AER: Memories of Old
a first look by flotsam

A game in which you can transform at will into a bird demands at least a first look.

Interesting visually, the world is now only fragments in the sky, so being able to fly is rather handy. First off though it's into the caverns to get a sacred light.

Which doesn't take long, but did stymie me a bit. Played in the third person with the W A S D keys, I couldn't find a way at first to get the perspective to change, and kept bumping into the edge of the environment, not being able to see where to go. Some cursing and fiddling later, my right hand ended up on the mouse and viola! You can "steer" the camera with the mouse to keep it behind the character, and things get a whole lot easier.

There is jumping to do in the early parts, very gentle, and now that I can be a bird, presumably it will be redundant. Except for the leap into the air to transform.

I am currently mastering the finer arts of flying, and have not progressed very far in the game, partly because I either haven't hit a save point or haven't found the save station. Once I work out which it is I will let you know.