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UPCOMING Adventure Game Releases

Episodic Games with forthcoming or released episodes

Albino Lullaby Teaser
  Aurora: The Lost Medallion Episode 1 Trailer  Demo
Code 7 Free episode 0   Trailer   Trailer
  The Dark Pictures Anthology Trailer Trailer Trailer
Hiveswap Teaser Asset Reel
The Slaughter Trailer
The Wolf Among Us 2 Trailer 


3 Minutes to Midnight Trailer Trailer
Almost My Floor Trailer Prologue
Anamedia Teaser
As Dusk Falls Trailer


Trailer Trailer Trailer

  Black Noir  

Born Punk



Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw

Teaser  Trailer

  Brassheart Trailer
Call of the Sea Teaser
Cerynitii Teaser
  Chasing Static Trailer
  Chicken Police: Paint it Red Trailer
  Children of Lumera Trailer
  Children of Silentown Trailer
  Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness Trailer
  Columnae Trailer  Demo
  The Corruption Within  
  The Cost of Recovery Trailer
  Crowns and Pawns  

Dark Fall 5

  Dark Side of the Moon Trailer Trailer
  David Slade Mysteries - Memories Of The Past  
  Death of Rose Trailer
  Dome City Video  Trailer  Video
  Dorian Morris Adventure Trailer Demo
  Dragon Audit Trailer
  The Drifter Trailer
  Dustborn Trailer
  The End of the Sun Trailer
  Exit: A Biodelic Adventure Trailer


  The Fold: Ingression Trailer
  Forever Ago Trailer
  Framing Dawes Trailer Demo
  Freud's Bones  
  Genesis Noir Trailer
  Ghost on the Shore Trailer

Ghost Watch

  Glastonbury: Waking Dream of Avalon  
  Glimpse of Madness Trailer
  Goetia 2 Trailer
  Growbot Trailer
  Harold Halibut Trailer
  Henry Mosse and the WormHole Experience Trailer
  Hill Agency: Purity and Decay  
  The House in the Hollow Trailer Trailer
  Imposter Factory  
  Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis Trailer


Inherit the Earth 2


The Invinsible

Jack Houston and the Necronauts


  Jengo Video
  Jennifer Wilde  
  Joe Kowalski Chronicles Trailer
  Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack Trailer Demo
  Kapia Trailer  Trailer
  K'Nossos Alpha Demo
Lake Trailer
Lamanna: The Looe Island Mystery Trailer
  Lapso Trailer
The Last Crown: Blackenrock Trailer  Trailer Trailer

The Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Isle

  The Last Days of Lazarus Trailer
  Laura Bow and the Mechanical Codex Artwork
  The Legend of Snowblind Trailer
  Life of Delta  

A Little Less Desperation

  The Little Lost Dog Trailer
  Lona Video  Video
  Lone Mclonegan :  
  The Long Gate Trailer
  Lord Winklebottom Investigates  
  Lost at Sea Trailer
  Lunacy Saint Rhodes Trailer
  Martha is Dead Trailer
  The Medium Trailer Trailer Trailer
  Mike and Tyler Trailer
  Milo and the Magpies  
  Mind Trap Trailer 
  Minute of Islands Trailer
Miss Clue
Morpheus Remake Video
  Murder on Space Station 52 Trailer



Myst VR Edition

The Mystery of Oak Island

Video  Video

Nairi: Rising Tide
Nelson and the Magic Cauldron 2: The Journey
Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III (formerly Schizm III)  Trailer Trailer
Neofeud 2 Trailer
The Night is Grey Trailer
Nine Noir Lives Trailer


Teaser   Demo

  Neyyah Videos
Papetura Trailer
  Paradise Lost  
  Pen and Paper Stories: Morriton Manor  
Phoenix Springs Trailer 
Plot of the Druid Trailer
The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure Trailer
  Port Valley Trailer  Demo
Prim Trailer
Psychonauts 2 Trailer Trailer
Rauniot Trailer
Reality Falls Trailer
Resort Trailer
Rosewater Trailer
Saint Kotar Trailer
Scene Investigators

Secret Cove


Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1 Trailer
The Silence Channel Trailer Demo
Silent Night Trailer
Slender Threads Trailer
Sol Invictus Trailer
Stargaze Trailer
Stories of Feallan: Journey of a Boy Named Igil Demo
Svoboda 1945
  Syberia: The World Before Prologue
  Tala Demo Trailer
  Therapy Trailer 
  The Tideshell Keeper Video 
Tohu Trailer
Tony Tough: The Army of Dorkiness
Tormented Souls Trailer
Tormentum II Trailer
  Transient Trailer
Trip the Ark Fantastic Teaser
Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed Trailer
  Twelve Minutes Trailer 
Twin Mirror Trailer Trailer
Unusual Findings Trailer
Utopia Syndrome Trailer  Demo
Whateverland Trailer
The Wild Case

Wychwood Hollow

Checked August 2020



Latest Adventure Game Releases
October 2020
Amnesia: Rebirth Trailer Trailer Trailer
Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze Trailer  Demo
  Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice Trailer
  Quintus and the Absent Truth Trailer
  Re:Turn - One Way Trip Trailer
The Signifier Trailer
The Uncertain Trailer  Demo Trailer Trailer
September 2020
  Bleeding Moons Trailer Demo
  The Blueness of a Wound Trailer Trailer
  A Case of the Crabs Rehash Trailer
  Embracelet Trailer
  Gordian Rooms: A Curious Heritage Trailer
  The Last Campfire Trailer Trailer
  Marcella Moon: Saboteurs on the River Trailer
Welcome to Elk Trailer Trailer Trailer
When the Past was Around Trailer
August 2020
  The Dreamcatcher Trailer
  Jessika Trailer
  Metamorphosis Trailer Trailer Trailer Trailer Trailer
  Sense Trailer
  Stilstand Trailer
  Tell Me Why: Chapter 2 Trailer
  There is No Game: No Dimension Trailer
Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town Trailer  Trailer Trailer
ZAAM Trailer 
July 2020
  Arrog Trailer
  Before I Forget Trailer
  Beyond a Steel Sky Trailer Trailer
  Creaks Trailer Trailer
  Dark Room Trailer
Into a Dream Trailer Trailer
  Krystopia: Nova's Journey Trailer
  Ourea Trailer
  Our Secret Below Trailer
  Röki Trailer
  Sol705 Trailer
There was the Moon Trailer Demo
  Welcome to Elk: First Stories  
What Happened Trailer Trailer
June 2020
(The) Academy Trailer
Across the Grooves Trailer
A Hand with Many Fingers Trailer  Demo
The Almost Gone Trailer Trailer
  Beyond Blue Trailer
  Falcon City Trailer
  The Hand of Glory Trailer Trailer
The Innsmouth Case Trailer
Possession 1881 Trailer
Seven Doors Trailer
Westmark Manor Trailer
May 2020
Boďnihi: The Ki' Codex Trailer
Dark Nights with Poe and Munro Trailer
  Escape: The Brother's Saloon  
  The House of DaVinci 2  
Related Chapter 1: Everything is Back Trailer
Someday You'll Return Trailer  Trailer Trailer
  Tales from Off-Peak City Vol. 1 Trailer
Those Who Remain Trailer Trailer
April 2020
  Filament Trailer Trailer
  The Flower Collectors Trailer
  A Fold Apart Trailer
  Heal Trailer
  MazM: Jekyll and Hyde Trailer
Memory Trailer
Nick Bounty and the Dame With the Blue Chewed Shoe Trailer
The Procession to Calvary Trailer
The Shattering Trailer
  The Strange Story of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1 Trailer
  Summit of the Wolf Trailer
Thrillgate Trailer
March 2020
  Beyond this Side  
  The Escaper Trailer
  The Gateway Trilogy Trailer
  Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe Trailer
  :The Longing: Trailer
Mira Trailer Trailer
  Murder by Numbers Trailer

Shadows by the Waterhouse


Weakless Trailer Trailer
Within Whispers
February 2020
  Beautiful Desolation Video  Trailer
  The Blind Prophet Trailer
  Cat and the Ghostly Road Trailer
  Creepy Tales Trailer
  Curse of Annabelle Trailer
  Dreamo Trailer
  Edgar Bokbok in Boulzac Trailer
  Geospots - A Carol Reed Mystery #15  
  Highly Likely Early Access Trailer
  Luna The Shadow Dust Trailer
Mazovian Adventure Trailer
Reversion: The Return (Final Chapter) Trailer
The Suicide of Rachel Foster Trailer

The Tale of Doris and the Dragon 2

Veritas Trailer
January 2020

Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil

Forgotten Passages Trailer
Kentucky Route Zero Trailer
The White Door Trailer
December 2019
  Arise Trailer
Dark Hope Trailer
  Edna and Harvey 10th Anniversary Edition Trailer
Feria Darles Trailer
  Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard Trailer
  Interrogation Trailer
  The Land of Crows  
  Life is Strange 2 Finale: Wolves : Trailer Trailer
  Mosaic Trailer

Nancy Drew 33: Midnight in Salem


November 2019
  Blacksad Trailer
  Discolored Trailer

The Secrets of Jesus


Still There Trailer



October 2019
13th Doll Trailer
3rd Eye Trailer
Argonus and the Gods of Stone Trailer Trailer
  The Bradwell Conspiracy Teaser
  Cutish Trailer
  Moons of Madness Trailer
Pilgrims Trailer
Reality Incognita Trailer
Sole Trailer
Song of Horror Trailer
  Tangle Tower Trailer
We Were Here Together Trailer
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