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#89212 - 10/25/06 05:17 AM Dungeon Lords.
jimbtx Offline
Shy Boomer

Registered: 10/22/06
Posts: 34
DL(Dungeon Lords) was one of the worst games I've ever played. And, what I've come to expect from the company that produced it. DreamCatcher.

The first version of the game to hit the shelves was nowhere near finished!! There where whole quest, treasure chest,skills,etc missing even though they were listed in the game guide that came with the game.

Warning. For those with older versions of the game predating the Collectors Edition. Don't waste your time downloading the V1.3 patch at Dreamcatchers site. There's a newer much better patch (V1.4) for it. But, for some unexplained reason. Dreamcatcher pulled its own newer patch off and offers only the older one??

You'll have to find the v1.4 at a player based site. It still doesn't solve some of the missing treasures though.

I'll give DC credit for the fact that their art and Grapix are awesome. But, Gameplay is horrendous.

For Melee fighters. Be prepared. First. The game play movement is key based w,s,a,d. While at the same time you tend to get "Knockback" wether you want it or not with Melee.

Which means you have to constantly move forward to hit even when you're trying to hold your ground in a doorway or something.

Even worse. The Multihit is another item you get wether you want it or not. And, it's even more defective.

When it kicks in with improved melee skills. Your character will stop and spin around slowly with his weapon. Even though you're fighting one on one or even though there's no one else within melee range to hit.

So, your MC is swinging at empty air while mages and archers are making a pincushion out of you. mad

The only good thing for those who are into D&D games would be if you were seriously into playing Magic based characters and wanted something new in the way of doing magic.

there are 3 forms of Magic in the game. Celestial, Rune, and Nether. Each requires the finding and/or buying of items to perform it.the Runic items actually have to be collected to spell words that give you extra bonuses. The Nether includes the ability to collect items like Bonedust,rat tails, batwings,etc to create your own items to perform magic.And, the graphics that go with the magic are pretty nice.

the programming for mixing Nether items was actually good work that I would've loved to have had,in the game "Arcarnum".

Their are interesting concepts for joining guilds and such for "Heraldry" bonuses. But, because of the way certain ones cancel joining others. But, there's no real guide(Unless it's been done by a player) it can be really confusing and you can miss out on alot.

The Skill system is similar to the game "Lion Heart". Example. You'll start off with "Light Armour" skill. After putting XX number of points in Light armour. You can start to put point into Medium armor. But, you can't have more points in medium than you have in Light. Same goes for Heavy armour. Thus. In order to get +10 in heavy armour. You're going to have to put 10 points each into both light and medium armour as well.

but, you also have to put points into skills you don't want in order to get skills you do want to get at. Not just one point like in Diablo 2. but, multiple points per skill. frown

Depending on how much you like playing with Thief skills. They offer a different way to open chests with thief skills. Personally. I've allways hated having to splurge X amount of my skill points on theif skills to get at half the goods in the game.

A matter of personal preference. If you like playing with thief skills. This will be something new and probably fun.

If not. You're really going to hate it. It also feels more tedious than the normal methods.

For those intent on buying the game new. Don't settle for anything older than the "Collectors Edition".

For those who got an older copy. Even with the later v1.4 patch.
A. Don't torture yourself trying to figure out why you can't open the Chest at the end of the Thief quest. It's an unfixed glitch.

B. When the mage tells you to help yourself to his wares at the bottom of his tower. Don't torture yourself looking for a hidden room or something. There's nothing to find.

Hopefully that will save a few of you from pulling your hair out. ;o)

#89213 - 10/25/06 10:15 AM Re: Dungeon Lords.
Becky Offline
The Medieval Lady
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Loc: Stony Brook, New York, USA
Hey jimbtx -- a fun review -- with a lot of technical information.

Once of these days I'm going to have to try my hand at an RPG, (though this one doesn't sound like the best one to start out with)!


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