First Look at Nelly Cootalot by flotsam

Nelly's first outing was in Spoonbeaks Ahoy, a free AGS game which I didn't play but which googling suggests was well received. Presumably that assisted getting this version kickstarted, and while it was a fair well between drinks, Nelly is now back.

Nelly is a pirate, or at least she wants to be, but we find her in the ship's mail room doing not the least piratey things. However the ghost of William Bloodbeard appears, demanding that she find the fiendish Baron Widebeard. While she thwarted him last time and saved the spoonbeaks, she apparently missed a pirate code that would have led her to the treasure of the seventh sea, and Widebeard is now in pursuit. Lest birds be perishing, Nelly had better do something. The first something is making it to the Port, to pick up the trail. But how to get there?

Nelly points and clicks her way about, finding and using things to get other things done. I haven't struck a straight out puzzle yet, but there is a long way to go.

It's a gentle game so far, in every sense of the word. It has a jaunty, jolly look and feel, with a distinctly British air. There is repartee aplenty, and Tom Baker is involved.

Right click to look, left click to do things, cursor to the bottom of screen to get the inventory to pop up, and all of that will be explained in the first few interactions if you are a newbie. You can reveal all hotspots and save as you go, or just exit and it will pick up where you left off.

Just at the moment I am involved trying to help one down on his luck toff beat all the other down on their luck toffs in the "underground" toff races. It promises to be fun.