InlandAZ, Thank you so much for your reply. I am going to my granddaughter's school program at this time. I will read your link and reply when I return. Again, thank you. I am a coward. I read the link you sent me and I am afraid to uninstall my Windows. I am afraid I will not know how to get it back. I have 5.1 SP 3. I ran another System Restore and it told me the same thing the first one did, it did not change anything, but the computer is out of Safe Mode and working fine. I am sending you this message from said computer. The Windows XP disc is still in the drive. I am afraid to take it out or turn the computer off. My disk defrager will not work-C:\CABS\MUART.sys. error appears, so I can not fix any errors that may be there. I am going to leave computer on. Maybe tomorrow if you have a chance, you can talk with me about turning off computer and how to get it to restart with or without the disc.

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