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#107457 - 01/24/05 09:00 PM Re: MYST IV Revelation
dadguy Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 09/05/02
Posts: 2240
Loc: Wilmington, DE
Butterfly Lady!

Have fun with the rest of the game and call if you need help.

That 3rd gear was in position 8 instead of 7. I could tell by the sound of the machine when I moved the first slider that it was wrong. Anyway, you are on you way! Enjoy!


#107458 - 01/26/05 06:43 PM Re: MYST IV Revelation
loisl Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 05/02/01
Posts: 388
Loc: Ohio (Summer) Florida (Winter)

Need help again on the timed Mangree puzzle. Got the first one on the second try when I had to scare them away, but I am not getting this one. I did the first part according to Wt-saved game and right after I resumed game the Camoudil jumped out of the pit. Just can't seem to get it quick enough after 1st part. Am sending saved game if you don't mind helping again.


Loisl aka the butterfly lady

#107460 - 01/27/05 05:15 PM Re: MYST IV Revelation
Old Fogie Offline
Junior Boomer

Registered: 05/28/04
Posts: 10
Loc: Orchard Park, NY
Hello friends, I am the Old fogey Campbell, aznd I have been doing fine with Myst IV until now. I got the wazter spirit as my guide, chaznged allthe colored clouds to white, and have been trying to get into the Old Dream world. I got rid of the water, looked in and saw it was pretty dry, couldn't get the wheel under the window to turn and can't find the other stairs leading down. AZny idea whazt I missed?

#107463 - 01/27/05 11:41 PM Re: MYST IV Revelation
dadguy Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 09/05/02
Posts: 2240
Loc: Wilmington, DE
Old Fogie!

Maybe you have already turned the wheel. After turning it (and if the door down at the bottom is not open yet), then you have to go up to the Harvester controls and use them to remove the last few gallons of water to get the bottom door open. The Walkthrough describes the last few Harvester steps to drain the last of the water.

Try using the Harvester (a.k.a., Bathyscaph) controls to get rid of the last water and see if that allows you access to the final door.

From the walkthrough:

"Return to
the bathyscaph controls. Lower it and with the door still closed raise it.
Again this will drain some more water. Finally, open the bathyscaph door,
lower it, close the door while it is underwater and then raise it. This will
have drained enough water to open the secret door at the end of the secret
tunnel. Go there now."

Let us know if it works!

Have fun,


#107469 - 02/03/05 03:44 PM Re: MYST IV Revelation
dadguy Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 09/05/02
Posts: 2240
Loc: Wilmington, DE
Hiya, Tink!

Yes, we have resorted to direct spoilers in many of these posts. Folks posting here are usually frustrated and ready to move on, and need the quick solution.

But, when someone asks for a nudge, we oblige.

I have been to your journal and it is a beautiful piece of work! As usual, your writing style is a joy! This is a nice way of following the game from the viewpoint of an explorer as they discover the wonders of Myst IV.

Thanks for the link!


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