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#87294 - 05/16/01 02:52 AM Myst 3: Exile Review
Lundar Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 12/09/00
Posts: 902
Loc: Texas,USA
Myst 3 Exile- sequel to Myst and Riven
-Released May 07, 2001-

(The review follows the following section, as the information below may be helpful to boomers to have before reading the review which appears right after this section.)

-Categorized as follows-
1)Known problems/bugs
2)Source of help/walkthroughs
3)Questions on players minds
4)Developer/Publisher Information
6)Different versions of Myst 3: Exile

One of the few flaws in this otherwise perfect game is that the game released with a few bugs that prevented some but not all players to play this game. I had no problems with completing the game myself and needed no patch. Please refer to the following link listed below in the event you have any problems with this game. Ubisoft and Presto Studios is quickly working to remedy any problems with patches to the game, as one has already been released for the PC. Find the patch link below.

If you have problems with puzzles in the game, look at the following finely crafted walkthroughs done with much detail and love for Myst 3.

By Moderator Witchen-Walkthrough 1

By fellow boomers, Norma and Linda
-Walkthrough 2-

1)Is Myst 3 a worthy successor to the other games in this series?
2)Did Presto Studios succeed or fail with this game?
3)Is it worth getting the collectors edition?

Read on to find the answers!

DEVELOPER: Presto Studios

Myst 3: Exile comes on 4 CDS, and can be fully installed onto your hardrive. Takes over 2 gigs of hardrive space for the full install of this game and must have CD 1 in drive when playing. This method will help to eliminate any disc swapping in the game. This will ensure that you do not need to keep changing discs when you go into a new section, so long as you have used the full install as an option and CD 1 is kept in the drive.

Two versions of Myst 3: Exile were released.
Both versions of Myst 3 are on CD roms, and a DVD rom version is not expected until near Christmas of this year. The 2 versions are: a regular edition of the game that only includes the regular game on 4 cdroms. Then there is the much better Myst 3: Collectors Edition that I purchased and includes the game and the following wonderful extras:

-A very well written and organized prima strategy guide by well known guide author Rick Barba, who made the guides as well for Myst and Riven, that takes you into the game with beautiful maps and additional information about the world of Myst 3. You see an item you dont know in the game, and the guide will tell you something you may not have known when playing the game. The guide divided into two basic sections as well as by the ages in the game, one with detailed answers and pictures and a section titled "soft hints" that will only give you small nudges to a puzzle. It serves as more than just a standard strategy guide but a companion guide that will fill you in on extra things you may not have known. It is a 222 page official strategy guide that includes two other sections: 1)A historians journal that is very descriptive and helps the player understand the story behind Myst 3: Exile.
2)Atrus' Journal, a copy of that given to you by Atrus in the game.

-The music soundtrack-Definitely created with a passion and artistry that helps to enhance the game and one you will always love to listen to and remember the journey you took in the game. The music soundtrack has the power to move you and enchant you into the magic and splendor of Myst 3. You can clearly see the hardwork and dedication that went into the soundtrack when you listen to the music in all its wonder within the game or through this CD outside of the game. The music soundtrack includes 30 music tracks of quality music used throughout important scenes in the five ages in the game, one of which is a special song called, 'Exile' featured only on this music soundtrack. Each music track is also titled as to where it was used in the game, and thus recalling the special mood that it gave that scene as you played it.

-The making of movie cd-includes a 22 minute making of video that shows the dedicated team behind the game, their visions, struggles and hopes of making a sequel to a famous and well known series. This was not an easy task for them, to create a game that has millions of fans awaiting it, the video details how they went about attempting a worthy sequel. Definitely worth viewing and understanding what it took to bring the game before you. I should caution those that have this CD, as to not see this video until the game is completed as it will show scenes of various parts of the game as well as parts near the end of the game. Other extras that you may have seen are included, a theatrical trailer, a game trailer, and a TV trailer for Myst 3 are included as well.

-A pewter squee figurine- very craftly made in great detail and as a memento of the creature you see in the game itself.

As you have seen, the collectors edition is indeed worth its value, and complements the game very well. Everything mentioned comes packaged in a limited and numbered edition oversized box that is not one that you will want to throw away but keep for this game. There were 75,000 copies of the collectors edition made and many have already been sold.

Review is divided into the following 7 major categories
1-Background Information
5-Music/Sound Effects
6-A Magical Journey-Final Impressions
7-Overall Score

A week since the famed release by Presto Studios of Myst 3: Exile and I am eager to write this review as I have completed the magical journey. Myst is a phenomenal adventure saga of our time. Who could have believed it would be loved by millions of adventure gamers world wide. Millions of copies have been sold of the original Myst and its followup sequel Riven. Different versions of the original Myst have shown up as well, such as Real Myst, a 3D accelerated version of the original Myst. The detailed worlds, exploration, sense of adventure has always been the highlight of these wonderful games. Now we have the 3rd game in the famous series, Myst 3: Exile from well known Presto Studios, developer of the acclaimed Journeyman adventure game series. Much burden was placed upon there shoulders as they were given the task of producing the next game in the series as Cyan, the original developers of the previous two games, Myst and Riven, were busy with other projects to make a sequel. That responsibility fell then upon Presto Studios who labored for over 2 years to bring the world the next Myst game, worthy of what the great developer Cyan had done with their Myst world, with much success with Myst and Riven. It has been a wonderful week going through the worlds of Myst 3 of which there are five of them. The five worlds include J'nanin, Amateria, Edanna, Voltaic and Narayan. Each world depicts a certain theme to it, such as one that will be about nature, while another focuses on the theme of energy and mechanical machinary. You start off in J'nanin, which is the lesson age, the one that will link to three other ages once you find their appropriate linking book, that you must go through in the quest you are given and a final age you will venture into at the end of the game. As the games title states at the end of it, in the word "Exile", you must find out who or what is the Exile in Myst 3. Is it you, is it someone else, you will need to play to find out. I will rate the game in the following five categories: Graphics, Gameplay/Puzzles, Control/ Interface, Music/Sound Effects and Final Impressions. Myst 3: Exile was over 2 years in the making by Presto Studios, and the question on everyones mind is: "Was it really a great followup to a great series and of Cyans great work?" Read on and find out for yourself.

Myst 3 can be played in one of two different modes which you are prompted to choose from at the start. You can play in software mode or in Direct 3D mode. The latter Direct 3D mode is the best as the graphics will be sharper, clearer and will be in 32 bit color. Software mode while a good option to choose if your video card does not support the 3D accelerated mode specified by this game, is not nearly as good as the other one I mentioned. Software mode uses 16 bit color mode and while the game looks decent, the graphics will be grittier, fuzzy and not nearly as good. Characters faces will look and appear very fuzzy and if you can support Direct 3D mode, you will get a much better version of Myst 3. Once you have this done, you will go into a beautiful world that is Myst 3: Exile. Cutscenes abound in this game, that depict the wonderful story of Exile that will keep you in suspense until the end. The graphics are so stunning and beautiful you can see that much heart and dedication went into each of the five worlds. Animations such as water moving from the oceans or creatures such as a Squee abound in this game to give it much atmosphere. The areas are so jaw dropping I found myself on more than one occasion just exploring to take in all the atmosphere and to see everything there is in this game. The graphics are so detailed like no other Myst game if you play in Direct 3D mode, without blur or fuzziness and each environment is so different from one another. I have several favorite ages in the game, one is the Edanna Age that features a naturistic theme filled with much exotic plants and wildlife. Another, the Amateria age is such a beautiful themelike park that is so stunning in so many areas. You will be treated to a stunningly detailed sequence when you complete the last puzzle in this world that you shall never forget, and truly understand the genius that Presto Studios used with this game. Another example of the graphical splendor in Amateria is that there are these rock like pillars that look like crystals have formed on them, that are located in a pool like area. You can see the crystal like pillars reflected within the pool of water and it is a breathtaking sight like so many other in this game. I was just there for several minutes staring at this awesome sight before me, and I enjoyed it very much. There are some very unique areas that allow you to look into the horizon and admire all the creativity around you. In one breathtaking scene inside of a cave like area, you can see the light from the sun radiating within the gaps in the cave wall as you move the screen to certain angles and it is one of those moments where you are suspended in wonder and awe at what Presto Studios accomplished with their creative worlds. They wanted to create worlds that we would remember, admire and never forget, and they excelled completely with that goal. They have scattered many unique graphical touches in each of the ages, that you will admire, as it attempts to thrill and hold you in its artfulness. The creators of Myst 3 have given us five unique worlds, each with its own life, magic and differences from one another. But it will be up to you to get this game and find out what else leaves the eyes watering from the beauty that Presto Studios has given us.

get an A+ for such breathtaking, memorable sights that leave you in awe of the artistry and talent with which the creators of Myst 3 were blessed with.

The wonderful thing about Myst 3: Exile is that puzzles are self contained within the world. In each world you will have certain tasks that need to be completed. You will have everything you need within that world, and will not have to keep traversing from one world to another to complete them. Puzzles in each world will be solved from within that world through much exploration and practice. The puzzles range from some fairly easy ones to more complicated ones scattered throughout the ages. One example of a puzzle you will encounter in the game from the start involves a set of viewing telescopes scattered about J'nanin, called the lesson age, and the first age in your journey. How do you figure out this strange and mysterious puzzle involving these telescopic objects? That is part of the fun, and some of what you will experience on your journey throughout the game. If you are experienced with these types of games, you may end up finishing this game quickly. Other players will find a respectable challenge that while it may not cause you to pull your hairs out like some games, it will give you a decent challenge. Take your time, explore your environment thoroughly and you may find the clues that may aid you in the age you are in. You will find much gameplay within Myst 3 if you explore everywhere, take your time within this game and take in all the scenery. I would classify the puzzles within Myst 3 as logical ones, those that you can find the answers through thinking about them, practicing many solutions to them or finding the answers by exploring the environment around you in each age. Experienced players as mentioned may finish this game quickly in 10 hours or less while other players may take at least 30 hours if not more to complete this game, hoping that you also do not look at a walkthrough very often. Why is there such a difference in gameplay time you may ask. Well, players that are used to the puzzles in other types of games, such as Myst, Riven and others like them may see the solutions to puzzles in this game more quickly than others. To other players, the solutions to puzzles in these types of games may take longer to solve and understand. This does not mean that one group is smarter than the other, it just depends on the types of games you usually play and enjoy. If you dont often play games such as these or enjoy the types of puzzles in them to work at them for long periods, you may not be conditioned to how puzzles in these types of games may be solved, as you may be used to problem solving strategies of other games that you play. But through much practice, observation of clues and hints scattered by the creators in the environment, you will eventually find the answers to the puzzles you have not solved. The creators of Myst 3 did not want to make a very hard and difficult game, as I feel they wanted to release a game that all people could enjoy and play. If you liked Riddle of the Sphinx, then you will like Myst 3 as it is similar in difficulty to that game but much longer than it. That game was not a ridiculously hard one but more of a logical game that was still a worthwhile and memorable experience. I know I have been frustrated of games that had ridiculous puzzles in them just because the creators wanted to extend the playing time. The puzzles in Myst 3 while not the hardest in the world are connected and tied to what you find in each world and logical. Regardless of the times players may spend, experienced players and others will find the puzzles brilliant and unique to each age, and each group of players will find a rewarding experience awaiting them.

get an A+ as the puzzles are logical ones and all puzzles are based upon the type of age that they are in. If you go into the nature age, you will face puzzles that can be solved by using nature to help you. When you play this game, you will see what I mean by the way everything fits and connects within each age. The end game sequence is so memorable and very brilliant, as you will have many endings based on decisions that you make at the end.

The interface within Myst 3: Exile is relatively easy to use. It is very easy to go from one location to the next by clicking onto it with the hand cursor and going to the next location. A handy zip mode is also included for areas you have already visited, as it will allow you to traverse huge distances with one click. A lightning icon will be shown when you can skip ahead to a certain area you want to reach but dont want to travel the normal way and want to get to a certain point in a hurry. Be advised that by doing this, you may skip important areas that may have clues, and only do this if you are sure the area you are passing has already been searched thoroughly. Dont use the zip mode often as you want to take in the scenery and views that dazzle and appear before your eyes. Interacting with objects and items is very easy as well, you just click on the items and perform the designated action it is requiring you to do. Items and objects that you have collected will appear in the area below your main playing screen. When you save, a screenshot of the age you are in will be recorded along with the name of the age you were in, or you can write in the name you want to give for that saved game. Myst 3 offers you a 360 degree free look movement system at every location. As you may remember from Myst, you clicked to go left, right, up and down. Within that screen you where restricted in seeing only what was there, you could not look around in a 360 degree manner. With Myst 3, at every location you can pan around and look at every location, look up at the sky if you want or down at the ground if you want to, instead of being restricted to the view that you have, like in the original Myst. For example in a scene near a ridge, in the original Myst you were restricted to what you could see within that screen, while in Myst 3 you can look everywhere within your area in a 360 degree fashion. Look down, sideways, and all around if you want to, there is no restriction placed on the players view.

get a A+ for ease of use and the 360 degree free look movement system implemented within the game. To truly enjoy the beautiful sights within this game and take in all the majesty that is all around you, it is a must to have this 360 degree free look movement system so that you can explore every age at every angle to your hearts content and enjoy every minute of it. You will see clearly if you have not what I mean about this movement system when you delve into what awaits you in the game, as I have not fully revealed all of the games magic and wonder and only enough to get you interested in the game. The rest you must discover on your own.

Myst 3 has a powerful musical score produced by Jack Wall. The music was made to fit each and every scene and location of the game. When you enter hectic moments in the game, the music will change accordingly or when you are in different ages, specially created music will play for that age at selected times. The music does not always play so that you can enjoy the atmosphere and sound effects of the game. As mentioned some of the music is event specific and will come on sometimes when important things occur. The music fades in and out and when the music does come it will be appreciated more as you will not keep hearing it repeated for long segements of time. The music has a wonderful orchestral feel to it as well, and the music that plays in special moments and at the end is so moving and memorable. I would get the music soundtrack if I were you, as it was a very well produced music soundtrack that complemented the game excellently. You will be equally amazed at the sound effects you hear from the game, that make the world come alive, from the wind blowing in the distance, the sounds of the ocean waves in the horizon and to the sounds of animals rustling in the environment. Myst 3 will not disappoint with its great sound effects as you will be awed at their effect on you.

receives an A+ for its scene specific use and moving orchestral feel that leaves the player captivated. The sound effects also suit each area and age in the game and will add to the mood and ambiance within it. You will know how much work went into the sound effects when you listen to them yourself in the game. Both the music and sound effects truly help to bring the world of Myst 3 to vibrant life.

I have not always been a Myst fan but have recently taken a more serious look at the games in the series, such as Myst and Riven. With the release of Real Myst it has awakened in me, the love for these games as I never had for them. These are worlds that you are transported into when you are needed by Atrus and Catherine, the inhabitants of the Myst world, and those able to create the special linking books you will see and use within this game. When you do go into these worlds, you are in for so much adventure, exploration, and a sense of majesty from Cyan who originally created the Myst world and its followup Riven. Presto Studios has done an excellent job with Myst 3 and is definitely a worthy successor to the other two games that came before it. I have not even mentioned the wonderful acting by the people who we see in the cutscenes, Atrus played by Rand Miller, (One of the Myst legends as he is one of the creators of the Myst world), Catherine played by Maria Galante and Saavedro played by Brad Dourif. You will see what parts each of the above plays as well as yourself when you get this game in your hands and see the wonderful acting of those above. The acting is so convincing and powerful that will leave you rivited to the screen as each new cutscene with them comes along to progress the story. Presto Studios has crafted an intriguing story that was well thought out in such a way that will leave you spellbound as you find out the mysteries and attempt to solve them in the game. I have not mentioned many flaws within the game but the one mentioned at the very top in regards to a needed patch, because there seem to be almost none. This is one of those rare games like The Longest Journey that excels in so many categories, that the few other flaws it may have are not even worth mentioning.

As I end this review, I would love to mention the enthralling experience so brilliant at the end of this game. Near the end you will be faced with a powerful decision like none I have ever experienced before about what you must do, and it touched me so deeply and emotionally. This is the sign of powerful writing, wonderful acting from those appearing in the cutscenes and a dedication to making a true successor to the other Myst games. I would say it is the best Myst game of the three, not meaning that the others were not any good, but that this game brings into play so many qualities of the other 2 and brings in many of its own, to give us the memorable experiences you will face in this game. I wont forget this wonderful and best chapter in the Myst series. The greatest compliment I can give to this game, is that it brought tears to my eyes to see it end but also a big smile at the magical journey I had taken. The journey was so exciting, so thrilling, the story so suspenseful, the graphics so stunning, that I wanted for the game to keep on going. But any great game must eventually end, so that we can sit back and remember the wonderful journey we had in it and hope that another comes in the future. Please take your time to explore the wonderful world of Myst 3 as much as you can, take it little by little, as we may not know when another sequel may surface. If you have not taken the chance to try this game yet, finish reading this and order this wonderful game, Atrus and Catherine are waiting for you and the challenge that awaits you in this game. Myst 3: Exile, the game that history will remember, and one not to be forgotten by all gamers alike, as it is one of those rare games that will remain in my heart as it makes me very proud to be an adventure gamer!

If you have read my extensive review you will know I much I loved this game and how much you will to if you give this game a chance. I dont give these high ratings out of thin air, or even write many reviews on this board. I got the collectors edition of this game and I am glad that I did, the included strategy guide serves as a companion to the game, the soundtrack moves the soul, the making of movie reveals the heart that went into this game and the squee figurine is a memento of a wonderful journey had in the game, you shall not regret purchase of this version if you do. Hurry, as this limited edition of the game may run out an any time though. For it takes that special game that excels in all categories, that rare game that comes out every few years, to make me write a review on this board. Myst 3: Exile is definitely worth all the accolades it has earned and will earn and my highest rating.

[This message has been edited by Lundar (edited 07-03-2001).]

#87295 - 05/16/01 05:01 AM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
granny Offline
BAAG Specialist

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So Lundar, why don't you tell us if you liked this game?

granny goodwitch ( I'll have that Double BAAGed, please )

A woman NEVER shot a man while he was doing dishes!
Granny Goodwitch

A woman NEVER shot a man while he was doing dishes!

#87296 - 05/16/01 10:18 AM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
gatorlaw Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 11/01/99
Posts: 10323
Great review Lundar.

Loved all the content and I was impressed with your style and format as well!

I'm sure glad you enjoyed Exile so much and when I am done - I will be sad it's over. I am definitely taking the slow waltz through this game. I agree with you - that Exile is an automatic add to the adventure hall of fame and game of the year. Presto not only took tender care to preserve the quality of the series - I think they excelled over past efforts. Great job...great game.

My only problem with the game is that at some point it has to end.


#87297 - 05/16/01 09:14 PM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
Marian Offline
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Wonderful review, Lundar. Some of the reviews that have been posted here in this topic are better than anything I have read in a gaming magazine, yours included. Thank you for taking the time.

#87298 - 05/20/01 07:00 PM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
Namma Offline
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Loc: The Middle of the Sonoran Dese...
Well, I have finally (unfortunately) finished the game and am so dissappointed. I wanted so desperately to explore all of Narayan. And my hand is yearning to touch inside the Releeshahn Linking Book. Please someone, anyone, tell me how to get to these other magical worlds. The only good part is that now I can read the book.

BTW, other than getting one error message (I still don't know what a Bink file is) the game ran beautifully in 3D mode even though my CD Rom is labeled G.

Hugs, Cheryl
Life is not measured by the breaths you take,
it is measured by the moments that take your
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#87299 - 05/21/01 12:29 AM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
Jenny100 Offline
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I wanted to explore Narayan too. It was the only world we saw that had people living on it. And we never even got a chance to peek at Releeshan. By giving us his journal to read, Atrus had whetted our appetite to see what he had created there.

#87300 - 05/29/01 03:26 PM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
lasanidine Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 05/06/01
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Loc: WA. USA
Lundar's review is almost better than the game itself. I found Myst3 almost too easy. Riven was much harder and more challenging. It is true that one wants to see those other worlds but the fleeting glimpses meant to wet our imagination and appetite to hope for the next game to come. It seems that does not matter what the game is the end is always a let-down. I found no problems except for the original drive letter one. It was lots of fun! Where is the next game?
"I am not young enough to know everything."

Oscar Wilde

#87301 - 06/03/01 08:44 PM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
gamenut Offline
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Loc: Hiding Under a Rock
i enjoyed Myst #3 Exile...was it my fave of the set so My personal fave is least it had great water movement and you did not have to go out and get a new video card to play it. I think that is really the only complaint i have about the game -the fact that they assumed everyone had gotten rid of their Voodoo and had gotten something else (and since most everything else runs fine on them why bother --YET)....i ran it in software mode, 24bit color, had to adjust a setting in sound but had no crashes or hangups. but certainly no great water movement. nothing like the Beach scene w/the Sunners out on the rock in the lagoon on the 2nd island in Riven...not even close.
But the story, scenery, sound were great and at least they did try to stay with the original concept......but i am still ticked i could not play it in 3D.

#87302 - 06/30/01 06:38 AM Re: Myst 3: Exile Review
Kateet Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 06/19/01
Posts: 575
Loc: Staunton Virgina United States
Lundar, That had to be absolutely the finest review I've ever read in my entire life. And I learned something important too because a couple elements of the game had disappointed me and now I know why, which means I can replay the game and have a better time at the one thing I most enjoy about adventure gaming.

For me, the number one most important apsect is the exploration, looking around the next bend in the road to see what's there. This is why I love Myst games and even the adventuresome clones, what makes me a BAAGer. I'll buy a game just because it offers me that opportunity if for no other reason. And, if its graphics are lousy, I am going to be disappointed by that if for no other reason.

I think Riven will remain my favorite because of the expansiveness of exploration that it gave me. The vistas, the paths, the views. I wanted to see so much more in Exile and it just wasn't there. I missed that.

I also learned from your review that my problem in getting the most enjoyment from the graphics was because, while my video card does support 3D acceleration, 32 bit color, and even 3D fx, it did not have enough memory so I couldn't do a full install. Because of that, I missed out. But, I recently bought a new video card adding plenty of memory and a few other new features like Open GL. The next time I install Myst 3: Exile, I can do a full installation and have a really good look around.

Other than that "problem", I enjoyed the game immensely. It took me about 20 hours, probably right in the average range for my level of experience. Voltaic was my favorite Age as I love machines and I was absolutely bowled over by know, you look across and down after you do your thing up there and the whole thing does this THING and your eyebrows hit the ceiling and your jaw smacks your keyboard and while you're tugging to release your lower lip, you just STARE in AWE! Never, in a million years would I have expected that to happen!

I thought Amateria was hauntingly beautiful, the sort of place where I kept stopping just to gaze out over the water at the thunderstorm in the distance and comtemplate the id of the yang with the enlightenment of the yin on the higher planes of existence and...stuff.

I have Classic Myst, RealMyst, Riven, and Myst: Exile
Will play anything vaguely similar~ Kateet


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