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I would also reiterate what has already been mentioned in that it is very helpful to know whether there are any timed sequences or parts of the game that require fast reflexes. As the definition of an "adventure" game becomes ever broader in terms of what is included, it becomes more important than ever that players know all that the game entails.

I'll second that one, being possibly one of the oldest players on this forum? (I am 70 now). I used to enjoy shooters, but all that fighting and jumping and "Action" stuff is beyond these older fingers now, and I can't handle the stress of timed sequences anymore.

I always appreciate knowing the gore level as well. For personal reasons, I avoid games with heavy levels of abuse, torture, etc. Not that everything has to be rainbow unicorns (I don't go for that extreme, either. heh heh). I love the Barrow Hill and Lost Crown games and they got pretty creepy.