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#341646 - 06/09/08 04:54 AM Re: Most common theme in AGs [Re: chrissie]
Bernard Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 10/01/04
Posts: 3037
Loc: the Netherlands
Meanwhile, back at the the temple......

You decide not to use the portal, because you have to save the world from flying out of orbit.

>say "open sesame" again

The walls start rotating again and another door opens. The voice of woman is saying "Third floor, Aztec and Mayan artefacts, computers and video games, sombreros for hire.". After you enter the door, you see that it's not a floor of a department store but a large hall in a pyramid. The floor is smooth and you can see it was painted green a long time ago. In the middle of the hall there is a small hole in the floor. There are no doors to be seen, even the door you came in through is gone.

>combine shoehorn with crowbar

You're surprised how neat those two items fit together! It looks like you have made a golf club. The emerald of the shoehorn falls out of its setting and rolls close to the hole in the floor.

>hit emerald with golf club

The emerald rolls into the hole and you hear how it's spiraling down until there's a click. Nothing else seems to happen. Suddenly the ground starts to shake. Around you the floor lowers in concentric rings. Dust is filling your lungs. Coughing and gasping for breath you watch the floor disappearing into the depths. Then a bright light appears. You are floating away from the ground, the alignment must be near!
Looking down you see the bright light is representing the sun. The planets are also visible now, they almost form a single line.
Oh no, fear is getting a grip on your body and soul. You're almost sure the worst thing is going to happen, you can taste it, you can smell it........... AN ACTION SEQUENCE is nearby!!!!!

>look at solar system

Taking a closer look at the representation of the the solar system, you notice a green shimmer at the utmost edge. What does that mean? Ploughing through your mind you realize it must be Sirius, the Dogstar. Things are getting really serious, Sirius is also in alignment with the planets.

>let the dogs out

"Excuse me, how on earth do you think that's possible?"

"Come on parser, we're not on earth anymore, we're floating in space, looking down on a part of the universe!"

"Hmm, you have a point there, I'll see what I can do."

There's a loud squeak, like a rusty gate opening. Three little puppy stars are running away from Sirius. They are running around all over the solar system. You see they are influencing the gravity fields between the planets. If only you could direct them to run in a logic pattern, maybe you will be able to save the situation. But how?


At the moment you can only use the putter that has an emerald attached to its shaft.

>take emerald

You pry the emerald loose from the putter, the lack of gravity causes you to drop it in the solar system. The puppy stars are running toward it. That could be a way of controlling them!

>use putter with emerald

You use the putter with the gem and you observe how the puppies are chasing it. Each time they run over a planet, a beeping sound can be heard and the planet lights up. Right, this is the mini game you feared all along! After each hit you are spinning around yourself, due to the absence of gravity. There's no way out, you have to keep on playing, no way to save, no way to load. 5183 'Second Changes' later you have finally lit all the planets in the correct order. It's a great thing time doesn't exist without gravity!

The planets and the sun are fading away, the floor transforms into a bottomless pit, gravity is kicking in again. You may have rescued the world, but how about your own life! All the adventures you played are flashing before your eyes, even the ones you wanted to forget. There's a harp playing, are you falling in or are you falling out of paradise? There's a bright, white light at the bottom of the pit. You can hear a voice calling you. Now you are sure, this must be the end of all! You have fulfilled your tasks and you are not longer needed. Goodbye everyone!

The fall is slowing down until you come to a complete stop, then you go up and later you go down again. After going up and down many times you are in front of a sign that shows the face of an elderly Chinese man. A microphone and a speaker are next to it.

Nice, a good Chinese meal is just the thing you need, after all the things you have done.

"Numbel foulteen please and a double poltion of numbel thiltysix!"

"Silence you fool, this is not a restaurant. You've arrived at the centre of the earth and it is my task to instruct you, so you can go your own way again in the world you call reality."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Confucius, I'm here at the heart of the world trying to keep the logic and the rules of common sense. You defied many of them Grasshopper, but at the end it worked out fine. Now I'll get you back to your own reality. I will contact you later."

"How will I..."

Before you can end your sentence, you start to spin like a hurricane. The wind you create lifts you up, you loose your conscience.

Moments later, at least it seemed like a short time, you awake on the side of a road. To the north you see crossroads and a figure standing there. You know you have to go there!

>go north

Nothing happens, the parser has gone! You're on your own now. You walk to the crossroads. The closer you get, the better you can see the person standing there. The face looks so familiar! Oh dear, it's a copy of you. This can not be!

There's music in the background, it sounds like it's coming towards you. You look at your clone, it's looking right back at you. Now you see, it's not a person, it's your own reflection in the the monitor!
A bunny leaps out of the ground, it looks around a bit before saying:

Tha.., tha.., that's all folks!

The music gets louder and louder, oh no, the Credits are coming..
You frantically hit the the Escape key until finally you are back at your desktop. Wow, that was a narrow escape!

Is this really the end you wonder.

Look out for MCT II: The Pandora Pendulum.


#341922 - 06/09/08 03:33 PM Re: Most common theme in AGs [Re: Bernard]
Becky Offline
The Medieval Lady
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Registered: 02/16/00
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Loc: Stony Brook, New York, USA
REM Only 5183 attempts to get the final puzzle right? That was too easy! lol

Nice ending! Is that really my reflection in the monitor? smashpc It turns out that the AFGNCAAP is spherical and yellow!

I've never had to run from the Credits before.

What's next, I wonder?

To follow the next chapter of Most Common Themes in Adventure Games, (and to check up occasionally on what's happening with the characters from this adventure in the land of Oz), click here.

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