flotsam's First Look at


There have been corny games, but to my knowledge never has there been one about corn. And sentient corn at that. Not that I have come across it as yet, apart form a brief glimpse of a few ears running way as the game starts.

There is a lot of corn though, easily as high as the elephants eye, and while I have found a few new places, I am yet to find a crop circle. Or the cranky Russian teddy bear the GB forum told me about.

It's a lavish colourful game, with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. Wry comments abound, but none of them spoken to date. I reckon I am about 40 minutes in, and I haven't heard a voice yet, but I haven't found anyone to speak to either.

Maize plays first person, and you move around with the W,A,S,D keys and look around with your mouse. The keyboard and mouse are both used to do other various things. You have completely free movement, and I am getting good at navigating the cornfields. So far the puzzling involves finding and using items. Finding is relatively easy, as collectible items glow, as do things you can interact with.

It is a completely still game to date, with nothing moving in the environment. Except me. It auto saves when you exit, I am having fun, and the "Q" button will eventually do something I am sure!