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#87307 - 05/18/01 11:04 AM The Arrival
Betty Lou Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 07/29/00
Posts: 11366
Loc: Sacramento, CA USA
System Requirements:
HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Pentiu, 4x CD-ROM drive with 8 MB RAM available
O/S REQUIREMENTS: 100% Windows 95 compatible
MONITOR/CARD SUPPORT: Video card with DirectX support
SOUND CARD SUPPORT: Windows 95 compatible
INTERFACE: Mouse, Keyboard, Hard Drive

Game Features:
First person, 360-degree horizontal/60-degree vertical perspectives
Hundreds of high-resolution 3-D environments
Thousands of detailed sprite animations of aliens, robots and humanoids
Highly complex full screen puzzles based on alien technologies
Nonlinear gameplay with multithreading story line with multiple endings


(whistle, whistle, here boy...) can't find my dog to feed him. What is that down in the quarry? A space ship? Lights, movement, creatures? Who is that coming up behind me? Whoa!!!!!!!

Awaken on an examining table somewhere with bright lights overhead and some kind of surgical looking instruments attached to a large circular holder. Two aliens hovering over me and ...clicking...(talking?). Rumbling, an earthquake? or an explosion? Pass out again! Awaken in some kind of cell -
My mission, to find out all I can about this 'space station' and locate Jenkins, who preceeded me here and has disappeared. Also, to find and disarm the ALIEN's weapon which is aimed at earth - their plans to destroy our planet must be thwarted somehow. And, I must be able to return to earth and warn everyone of the danger we could be facing.

My comments:
The game was easy to install. I had no technical problems with it.
Graphics were good. Hotspots not hard to find. Movement and use of inventory was a breeze.
Puzzles were very hard and I have to admit I used the 'cheat' (shift?) for most of them. It was fun trying to solve them tho and once or twice I even succeeded on my own.
There is a MAZE - TaDa!!! I got seriously stuck there until I got help from Witchen and Jenny. They pointed me to the map from's walkthroughs. I also used and referred to these walkthroughs: anb

This is a fun game. For me it is a keeper. BUT I am going to post it on Trading Post as a FLOATER. Enjoy.
Love, Betty Lou
I am 'the HAT lady"! and "who loves ya BABY?!"

#87308 - 05/18/01 06:35 PM Re: The Arrival
gatorlaw Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 11/01/99
Posts: 10323
Betty Lou,

I am glad you posted a review of The Arrival. It's an older game, kind of lesser quality graphics - but a good plot and interesting story.

Plus many folks here may not know much about this game.

Thanks again for your opinion


#87309 - 05/19/01 09:11 AM Re: The Arrival
syd Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 11/12/99
Posts: 12307
Loc: Body in California/Heart in Ha...
Great review of a great game - I played this a number of years ago (after the movie came out) - In fact I bought the game because I liked the movie. It's still my favorite sci-fi game of all time.

But I swear if there hadn't been an in game cheat for some of those puzzles, I'd still be stuck
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#87310 - 08/27/01 02:10 AM Re: The Arrival
Jenny100 Offline
GB Reviewer Glitches Moderator
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 10/24/00
Posts: 39084
Loc: southeast USA
I've just finished The Arrival. Well - except for one puzzle I finished it. I just lost patience with that "throbbing blob puzzle" and used the "Do you want this puzzle solved for you" option. It took so long to make a move. I kept wishing I had some colored marbles and could work out the solution on the rug. It often took several clicks before a blob would respond because the hotspot for it would move around as the blob oozed around.

Unlike Betty Lou I had problems with the cursor. If you are using the hand cursor, it will change from a hand to a hand with slowly moving fingers when placed over a hotspot. This not exactly the most obvious distinction in the world when you are running the cursor back and forth across the screen scanning for hotspots. The eyeball cursor (used for examining things) was worse. It would change from a rolling eyeball to an eyeball with a dilating pupil over hotspots. I'd rather just have had an arrow cursor that lit up over hotspots.

You're supposed to be able to examine things with the eyeball cursor both in the game view and in inventory. But I had so much trouble with that eyeball in game view that I often just picked items up without examining them. The hotspot for them just didn't want to appear in the game view. Examining objects in inventory was much easier. And there was plenty of space in inventory for a few extras. Unfortunately I picked up a couple of VERY undesireable objects that way. Fortunately they were just little game icons and not the real thing... and no "smell-a-vision" in this game.
You who've played the game may know what I'm talking about. Just the game designers' little joke I guess.

I liked most of the puzzles. I had to work out the 8x8 knight's move puzzle on paper though. The game had the puzzle oriented at an angle and I couldn't see the moves more than one step ahead because it was so skewed. It was a hard enough puzzle viewed straight on. I don't know why they felt they had to make it harder by skewing it.

There was another puzzle that involved exchanging 3 green objects on one side of a grid with 3 purple objects on the other side. The objects moved "knight's move" style, but you couldn't always move them. I never did figure out why they wouldn't always move. I did manage to beat it after tinkering with it a while though. In fact, I had to beat it twice due to lack of saving at an opportune moment.

Whenever you find a puzzle, you can type ? (shift of the "/" key)to get a description of what the objective of the puzzle is. Usually you can ? 3 times to get 3 different descriptions. With the next ?, the game asks if you want the puzzle solved for you.

The maze was awful. I used the map here . Unfortunately I didn't use the same font and didn't check how it looked before printing it out. Squooshville. If you use that walkthrough, be sure to use a monotype font (equal spacing) and not something like Arial or Times New Roman, where spaces and letters and symbols have variable widths. You can get through the maze with a map, but it still takes a while. I thought it was a very tiresome ordeal. But then I don't generally care for mazes.

CD swapping - nobody mentioned it. There is some back-and-forthing. The game installs from CD1. After the opening movie you switch to CD2 for a while. The space station is on CD2, but whenever you go to one of the outstations or to the moon, you have to change to CD3. And for the maze on the moon you have to change to CD1. When you go from one outstation to another, you have to make a stop at the space station in between. So CD2 - CD1 - CD2. Yecch!

The graphics were quite good and well designed. It looked like a credible space station. I especially liked the walk down one of the arms of the space station, with the stars showing through the windows on the ceiling and roof of the passage. The sound effects were also good. I especially liked the sound of the monorail train on the moon.

The game doesn't have music. It has background sound - the sound of giant spaceship turbines and various kinds of machinery. In the maze you hear something that could be a howl or could be the whine of a piece of machinery or drill. The sound files are audio files of the type you can play in Windows CD player. I'd heard that if you play this game in Win 98, you need to disable the CD sound or the game will crash. So I played it on an old computer that had Win 95. Its old video card gave me screen artifacts during the movies, but at least I had the background sound. I thought it added a lot to the game.

If you aren't careful during the endgame, you can depressurize your environment and blow up your head. Raucous laughter ensues. I think the game designers were having some fun again.

One thing that wasn't made clear in the end


When you make it back to Earth (IF you make it back to Earth) you're in human form. However for most of the game you had an alien form. When you find Jenkins' body, he's sort of a dead half-alien-half-human. So this isn't just a projected illusion sort of thing. When you got on the ship back to Earth, you had alien form. If you got your head blown up, you did it in alien form. So how did you get your human form back on the way back to Earth? Plot hole?

#87311 - 08/27/01 11:03 AM Re: The Arrival
Witchen Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 05/26/99
Posts: 22381
Loc: Seattle Washington USA
Hi All........Excellent rundown on this classic Adventure! Enjoyed reading the comments! The Arrival is on my Top Twenty list. A terrific, tough, engaging game, warts and all.

The maze in this one is the hardest I've come across. IMHO it is exacerbated by the fact that it is least favorite environment!

As Jenny1 points out, the CD changeouts are a pain in the posterior. This definitely detracts from concentration and actual game play. But, for older technology its just a bit more excusable. I wasn't nearly as bugged as when I find this occurring in newly released games!

As for returning to human form at the end.....I just figured that our hero must have had a transformer on his space ship. I'm easy that way........ LOL

Love, Witchen =O)


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