A First Look at
Milkmaid of the Milky Way
by flotsam

A girl and her cows, on a Norwegian farm in 1920. In rhyme no less.

Cute so far, I have milked the cows and now need to make butter. Except that bits and pieces are missing. Betting get to point and click looking.

Which will be a little more challenging than some games. There are no visible hotspots, no reactive cursers, so you need to click on items of possible interest to see whether they are or not. No right or left mouse click, or different icons either - anything that can happen will result through the left click.

I have found a few items so far, and using them involves dragging them from the inventory ribbon to where you want to try. So far so good, but I hope the hotspots are generous.

There is no spoken word, but there is a soundtrack. Everything is in rhyme, which adds a little something.

Given the title, I assume I don't stay on the farm forever. But for now, its on with the butter making.