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UPCOMING Adventure Game Releases

Q2 2018
Elsinore Trailer
Midnight Quest Trailer
Without Escape Trailer

Episodic Games with forthcoming or released episodes

Albino Lullaby Teaser
Code 7 Free episode 0   Trailer   Trailer
The Council Trailer 
Hiveswap Teaser Asset Reel
Last Life (episodic) Teaser
Midnight at the Celestial Palace Trailer
The Slaughter Trailer
The Uncertain Trailer  Demo



3 Minutes to Midnight Trailer

13th Doll


39 Days to Mars Trailer



Adam Syndrome

Video  Demo

AGON 5: The Tale of the Four Dragons


Anamorphine Teaser
Anamedia Teaser
Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars Trailer


Trailer Trailer


The Ballads of Reemus 2

  Beautiful Desolation Video  Trailer
4Q 2018 Blacksad  

Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw (UK)

Teaser  Trailer

  The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana  
  Columnae Trailer  Demo

Dark Fall 4

Dark Hope alpha demo
  David Slade Mysteries - Memories Of The Past Video
2Q 2018

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders


2Q 2018 Detective Gallo Demo   Trailer
  Dome City Video  Trailer  Video
  Don't Escape: 4 days in a Wasteland Trailer
  Du Lac and Fey: Dance of Death Trailer
  The Fate of It All Demo

The First Crown


Ghost Watch

  Gibbous Trailer   Demo
  Growbot Videos Trailer
  Harold Halibut Trailer

H. P. Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Teaser  Teaser  Teaser

  Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis Trailer


Inherit the Earth 2


Jack Houston and the Necronauts



Jason the Greek


  Jengo Video
  Jennifer Wilde  


Jenny LeClue


2018 Kapia Trailer
  K'Nossos Alpha Demo
Q2 2018 Lamplight Trailer
  Lancelot's Hangover Trailer  Demo
The Last Crown: Blackenrock Trailer  Teaser  Trailer

The Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Isle

  Life of Delta  

A Little Less Desperation

  Lona Video  Video

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements


Minotaur Demo
Mira Trailer
Miss Clue
Morpheus Remake Video

The Mystery of Oak Island

Video  Video

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Trailer Trailer
Nairi Video Trailer


Nancy Drew 33: Midnight in Salem


A Near Dawn Prologue
Nelson and the Magic Cauldron
Norse Noir - Episode 1 Loki's Exile Trailer


Teaser   Demo

2018 Outreach Trailer
2018 Phoenix Springs Trailer 
Plot of the Druids Trailer
The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure Trailer
Quest for Luke Video
Reality Incognita Demo
March 2019 RealMYHA Trailer
Repentant Trailer

A Rite from the Stars

Teaser  Demo


Teaser Trailer

Saint Kotar Trailer

Secret Cove


Shadow Over Isolation Demo  Trailer
The Shattering
The Sinking City Video Video
Sol Invictus Trailer
Someday You'll Return Teaser
 2018 State of Mind Teaser
Stonewall Penitentiary Demo

Tainted Fate


  Tango, the Adventure Game Trailer
Spring 2018 Transference Trailer
Trüberbrook Video Trailer

Spring 2018


Demo  Trailer

Unforeseen Incidents Video
Whispers of a Machine
Willy Morgan Video

Wychwood Hollow

Zed Trailer


Chief  March  2018



Latest Adventure Game Releases
April 2018
March 2018
Batman: The Enemy Within Season Finale - Telltale Series Trailer
The Council Episode 1 Trailer 
Chuchel Trailer
Pillars of the Earth Book Three: Eye of the Storm Trailer
The Raven Remastered Trailer
February 2018
Apocalipsis Trailer
Earthworms Trailer
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Trailer
January 2018
Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 - Telltale Series Trailer
The Birdwatcher
Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts
The Nightfall Trailer Trailer
December 2017
Captain Disaster in Death has a Million Stomping Boots Trailer
Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3 Trailer  Trailer
Mine Craft Story Mode - Season 2 Episode 5 Trailer
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest Trailer
Pillars of the Earth Book Two - Sowing the Wind Trailer
Shadows by the Waterhouse Trailer
November 2017
Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 3 - Telltale Series Trailer
Black Mirror Trailer Trailer
The House of Da Vinci Trailer
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Telltale Series Episode 5 Trailer
Mine Craft Story Mode - Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer
October 2017
8-Bit Adventure Anthologies Demo
AER - Memories of Old Trailer Trailer
Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2 - Telltale Series Trailer
Bear With Me Trailer
Inmates Trailer  Trailer
The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk Trailer  Trailer  Trailer
Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Telltale Series Episode 4 Trailer
St. Christopher School Lockdown
Thaumistry: In Charms Way
The Norwood Suites Trailer
September 2017
Darkestville Castle Trailer Demo
Journey Down 3 Trailer
Little Kite Trailer
Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3 Trailer
Please Knock Now Trailer
Tokyo Dark Trailer
Xing: The Land Beyond Trailer  Gameplay Trailer Video
August 2017
Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 - TellTale Series Trailer
Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Pridicklement Un-demo
Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 Trailer
Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 Trailer
Last Day of June Trailer
Maggie's Apartment Trailer
Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two Episode 2 Trailer
Pillars of the Earth Trailer
Silent Footsteps Demo
Tacoma Trailer
Tiny Echo Trailer
The Young Socratics: Odyssey Trailer
July 2017
Aporia Trailer  Trailer
The Awkward Steve Duology Trailer
Planet Ancyra Chronicles Trailer
DarkSide Detective Demo  Trailer
The Lion's Song - final episode Trailer  Trailer  Trailer  Trailer  Trailer
The Low Road Trailer
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Episode 1 Trailer
June 2017
The Artifact Video
Lydiah Trailer
Conarium Trailer  Trailer
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Episode 2 Video
No70: Eye of Basir Trailer
May 2017
The Dream Machine Chapter 6 Announcement
Empathy Trailer Trailer
Fidelio Incident Trailer
Inner Voices
Perception Trailer  Trailer
Sandra and Woo Trailer  Trailer
Sidekick High (free)
Queen of Vesparians Trailer  Free Game
The Walking Dead: The  Telltale Series - A New Frontier Episode 5 Trailer  Trailer  Trailer
April 2017
Blackwood Crossing Teaser  Trailer  Trailer
Dr Doyle and the Mystery of the Cloche Hat
The Dream Machine Episodes 1-5 bundle
The Franz Kafka Video Game Trailer  Trailer
Full Throttle Remastered
Gold Rush 2 Trailer
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Episode 1 Trailer  Trailer  Trailer
The Search Trailer
Syberia 3 Trailer  Trailer  Video Trailer
The Walking Dead: The  Telltale Series - A New Frontier Episode 4
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