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#87553 - 08/06/01 08:29 PM Dracula Resurrection
Gameman007 Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 02/19/01
Posts: 904
Loc: Ardsley, NY, USA
In Dracula Resurrection you play Jonathan Harker whose wife Mina has been taken by Dracula. Your quest throughout this game is to overcome various puzzles and exploration to free her from Dracula's clutches and get her safely back.
Before I go further I feel there should be a general warning about this game. THIS IS STRICTLY AN ADULT GAME, NOT FOR KIDS! There is nudity in this game and parents and or those with younger relatives might not want their kids to play to play or view this one. In 2 cases there are characters who might totally freak them out.

The game is a straight point and click, no keyboard action required at all, going 3rd person at times during cut scenes where Jonathan (you) is shown going through passageways, up and down stairways and in one case confronting 3 female vampires.

The graphics in this game are truly excellent! You can literally feel the scenes in this one being walking paths in the dead of night out in the snow, or going through hidden passages beautifully drawn in both the inn and Dracula's castle and rich in detail. The character drawings are superb, two of which I'd never want to meet in a dark alley (the woman inkeeper and a hideous hag of a creature being kept captive by Dracula in his castle (witch, demon, haven't quite figured out what she is, AND THOSE EYES ARE A TOTAL FREAK OUT! itHEY SEEM TO STARE RIGHT THROUGH YOU!!) who seems like she's trying to help you in your quest, but does she have a hidden agenda of her own?? Then we come to the three female vampires mentioned earlier. These three are pure gaming art (even if they leave nothing to the imagination here). Their moves be it cartwheels, backflips or almost catlike movement is truly amazing and incredible to watch ( I actually ran this scene 3-4 times just to see the marvel of it). Just wish they were a little more clothed as I feel younger teenagers and up would truly like this game with it's amazing graphics, story and character movements.

The sound is another incredible piece of work. It almost seems like you're actually there as the sound makes things so life like and atmospheric. You can actually feel the reverberations and echoes of your footsteps as you traverse passageways throughout the inn and castle. The voice of Dracula almost goes right through you with it's creepiness. In the beginning through the middle of the game puzzles were relatively easy, usually inventory related to figure out how to get out of situations and/or get into various rooms or hidden passageways. Toward the endgame and during though you're hit with puzzles of increasing intensity (no sliders or mazes though).

Considering everythig I would rate this game a B+ for a truly good story with an unbelievably atmospheric feel and truly great use of graphic and sound technology. It really surprised me for a game that was only $20.00, a true steal of a bargain. I feel the only actual drawbacks were at times curser movements were a little slow but I didn't encounter any glitches throughout the game.
It also is a perfect lead in for Dracula - Last Sanctuary, where you as Jonathan try to rid the world of Dracula once and for all.

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#87554 - 08/14/01 08:05 PM Re: Dracula Resurrection
syd Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 11/12/99
Posts: 12307
Loc: Body in California/Heart in Ha...
Good review Gameman. I really enjoyed the game and you're right the "lady" vampires might be a bit much for younger kids. I think I threw my body over the monitor when my 15 year old son walked into the room as I was playing it - he just laughed at me lol.
Dorko was something wasn't she?

The only complaint I had with the game was the inventory. It was sooooo slow and sluggish at times. I wish they would have had that portion load onto the hard drive. There were times when I would find myself telling the game to "come on, move already".

But all in all it is one terrific game and one of my favorites. Will definitely be on next year's twisty list (if it didn't make this year's)

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#87555 - 08/14/01 08:26 PM Re: Dracula Resurrection
Betty Lou Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 07/29/00
Posts: 11366
Loc: Sacramento, CA USA
Thanks for the review. Unfortunately I played this game before the second one and did not like it at all. It gave my computer fits and made the game totally unenjoyable. The second one however was terrific, no technical problems and played like it is supposed to. Loved the story line graphics etc. Your review is very thorough.
Love, Betty Lou
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#87556 - 08/15/01 11:34 PM Re: Dracula Resurrection
gatorlaw Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 11/01/99
Posts: 10323
Eeek - Hi Bill,

I remember this review well and loved it. I was in a hurry though to make sure it was added to the review list and thought I HAD posted a response.

Ooooh - I am sorry. Well hows about I do that now. I agree with you that DR definitely has strong adult overtones and is not for children. But this was one of the best things about this game as well as some other recent additions to the genre. It is written and crafted for adult gamers. Yayyyy. As one of that group, I enjoy a game that is challenging on another level and plays up to the gamer.

You also hit on one of the other grand things about DR. The atmosphere and ambiance as created by the sound effects was perfect. I remember I would turn off the lights, play a bit and then quickly turn them back on. LOL This game had that suspenseful quality that IMHO really creates that creepy feeling traveling up your back. It isn't the body count and gore - but that sense of foreboding over what's up ahead, behind that door or around the bend.

I loved the style of your review and your descriptions. Great expression and yes - it was easy to tell you really enjoyed this game. Good for you!! I get tired of reviews written about games that are really just a hate fest. I want to hear from someone who loved a game!! From what they loved - I get a better sense of whether it really is a game for me or not. People tend to be more specific about something they liked than something they didn't. And you certainly nailed the best features of DR with detail and affection.

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