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#112116 - 09/26/02 04:57 PM Gabriel Knight 3 Day 2
T. Ritter Offline
Shy Boomer

Registered: 08/14/02
Posts: 15
Loc: Europe

I´m loosing patience with this game! I´m in Gabe´s first session on day 2 (10-12 PM?). I didn´t (as ALL the WT:s I´ve consulted after I got stuck suggest) go into the other rooms at the hotel while the maid was doing her business. I thought of it, made a couple of attempts but didn´t succeed and went on downstairs.

By the time I knew for certain I had to get into the rooms to unlock the dumb waiter doors from inside the maid was in the storage room and Gabe refuses to approach her without having "anything to talk to her about".

Surely this can´t be a dead end? What do I have to do to get into Wilkes´and the italians room to unlock the dumb waiter doors? I´ve tried everything and the WT:s don´t give the slightest hint.

If this is another "mustache puzzle" the game will find itself uninstalled at once and I will contact Jane Jensen and persuade her NOT to make a sequel! mad

#112117 - 09/26/02 05:07 PM Re: Gabriel Knight 3 Day 2
Witchen Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 05/26/99
Posts: 22381
Loc: Seattle Washington USA
Hi there T Ritter........ laugh

There's some stuff in two of the rooms you need to get, but there's an alternative route. Go back to Gabe's room, open the window and climb out onto the roof. You can position yourself outside between the two balconies and get inside each room.

You can also keep checking back to see it the maid is there or if she's gone inside a room. I never had to use the alternative route. Timing is critical.

#112118 - 09/27/02 10:29 AM Re: Gabriel Knight 3 Day 2
Witchen Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 05/26/99
Posts: 22381
Loc: Seattle Washington USA
Hi there TRitter.........I went back to a save game more than once in fact, I'd hesitate to try to count how many times that happened! LOL lol

Even though Gabe makes a remark about not being able to access the dumbwaiters in Wilkes' and Buchelli's rooms, you don't need to go there...only the other rooms are critical to completing the game. The only benefit there is in investigating Wilkes' and Buchelli's rooms is that you get more points and you get to look around in there...that's all. smile

Love, Witchen =O) smile

#112119 - 09/27/02 04:21 PM Re: Gabriel Knight 3 Day 2
Linds Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 1460
Loc: Westchester, NY
I was able to open all of the required doors etc..
but I could not get fingerprints from the gun in Madelines room. I think I touched the gun first before I tried to get fingerprints. Are they necessary to finish the game?

#112120 - 09/27/02 04:37 PM Re: Gabriel Knight 3 Day 2
Witchen Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 05/26/99
Posts: 22381
Loc: Seattle Washington USA
Hi Susan...........I don't know if the prints are manadatory to complete the game. I know that there are two things you "must get" from Madeline's room (per various walkthroughs) and the prints are one of them. Touching the gun before you get the prints definitely does erase them. smile I'd suggest using a save game to come through this part again.

Love, Witchen =O)

#112121 - 09/28/02 02:47 PM Re: Gabriel Knight 3 Day 2
s109199 Offline
Shy Boomer

Registered: 01/19/02
Posts: 45

The print from the gun will only give you points, nothing more. It is more important to have seen it. But the print is on the barrel, a bit above the trigger.


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