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#87758 - 10/20/01 09:42 PM Planet Of The Apes
Mr 2 u Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 09/21/01
Posts: 509
Loc: Scotland
I Just finished playing "Planet of The Apes"
and enjoyed every minute of it.

The things that stand out in the game are the variety of puzzles you need to solve they are all way above average for an Action/Adventure game I do hope this is the shape of things to come in Action/Adventure games ... More thought provoking puzzles.
The puzzles are all Logical I never had any trouble in seeing what I had to be doing next.

The Story is well done and truly sucks you in, it could well have been a movie script in my opinion.

You and your crew are shipwrecked on earth 2000 years in to the future and the Apes have taken over, only a few rag-tag human survivors are left and hide out in secluded buildings around the planet,
You get kidnapped by the apes and are held in some sort of Giant laboratory facilty where the Apes have been doing experiments on your crew mates,With the aid of a fellow Human you are able to escape your cell and now have to find a way out.
The plot unfolds as you find a small group of humans who explain everything about what happened with the Apes and the humans in the great war and how it has been written that a new hero from the skies would come down and save the humans from extinction and thusly put an end to the Apes reign.

During the game you will find yourself in many sticky situations with the big Apes ,Monkeys,Baboons they etc are scary as hell you will find your self jumping out your seat when you are spotted,as the Music changes and starts getting dramatic and the crazy apes come running after you.
It is nearly always better to sneek past them (stealthy) as they are very Strong and hard to kill ... Throughout the game you will be able to pick up many weopons though so Killing them will be made a lot easier but watch out those bullets wont last forever

Among the apes a few familiar faces pop up like Cornelius and Dr.Zaius as with a whole bunch of new Characters.

Theres also a bit of climbing and jumping in the game.
All be it a TINY portion is jumping but it is REALLY easy so dont worry and it doesn't ruin the game at all.

The cut scenes are well done as well they are opened at key area's in the game and usually are done when you finish and begin a new level.

You can only save a game at the end of each level. not during one. But the levels are bite size and really it is not a chore to replay a level if you are killed as the levels are well designed and enjoyable.

All in all I would definently reccomend this to any Adventure gamer who doesn't mind some action in a game ... reccomended.
Adventure Games Forever

#87759 - 10/23/01 05:08 PM Re: Planet Of The Apes
nolalou Offline
BAAG Specialist

Registered: 02/10/00
Posts: 5096
Loc: New Orleans, LA. USA
Thanks for the review. I've also seen this is stores and passed it over, assuming it was more action than adventure.

How much of the game involves comabt? Is there inventory, or other typical adventure game elements?


#87760 - 10/29/01 10:23 PM Re: Planet Of The Apes
Mr 2 u Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 09/21/01
Posts: 509
Loc: Scotland
Yeh this game just came out a couple of weeks ago.

I would say that The Adventure Elements and the Action Elements are equal.

I dont know if youve ever played Metal Gear Solid but this game plays a lot like this but has bags more Adventuring and Story in it.
The trick is to be stealthy if you cant get past an area and you NEED to kill an ape then just sneek up behind it and let it have it with your club.
Theres also Sniper rifles so you can pick the apes off from a distance.

The Story is just superb I found myself craving for more when it finished.
It sort of leaves you thinking at the end.

The levels are quite easy I only ever replayed them once or twice each.

The ending levels are really quiet and you can explore away to your hearts content without the fear of any crazy apes.
To me The combat with the apes just added to the excitement of the story while you where busy exploring and solving puzzles.

Most of the Puzzles are Inventory based,Theres no combining 2 Inventory objects together though.

It took me a full week to beat this game I did get stuck once or twice but managed to beat the whole game by myself.

I think the highlight of this game is the story it really sucked me in then theres the puzzles and the fighting is also quite good it sure gets the old heart pumping.

Its by far one of the best Action/Adventure games Ive played in a long time and ive played just about them all including many , many titles from the Playstation.
Adventure Games Forever


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