A quiet weekend in capri

Posted by: Leeana

A quiet weekend in capri - 03/25/04 07:17 AM

Hello MaG,
well as you can see I'm back I searched to see if anyone asked you were the matches are and no one asked (scratching head) I'm wondering if I'm that stupied lol anyway I'm at the part where I,ve taken the right around Hotel Quisana and I just can't for the life of me find the matches! can you give me a simpler. or babyer way of finding those matches Thanks Id appreciate it your the best!!!!! smile
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/25/04 07:48 AM

Let's see.
You want to go from Hotel Quisisana to the Gardens south of the city.

While facing Hotel Quisisana's door, there is a road at right side of the hotel.
Take that road until the end and the road goes left-right.
Go right on this road until the end also.
There are 2 entrances to the Garden:
1. Close to the end you will see steps on the left to enter the Garden area. This is the main gate.
2. The other entrance is to continue to the end of the road and you will see another entryway on the left. This is the side gate.

If you do #1 main gate just follow the walkthrough.
If you do #2, side gate. Just enter here and you will be at a landing with an obelisk on one side.
Behind the obelisk are steps to go higher the hill. Climb the steps and the matches are close to the top step.

Good luck!
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/25/04 08:20 AM

Mag You are my HERO will you come home with me (funny thing) I was getting so crazy my daughter even starting playing she's 33yrs old ha ha and guess what SHE found the matches she is so proud of me doing it up this far the game! also she wants to borrow it because its so scenic lol ok sweetheart Thank you also now she nor I can find the Blue blub? I have the Red and Green Blue cant find and I left the room (on save of course) without replacing it ?? I followed your walkthrough and I went exploring all by myself too but this has me baffled because #1 I have no replacement blub in my bag and #2 where is the blue blub any help is appreciated TY smile
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/25/04 09:21 AM

I agree with your daughter - you're a smart lady. smile

Have you taken the Capri salad to Mr. Fermino yet?
Once you give it to him through his Teleconveyer-callbox - press the buttons and you will get the blue bulb. Good gaming!
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/25/04 06:09 PM

Leeana says:

"Hi Mag I was doing just fine until I came across my really fist nerve ending experience! I'm at Villa Lysis and trying to get the telepathic code I can Close the door and light But I cant Get the (what looks like a genie lamp) Lamp when I click on it then I click on the Battery (rechargable battery) to come together I cant seem to get the lamp with the battery? whats up with that am I suppose to click on the battery first god only knows I've clicked on the lamp then the battery but its not doing anything! Help Please smile "
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/25/04 06:18 PM

I think you have the wrong lamp holder - it is NOT the genie lamp looking thing.

It looks like a base where you can screw a bulb on - Gee I can't describe it. laugh

Best for you to check each of your items in the bag so that you can identify the label of the inventory.

The name of the item should be lamp holder.
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/25/04 07:18 PM

oh Mag I really, really like this game it made me crazy in the beginning but I stuck it out and now I like it! but... just cant do it where did you find this so called base? anyway I've tried what i thought was a genie lamp (I looked it up like you said) was really a Gravitanos lamp and the other thing was a transformer (whew) anyway where do I find this base? did I overlook something cause I peeked into my walk through and it said nothing about a base? TY smile
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/27/04 12:25 AM

How do I find the Banker from the newstand? I dont see anything on the map that even resembles the street name she told me to go to.
Posted by: Jenny

Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/27/04 01:23 AM

Dutch, look at the map in Marita's walkthrough -- that street is right by numbers 24 and 25...
Posted by: Jenny

Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/27/04 10:58 AM

Leeana says: "A quiet weekend in Capri seems more and more like a nightmare in orlando! hum not bad for a game lol anyway Im at the shoreline and trying hard to call mr gravitello does not go through!!! have blue chip in the phone it is enabled where exactly am i suppose to stand while making this call thge walkthrough says looking at the 3 monoliths where is it! ive stood in front of ever close scene along the capri shoreline making this dum phone call to this grayy person! please help! iam about to call it quits and I really dont want to I really love this game im really into it!"
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Re: A quiet weekend in capri - 03/27/04 11:40 AM

If you have walked down the main road to the shoreline, the path splits into 2 beach area resort.
Take the left resort, where you saw the Ufficio Intercom room and the patio loaded with beach chairs.
Take the path close to the house and down to the shoreline.
You will be at the closest viewpoint of the 3 monoliths.
Then be sure that you have placed the blue chip on the cellphone.
If you did it correctly the phone message will say 'calls enabled'.
Then dial the correct number.