Played on PS4.

Very good game, opportunity of using different types of combat - on foot, tanks and planes. No bugs encountered like in Battlefield 4, plays smoothly.

However not made especially for PS4. The main improvement for this console are the graphics that are very good.

I am posting two spoilers

Spoiler #1, almost not a spoiler

Click to reveal..
After the ending keep watching, something happens after some credits!

Spoiler #2 This is a bigger spoiler about the ending even when it does not say how it ends.

Click to reveal..
The second part of the ending, or "Alternate Ending" like some people call it, points very strongly to a Ghosts 2, playing probably as the main character brother (This last assumption is just my opinion).

If you want to discuss the ending in more detail please don't post here but send me an email o PM.
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