use the crowbar when you make your decision.


It is time to wake up!

Check the pictures in the credits.

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