A First Look at Adam Wolfe
by flotsam

I am not a player of Hidden Object Games, and by all accounts Adam Wolfe springs from a stable known for such games. As a first look however, it is clear that this game tends towards a broader, albeit casual, puzzling

Adam is an investigator of supernatural occurrences, currently looking into some mysterious fires, but hoping with each investigation to get closer to finding out what happened to his sister. There is a comic book feel to the way the game is presented, and an actiony aspect as well. I confess it has piqued my interest. Finding a watch that can turn back time adds to that interest.

I liked too that you could customise your difficulty setting; you can pick from easy to hard, or choose the various elements you want to utilise. More games should do this.

I am only a short way in, but so far so good. This is Episode 1 of a four part outing, and I will let you know more about it in due course.