The Wardrobe
a first look by flotsam

Another animated point and click, this time we meet Ronald and Skinny, two friends having a picnic. If only there hadn't been plums. Next thing you know, Skinny is literally skin and bones, and resident in Ronald's wardrobe, apparently cursed to watch over him.

Except he is nowhere to be seen. The removalists seem to be a more immediate issue.

I am not far in, and everything so far is inventory based. I confess to having already had to do things I would never have thought to do and don't know what the clue if there is one. Walkthrough be my friend.

The space bar will indicate hotspots, being either a little lightning bolt which indicates just click and something happens, or an eye, which indicates an array of things might happen here. Right click on those to bring up the avilable action icons. Annoyingly you have to hold the right mouse and then move the curser to the icon of your choice. I may get used to it, but not yet. The game is also trying too hard to be amusing, but I may warm into that as well. I did get a smirk though out of the inventory portrayed (which you can discover for yourself).

Having just woken a sleeping homeless person blocking my way, I am off to explore the street.