flotsam's First Look at The Minims

Ana posted a quote announcing the release of this game, and quirky and serene pretty much sums it up.

Mii is a Minim, and Mo is his partner. At first thought to be sleeping, and not to be disturbed until Mii has cleaned the pond, it now appears that Mo is in fact missing. Jo might know something, but first he needs coffee, and then something to eat.

This is a charming little point and click puzzling adventure. The screens say it all.

There is no spoken word, but little speech bubbles provide the conversation and the conjecture, and the can be both witty and full of expression. Find items, solve conundrums, and track down Mo. Whether I will or not remains to be seen. I drained the pond, got Jo awake, but now need to find a musical instrument to calm Bob. I also made weather, caught a fish, captured a worm, and grew a coffee bush. I haven't worked out what the spider is for, but the flushing drain pipes suggest a bit of insy winsy. I could be wrong though.

You play with the mouse, but hold shift to rotate your view. Mii also doesn't move around as in most games. He might bounce to a new location, but he is also just as likely to stay where he is, but your perspective will shift so that you are now interacting with a different part of the environment. A little different but it works fine. Quit, and the game picks up from where you left off. Right click to use your inventory, and to get (fairly direct) hints should you want them.

The sound palette and musical accompaniment compliment the relaxing tone of everything. So far, its a delightful pleasure.