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#182931 - 07/31/07 12:58 PM BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! New Photos Added!
UruKat Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 05/29/04
Posts: 747
Episode 7 started yesterday in Myst Online Uru Live and I just happened to be there when Douglas Sharper and Nick White came to the Watcher's Pub!
Guess what came with Sharper???
The dead bahro he killed and 2 live ones! It looked like they were mourning the dead one!
I will post the pic I took and I also have the chatlog, but I don't have time to edit it down yet. I will post the full version if you want to see it now.

Picture of Bahro in the Pub

Edited by UruKat (08/06/07 08:03 AM)
Following the Yellow Brick Road in search of the White Rabbit so I can fly away to Neverland

#182932 - 07/31/07 01:02 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: UruKat]
UruKat Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 05/29/04
Posts: 747
In case you can't tell, there is one dead bahro laying on the floor and 2 other live ones looking at it.

The log is very long.....mods...feel free to edit or I will do it this evening when I get off work.

Here is the chat log:

(07/31 06:29:33) Chat.log started...
(07/31 06:29:33) Scarlette: LOL gee thanks! We do that so well already laugh
(07/31 06:29:58) Nick White: Well then you are in good shape.
(07/31 06:30:02) From Vivicus in Blabbity's Bevin: doug is comming
(07/31 06:30:03) Hamsta: How can we relaxe and have fun if half of the Explorers down here fear an attack by the Bahro?
(07/31 06:30:13) Nick White: Never fear. Sharper is here.
(07/31 06:30:21) UruKat: lol
(07/31 06:30:27) Akai: were
(07/31 06:30:30) Eric Wolfe: That makes me feel better...
(07/31 06:30:32) zuzupetal: are you saying you would like to kill one too?
(07/31 06:30:32) Whilyam: The Hat Patrol!
(07/31 06:30:32) Hamsta: I dont think thats very reassuring...
(07/31 06:30:32) UruKat laughs
(07/31 06:30:52) Scarlette: Hey Douglas!
(07/31 06:30:54) Nick White: Not especially.
(07/31 06:30:58) Whilyam: Hey, Sharper.
(07/31 06:31:05) Sam Byard: Doug, we need to talk
(07/31 06:31:08) Eric Wolfe: Hello, Mr. Sharper!
(07/31 06:31:11) To Vivicus: sharper is here too
(07/31 06:31:25) From Vivicus in Vivicus's Nexus: Yah, i just told you he would come smile
(07/31 06:31:34) Douglas Sharper: Nick, you love the rumors don't you?(07/31 06:31:38) Scarlette: How are you? we're so glad you made it back safe!
(07/31 06:31:50) Cojaar claps his hands
(07/31 06:31:51) Nick White: Not especially.
(07/31 06:32:07) Whilyam: The Hat fears no one.
(07/31 06:32:10) Douglas Sharper: Then why do you spread them like a little girl?(07/31 06:32:11) Scarlette: You're not glad he made it back?
(07/31 06:32:12) Goloth: So what happened on Noloben?
(07/31 06:32:30) Nick White: Sharper you know you aren't sure if you killed a good one or not. (07/31 06:32:36) Whilyam: The Hat fears no little girl rumors..
(07/31 06:32:46) splash1: shhhh!!!!
(07/31 06:32:53) Douglas Sharper: I know it without a doubt. AS I've said. (07/31 06:32:58) Douglas Sharper: Multiple times.
(07/31 06:33:02) Akai: go nick
(07/31 06:33:07) Eric Wolfe: How can you tell them apart?
(07/31 06:33:27) Thend: Let them talk, for now, please
(07/31 06:33:27) Nick White: As I've told you to your face. You're not the same about this one. (07/31 06:33:33) Nick White: About this kill.
(07/31 06:33:41) Scarlette: Douglas, PLEASE tell us about it! We'll all be quiet and listen!
(07/31 06:33:45) Nick White: I can't get you to shut-up most of the time. (07/31 06:33:58) Douglas Sharper: Go spend a few weeks with those thigns.
(07/31 06:34:05) TomahnaGuy: Tell su what?
(07/31 06:34:08) Douglas Sharper: Then come back here and chat it up. (07/31 06:34:11) Craig $$$$: They didnt kill anything
(07/31 06:34:17) [ Shadow ]: ill go
(07/31 06:34:27) Erik: Shorah Mr. Sharper
(07/31 06:34:28) Akai: help
(07/31 06:34:30) Tweek: Gladly, oh wait...DRC wont give us Access
(07/31 06:34:44) Nick White: Becaues you would die in thrity seconds. (07/31 06:34:48) Thend: Folks, give the guys a sec, please
(07/31 06:34:59) Nick White: I"ll side with Sharper on that.
(07/31 06:35:01) Tweek: You under estimate us
(07/31 06:35:02) Eric Wolfe: Where is the DRC storing the linking books they've found? Perhaps the Phil method of information gathering is in order?
(07/31 06:35:04) Douglas Sharper: Shocking. (07/31 06:35:06) Scarlette nods her head
(07/31 06:35:23) Sti 'in: Omg millions of people here
(07/31 06:35:31) Goloth: Really, ya think?
(07/31 06:35:42) Scarlette: it sounds like this trip changed you Douglas. What did you see?
(07/31 06:35:44) Stephano.: good man sharper
(07/31 06:35:44) Douglas Sharper: No one understands. (07/31 06:35:45) TomahnaGuy: Sharper what was the point of killing that bahro?
(07/31 06:35:51) Stephano.: your a star
(07/31 06:35:53) Tweek: Kam> Sith wink
(07/31 06:35:56) DaytonaKit: we want to understand...
(07/31 06:35:58) Sorceress: Sorry if this has been asked beofre, but how exactly can we protect ourselves?
(07/31 06:35:59) Thend: Douglas, help us understand, please
(07/31 06:36:00) Carl Palmner: Sharper you are a hero!!!!
(07/31 06:36:01) Selee Tayoy: I understand Sharper
(07/31 06:36:04) Eric Wolfe: Do explain it to us, then, please?
(07/31 06:36:05) Mister Cloak: that's because nobody gives a straight [blip] answer!
(07/31 06:36:06) Douglas Sharper: I'm tired of trying to explain the evil fo these things. (07/31 06:36:08) Goloth: Mr/ Sharper, what do you plan to do now that you have gotten a [iece of those Bahro?
(07/31 06:36:12) Stephano.: big game hunter
(07/31 06:36:12) Goloth: *piece
(07/31 06:36:14) Carl Palmner: I understand!
(07/31 06:36:22) Douglas Sharper: They deserve to die. They are hideous beasts. (07/31 06:36:23) Carl Palmner: I'm so glad he nailed one!
(07/31 06:36:26) Stephano.: go for it doug
(07/31 06:36:27) [ Shadow ]: Im glad to know they can be killed.
(07/31 06:36:29) Sti 'in: blush
(07/31 06:36:33) Sti 'in: no they're not
(07/31 06:36:33) TomahnaGuy: What!?
(07/31 06:36:35) Eric Wolfe: Is a bee evil if it stings you when you swat at it?
(07/31 06:36:37) Trevor1013: Sorry, I disagree intirely
(07/31 06:36:37) Sam Byard: if you want us to understand let us, let a few explorers meet with you in private, bring along any proof you want, we wont talk, we will listen, and we will spread the word
(07/31 06:36:39) [ Shadow ]: WOA!
(07/31 06:36:40) TomahnaGuy: thy differ -
(07/31 06:36:40) Goloth: HELL YEA!
(07/31 06:36:42) Sti 'in: some of them are evil
(07/31 06:36:48) Carl Palmner: A bee doesn't murder an innocent girl.
(07/31 06:36:48) Sorceress: Oh dear God!
(07/31 06:36:49) Sti 'in: not all
(07/31 06:36:51) Erik: The Great Tree has your back, Douglas!
(07/31 06:36:53) [ Shadow ]: just put it on my feet why dont ya
(07/31 06:36:57) Julian Lapis: Sweet JESUS!
(07/31 06:36:57) Douglas Sharper: What the?(07/31 06:36:57) [ Shadow ]: haha
(07/31 06:36:58) TomahnaGuy: Sharper some are veil some arent- u cant say theyre all evil!
(07/31 06:37:05) Nick White: Holy...(07/31 06:37:12) Douglas Sharper: How did they get that here?
(07/31 06:37:13) Carl Palmner: He didn't say that, TG
(07/31 06:37:16) [ Shadow ]: Nice
(07/31 06:37:18) Whilyam: What's happened?
(07/31 06:37:21) Maurus: AHHHHH!!!!!!!
(07/31 06:37:24) Vivicus: What did get here?
(07/31 06:37:24) Thend: Douglas, tell us more, please, what you think, have seen, researched
(07/31 06:37:24) Douglas Sharper: That's the one.
(07/31 06:37:28) Diafero 0.5: there are humans who did much more cruel things than killing two girls - so all humans deserve to die?
(07/31 06:37:29) TomahnaGuy: It souded like that
(07/31 06:37:29) [ Shadow ] points
(07/31 06:37:30) TomahnaGuy: What is it?
(07/31 06:37:32) Scarlette: Omg a bahro!!
(07/31 06:37:35) TomahnaGuy: Where?
(07/31 06:37:37) Douglas Sharper: Back up!(07/31 06:37:38) DaytonaKit: where???
(07/31 06:37:38) Vivicus: Where?
(07/31 06:37:42) Stephano.: take no prisoner's doug
(07/31 06:37:44) Thend: Folks, let the man talk, please. Thanks
(07/31 06:37:46) Goloth: HOLY *****!
(07/31 06:37:48) TomahnaGuy: Holy!
(07/31 06:37:49) Scarlette: They are bowing down by the dead one by me
(07/31 06:37:52) Douglas Sharper: Stay away from teh body!(07/31 06:37:56) TomahnaGuy: My god!
(07/31 06:37:56) Scarlette: Holy [blip]
(07/31 06:37:57) A restless Bahro looks at Sharper.
(07/31 06:37:57) Strider: Cool
(07/31 06:37:59) Douglas Sharper: Do not touch it!(07/31 06:37:59) Scarlette: I can't move
(07/31 06:38:05) Douglas Sharper: TRsut me!(07/31 06:38:11) Scarlette: We trust you douglas
(07/31 06:38:14) Carl Palmner: Get back you idiots!!!
(07/31 06:38:17) William Lee cowers
(07/31 06:38:18) Sorceress: Bahro, tell Yeesha I'm sorry...
(07/31 06:38:19) Nick White: Do as he says(07/31 06:38:22) Scarlette: I can't move!!! lag too severe!
(07/31 06:38:25) TomahnaGuy: Is it real?
(07/31 06:38:30) Carl Palmner: Get back!
(07/31 06:38:33) A grey Bahro looks at Sharper
(07/31 06:38:38) TomahnaGuy: It has blue eyes!it was GOOD Sharper
(07/31 06:38:38) Thend: Douglas, what';s going on?
(07/31 06:38:53) Douglas Sharper: Just stay away from it. (07/31 06:38:54) [ Shadow ]: woa
(07/31 06:38:55) TomahnaGuy: Are they...real
(07/31 06:38:58) Paulll50: watched him walk up here
(07/31 06:39:01) Scarlette: It looks like they are mourning!
(07/31 06:39:11) Maurus: buthere?
(07/31 06:39:15) Goloth: STAND BACK!!!!!
(07/31 06:39:16) TomahnaGuy makes a bahro sound
(07/31 06:39:18) Diafero 0.5: omg...
(07/31 06:39:18) Douglas Sharper: It's evil. (07/31 06:39:18) Thend: Everyone, GET AWAY NOW, back off, stand back!
(07/31 06:39:21) TDream URU: wow, its very simple, stand still, shut up and listen!!!
(07/31 06:39:22) TomahnaGuy: someone video this
(07/31 06:39:23) Paulll50: why?
(07/31 06:39:24) Goloth: Stand off
(07/31 06:39:29) White Rose: can everyone just stand still please
(07/31 06:39:43) TomahnaGuy: i think we should all get off the imager
(07/31 06:39:52) A restless Bahro calls out quietly.
(07/31 06:39:59) TomahnaGuy: Bahro!
(07/31 06:40:04) Paulll50: lol
(07/31 06:40:05) TomahnaGuy: We empathise with you
(07/31 06:40:06) UruKat: wow
(07/31 06:40:06) Nick White: Guys I would trust Sharper on this one. Don't touch it. (07/31 06:40:07) Scarlette: Are they trying to take the body back? frown
(07/31 06:40:14) Thend: Douglas, you seem unusually calm
(07/31 06:40:19) White Rose: Why did you bring them here
(07/31 06:40:20) Maurus: nobodymove
(07/31 06:40:20) Sti 'in pets the bahros
(07/31 06:40:20) Nick White: I'm leaving. (07/31 06:40:22) Sam Byard: Sharper if they are bad, why are they not killing us
(07/31 06:40:27) Scarlette: I'm guessing this was one of the "good" ones frown otherwise they would be waging war
(07/31 06:40:29) Sam Byard: if they are good why are they mourning it
(07/31 06:40:30) TomahnaGuy touches the bahro
(07/31 06:40:46) UruKat: so cool
(07/31 06:40:48) TomahnaGuy: Tyhis is incredible
(07/31 06:40:49) A restless Bahro looks at TomahnaGuy and screams.
(07/31 06:40:51) TomahnaGuy: someone call Cate
(07/31 06:40:58) GentleFire wishes everyone would step back
(07/31 06:40:58) TomahnaGuy: Huh?
(07/31 06:41:02) Carl Palmner: TG get back you idiot!
(07/31 06:41:03) Goloth touches bahro
(07/31 06:41:04) Thend: TG!
(07/31 06:41:05) Kam Uraki watches TG link into the void of space
(07/31 06:41:06) Julian Lapis: TG!
(07/31 06:41:08) Strider points
(07/31 06:41:11) TomahnaGuy moves back
(07/31 06:41:15) Diafero 0.5: it seems the barho wants us to ge a bit away
(07/31 06:41:17) White Rose: Why did you bring them here
(07/31 06:41:17) Scarlette: Get back and leave them be!!!!
(07/31 06:41:18) Sti 'in pets the bahro
(07/31 06:41:20) Sam Byard pushes the bahro away from TG
(07/31 06:41:23) Sti 'in: cute bahro
(07/31 06:41:24) Goloth: Dam, he's doing some kind of War dance against us!
(07/31 06:41:33) A restless Bahro looks at Goloth.
(07/31 06:41:36) Dani: Everyone, please get away from the imager~
(07/31 06:41:39) Scarlette: The fact that they are here and not "fearing for their lives" is huge... leave them alone
(07/31 06:41:49) Scarlette: Let them mourn
(07/31 06:41:52) Sti 'in likes bahro
(07/31 06:41:53) Kam Uraki wonders if anyone remembers the hand signals from Close Encounters
(07/31 06:41:54) Mister Cloak bows
(07/31 06:41:55) TomahnaGuy: Why here?
(07/31 06:41:55) Sorceress: Are you the ones I helped free?
(07/31 06:41:56) Goloth: Yes, I am talking to you Bahro
(07/31 06:42:13) White Rose: WHY DID YOU BRING THEM HERE
(07/31 06:42:21) Julian Lapis: Bahro... can you understand us?
(07/31 06:42:24) Paulll50: he started on the ground floor and came and stood up here
(07/31 06:42:26) Carl Palmner: Back away folks
(07/31 06:42:26) TomahnaGuy: Theyre skin...feels..weird
(07/31 06:42:26) Sorceress: I've taken her Journey, I've seen the city, I walked the Path of the Shell...
(07/31 06:42:27) Goloth: What are ya gonna do? Use your magic powers to warp me away from here?
(07/31 06:42:33) S3035: Its doing the moonwalk
(07/31 06:42:38) Carl Palmner: Give them space.
(07/31 06:42:51) Maurus: guys, dont make them angry
(07/31 06:42:51) Thend: Is Douglas still here?
(07/31 06:42:54) Goloth: Yea right
(07/31 06:42:56) Tweek offers out a hand to the Bahro
(07/31 06:42:58) Kam Uraki does hand signals from close encounters
(07/31 06:43:00) Diafero 0.5: thats not nice of you who you are standing so close there
(07/31 06:43:01) Sti 'in: now i hate sharper
(07/31 06:43:01) Carl Palmner: He's here but silent.
(07/31 06:43:03) Goloth: Give them space is stupid
(07/31 06:43:05) Vivicus: Don't stand on the imager, guys...
(07/31 06:43:07) Selee Tayoy: SHarper, what do you have to say about all of this?
(07/31 06:43:09) Sti 'in: he killed a innocent bahro!
(07/31 06:43:11) Paulll50: rotfl cloke
(07/31 06:43:12) Dani: Please, have some mercy. Back off, please.
(07/31 06:43:16) TomahnaGuy: The ppor thing
(07/31 06:43:18) Eric Wolfe holds out his hands, palms up
(07/31 06:43:19) A restless Bahro looks at the fallen bahro.
(07/31 06:43:21) Sti 'in: yes TG
(07/31 06:43:26) GentleFire wishes everyone would calm down and step back,.
(07/31 06:43:26) Whilyam: Hmm
(07/31 06:43:27) Hitana: erm...screech?
(07/31 06:43:28) Carl Palmner: No he said he knows it was a badone
(07/31 06:43:32) TomahnaGuy: Ohh
(07/31 06:43:32) Goloth: One dead Bahro, the better for us all
(07/31 06:43:34) Maurus: oh dear
(07/31 06:43:38) Thend: Douglas?
(07/31 06:43:38) Tweek bows head in respect to the fallen Bahro
(07/31 06:43:38) Whilyam: It's gone
(07/31 06:43:40) Vivicus: what has happened, Restless Bahro?
(07/31 06:43:42) Carl Palmner: Agreed Goloth
(07/31 06:43:43) Diafero 0.5: the body is gone?
(07/31 06:43:44) Whilyam: The dead one's gone
(07/31 06:43:44) A restless Bahro touches the fallen bahro, linking it away
(07/31 06:43:45) White Rose: sharper why did you bring them here
(07/31 06:43:46) Sorceress: I'm so sorry, it shouln't have gone this way...
(07/31 06:43:49) [ Shadow ]: if the bahro tell me not to stand here ill move....
(07/31 06:43:52) Sti 'in pets the restless bahro
(07/31 06:43:52) Goloth: Dam
(07/31 06:43:57) Sam Byard: they took their dead
(07/31 06:44:01) Sti 'in: shhh it's allright little fella
(07/31 06:44:04) Thend: BAHRO, CAN YOU UNDERSTAND US?
(07/31 06:44:08) Goloth: NOOOO!
(07/31 06:44:09) TomahnaGuy: Theyre gone
(07/31 06:44:09) Whilyam: They left
(07/31 06:44:10) Scarlette: They're gone
(07/31 06:44:11) Vivicus: They are gone
(07/31 06:44:11) [ Shadow ]: there ya go
(07/31 06:44:12) Diafero 0.5: wow

Edited by UruKat (07/31/07 10:11 PM)
Following the Yellow Brick Road in search of the White Rabbit so I can fly away to Neverland

#182945 - 07/31/07 01:36 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: UruKat]
Becky Offline
The Medieval Lady
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Registered: 02/16/00
Posts: 26916
Loc: Stony Brook, New York, USA
Wow! Did they suddenly link in from out of nowhere? What do you think it means? (I'm so glad you were there to see it.)

I have a very bad feeling about this.

#182952 - 07/31/07 01:44 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: Becky]
gamenut Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 02/08/00
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Loc: Hiding Under a Rock
Whoaaa...wish i had see this!..they should put this in a video someplace where we could all actually see what happened!!

I sure would like it ..if the 'boomers would have an MOUL spot in 'Forums'!

#182966 - 07/31/07 02:08 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: gamenut]
Renee Offline
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Loc: Northern California
Me too, gamenut, but I don't think it will happen (Moul sub forum).

That's great, UruKat! Thanks for the picture, too! bravo
Everyone has a photographic memory...some just don't have film.

#183157 - 07/31/07 10:26 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: Renee]
UruKat Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 05/29/04
Posts: 747
Guess what???
There is a VIDEO of the whole thing!

Here is the link:
Following the Yellow Brick Road in search of the White Rabbit so I can fly away to Neverland

#183227 - 08/01/07 07:57 AM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: UruKat]
Becky Offline
The Medieval Lady
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Registered: 02/16/00
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Loc: Stony Brook, New York, USA
Thanks! I've been looking on YouTube to see if there was one there.

It looks like the farthest Bahro kept trying to push away anybody that got close. Was that what it looked like to you?

Where was Sharper this whole time?

#183267 - 08/01/07 09:18 AM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: Becky]
UruKat Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 05/29/04
Posts: 747
Hi Becky,
I acually never saw where Sharper was atanding, although I know he was somewhere close to where the bahro were. I was up on the balcony looking down and there were so many people in there, I had a hard time moving and searching the crowd.

I was standing right next to Nick White the whole time and I had a good view from the top.

It looked to me like that too....that the one standing up and moving around was keeping people away, and the other one sitting by the dead one seemed overcome with grief.
There was no aggressiveness by the bahro, in spite of the crowds. Even when some people were "touching" it, it made no aggressive moves.

If you read the log carefully too, you can see that Sharper did not bring the dead bahro with him. He was very surprised when it appeared. But he did say "That's the one" which I guess means it was the one he killed.

It seemed like they were trying to show us what an awful thing Sharper did.

BTW...there was a new opening last night.........

Click to reveal..
Kirel opened and new T-shirts available!

Edited by UruKat (08/01/07 09:21 AM)
Following the Yellow Brick Road in search of the White Rabbit so I can fly away to Neverland

#183316 - 08/01/07 11:25 AM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: UruKat]
sierramindy Offline
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I was in

Click to reveal..

last night, saw the T-shirts, and a crowd of 96 people (I was 97, so I was lucky to get in, I guess) which was very interesting and different, fersure! I didn't stay long as I didn't see anyone I knew and I left so someone else could get in.

Edited by sierramindy (08/01/07 11:28 AM)
Edit Reason: added spoiler tag
To love is to be happy with!

#183413 - 08/01/07 04:31 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: sierramindy]
Becky Offline
The Medieval Lady
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Registered: 02/16/00
Posts: 26916
Loc: Stony Brook, New York, USA
I know I'm probably the only one obsessed with Words of the Watcher (the 5 books found in the Watcher's Pub). I thought I'd draw up my "guesses" as to what some of the lines and descriptions in it mean. I realize that some of my guesses are bound to be wrong. I'm hoping that when "Familiar Voices" is over, there will be more answers for some of this stuff.

Anyway -- it's full of serious spoilers, of course.

Click to reveal..
Who's Who

The Maker -- Yahvo, the D'ni name for God
The Gathered -- Explorers, these may also be called
"The New Ones." They have been brought to the Cavern through
Yeesha's influence.
The Least -- The Bahro
The Remnant -- Survivors of the Fall of D'ni -- they find
a new home on Releeshan (mentioned in Myst III: Exile and Myst
V: End of Ages)

Atrus and his Family

The Burdened One -- Atrus -- also referred to as "the son of the son"
in the last stanza in Words -- his burden is to care for the survivors
of D'ni
His Wife -- Catherine -- Catherine is also mentioned as the one who
"...will face the storm" and she is also (I think) the one who's
writing/dreaming will save many worlds -- she is a
The Sons of the Burdened One -- Sirris and Achenar
The Desert Bird -- Yeesha, also the daughter who carries
her father's burden

Extended Family

The Rebuilder of Pride -- Gehn, Atrus' father
The Destroyer -- Ti'ana, Atrus' grandmother
The Daughter of the Daughter -- would seem to refer to
Yeesha's daughter, whoever that may be...


The Ten Eyes -- the five leaders of the D'ni Restoration Council?
Also possibly referred to as "A New Five"
Vagabonds -- Individuals who come to the Cavern along with the
DRC, or (possibly even) with the Gathered or the Bahro. Those who use
the discovery of D'ni for their own advantage.
The Accuser -- Esher fulfills this role in Myst V, but there may
be another Accuser later in the story that this is referring to
The Deceiver -- see spoiler below
"This Great Tree of Wickedness The D'ni civilization shortly
before the fall -- "They will subdue the weak and it will be their
undoing" -- The way the D'ni chose to treat the Bahro and others that were used as secret slaves -- "The kingdom of D'ni is not made of rock and stone, but heart and mind."
The rebuilding of D'ni may be as much moral and spiritual as it is physical.

If you haven't played the Path of the Shell Expansion Pack or
Myst V: End of Ages, this is a spoiler:

[spoiler]The Grower -- Yeesha
The Deceiver -- Kadish

A list of Historical Figures

The Watcher -- writer of Words
The Voice -- possibly Tevahr (see the journal about King Rakeri)
The Giver -- possibly King Kedri, who gave The Age of Kings
to the people
The Destroyer Ti'Ana, grandmother of Atrus
The Seeker Someone who seeks and shares truths. Calam,Yeesha's teacher? Phil if he returns? Dr. Watson if he returns?
The Grower -- see above Spoiler
The Builder -- not yet identified. May be a Builder of peace,
rather than a Builder of something more concrete. The Builder will be
wounded in some way.

The Mysterious Seven

Seven they are, Though little do they realize, Only four is seen
as they see, For seven is one, and one is seven.
I think this means the Bahro. They are seen as
four -- four Bahro poles to rescue -- but they are also associated
with the number seven (seven journey cloths to free them in each age,
seven numbers to press to open the Bahro doors in Delin and Tsogal)

What's What

The Wound in the Desert -- the Cleft
The Hill of Fire -- the volcano used to fashion an entrance down to D'ni
A Puddle Frozen in Time -- may mean the small pond in the Cleft
Another Place -- Releeshan, the age Atrus wrote for the D'ni
survivors of the Fall
The Age of the Rebuilder of Pride -- Riven
Row of keys under bones in the jail cell -- the jail in Teledahn
The Faces of Stone -- the Bahro glyphs?
Cloth that does not Burn -- the cloth used on the Bahro stones?
A Storm Approaches -- we are seeing the beginnings of this
conflict now


The Path of the Shell -- this starts in Er'Cana and would appear
to be bound up with D'ni history immediately before the Fall, and with
the family of Atrus
The Path of the Stone -- I think this is related to the Bahro
-- Linking stones, caves of stone, stone Bahro poles, and (in Myst V)
stone tablets and stone pedestals -- "The bound will know of the path
of the stone" The Bahro are bound/enslaved. In another interpretation,
the Path of the Stone also could be the tasks undertaken that create stone wedges in Relto -- Delin, Tsogal, the Pod ages, etc.
The Path of Light -- No clue

"Follow the patient path." Anyone rushing things or cutting corners
ought to be viewed with suspicion.
"A grower to join the paths." This may refer to a joining in some fashion
of the Gathered (explorers), the Remnant (survivors of D'ni) and possibly even the Bahro (the Least). Or it may refer to a joining
of the Path of the Shell, the Path of the Stone and the Path of Light.


#183506 - 08/01/07 07:34 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: sierramindy]
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Originally Posted By: sierramindy
I was in

Click to reveal..

last night, saw the T-shirts, and a crowd of 96 people (I was 97, so I was lucky to get in, I guess) which was very interesting and different, fersure! I didn't stay long as I didn't see anyone I knew and I left so someone else could get in.

sierramindy, gamenut and I (nay) saw you in the new place - we were trying to communicate with you, but I don't think you had your KI on? Oh many there - it was hard to move....see you there another day! wave
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#183577 - 08/01/07 09:50 PM Re: BAHRO in the Watcher's Pub Today!! [Re: Renee]
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Sorry I missed you both even though I was looking to see if I knew anyone. But I guess I was concentrating too much on just getting around. I had trouble moving once because I hit a letter key instead of an arrow and my avatar would not move until I typed something so I just did a /clearchat (twice in fact because the first time I forgot the / mark) and that's about when I decided I wasn't doing too great navigating in a mob scene. Of course, I also have problems when I'm alone because I mix up left and right and up/forward and down/backward. When others complain about bumping into walls due to poor game controls, I always think "I should be so lucky" since I always have such problems in all games. For me, it is normal.
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I'm the same way, SierraMindy. I have to stay in first person most of the time so I can navigate correctly. When I go to third person, I start walking into walls.

I have to say, I think that the Bahro are on EST. Because everything exciting seems to happen in the middle of the afternoon while I'm at work! By the time I get online in the evenings, everyone is just sitting around talking about all their Bahro sightings that day. Or arguing about Sharper. I'm tempted to call in sick tomorrow. *cough cough* LOL
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I accidentally get into chat mode a lot. I found if I hit the esc key it will take me out of it.

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Lor, Old Man and Nanjoan just helped me do Minkata! Much more fun than wandering around Minkata in the dark on my own, looking for holes that glow.

Old Man has an amazing sense of direction. (This comes in handy in Minkata. smile )

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