Yes, Gil, I've caught Adobe more than once trying to sneak Chrome onto my computer. And before I was paying much attention to its updating, it actually downloaded and installed Chrome. Now, when Adobe tells me of an update available, I pay close attention to what's being downloaded.

This last time the download manager took me to the Adobe site and at one point it said Chrome was going to be added. Taking care of this problem was as easy as un-checking the box allowing Chrome to download and install.

Chrome isn't the only thing that a download manager tried to slip under the radar. Several different types of tool-bars were attempted. Fortunately, each one showed the check-box for the tool-bar and simply un-checking the box fix the problem.

I don't use the mouse gestures, Gil, lazy I guess, or just too much to remember. Or I'm just comfortable with the way I use the basics of Opera. If I want to open a new tab, let's say, it's just as easy to click on the '+' at the top of the screen as it is to hold down the right mouse button and drag the cursor downward. It's not that it's better one way or the other, just what a person gets used to doing.

I used IE for a number of years. Tried Firefox, and Chrome, neither one I could make heads or tails of, and then tried Opera. IE is the default browser because it's what my wife is used to. But for me, when online, Opera is my preferred choice. No ads, no miscellaneous garbage, just a simple and easy to use browser. And as Jenny indicated, there are several add-ons which can help make an online experience a lot more pleasant.
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