Dead Reefs

Posted by: chrissie

Dead Reefs - 01/12/08 02:03 PM

This game sounded so enticing I installed it months ago! But with so many negative comments about the controls etc & being so busy I was put off! After having some time over Christmas I've managed to catch up with a few games & just started this one today - it's wonderful!!! happydance I am just using the default keyboard on it - it took a little bit of getting used to along with a few awkward camera angles but so far I have found that this is a game definitely worth it!! thumbsup
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Re: Dead Reefs - 01/12/08 02:06 PM

Glad you are enjoying it CHrisie. That is why it really is better to make your own decisions over whether or not a game is good. Reviews are great to get a feel for what to expect, but it's still nice to try it out for yourself.

Ana wave
Posted by: Butcher

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/12/08 03:01 PM

Yeah, some people had some problems with the controls and reached some dead ends, save very often because there are some points where you reach a dead end and the only solution is a saved game.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/12/08 04:10 PM

I stil believe that there are no dead ends. Just a need to find new approaches to a problem. There might be glitches on some computers. I didn't have one on mine.

Click to reveal..
The keyhole at the mansion is an approach and timing puzzle.
The erroneous runes is the one that the developers know already.
Hopefully it is corrected in the new releases.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/12/08 07:07 PM

I started Dead Reefs recently too, and was pleasantly surprised. I like the main character and the story so far is quite intriguing. The music is also unusually good. I am still adjusting to the interface, though I am getting better at it. grin

Posted by: nickie

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/12/08 08:00 PM

Obviously I loved the game, and I agree with MaG - I don't think there are dead ends, just different approaches to the problem that may involve something somewhat obscure. Anyway, I played it three times back to back trying to find them, and couldn't. Glad you're enjoying it Chrissie!
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Re: Dead Reefs - 01/12/08 09:13 PM

I totally enjoyed this game...

Granted you have to get use to using the keyboard...But It worked great for me...

A very nice enjoyable game !!!! yay
Posted by: thracia

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/13/08 08:37 AM

I haven't played this game yet, it's on my to-do list. This may have been asked before. I understand that most people liked the game, but had to get used to the controls. From a developers piont of view, what maks the decide between keyboard, or point and click?(since most gamers seem to like using the mouse better)

Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/13/08 10:55 AM

Thracia, that is a great question, and one I've often wondered about. puppy
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/13/08 05:02 PM

The easy answer for me is that I have to look at the keyboard to use the keys, otherwise I often find myself using ESDF instead of WASD, and with the arrow keys I tend to go left when I want right or down when I want up, I'm clumsy that way. With the mouse I can control things a lttle better even when I click wrong, since even there I get left and right mixed up.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/13/08 06:02 PM

If anyone lives near a Circuit City, I bought Dead Reefs there a week ago marked down to $21.99 -- the box wasn't marked as a sale item, the price came as a pleasant surprise at the checkout counter.
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/14/08 01:24 PM

After a bit of a marathon on it I've just finished - wow! what a great game! praise

If you have a chance to pick this up at a bargain price it is well worth trying even if you can't get on with keyboard controls. I'm not a great lover of them either but once you've got used to them I didn't find it spoilt playing the game at all - sierramindy, there is no hurry in this game - you can play along & practise the keyboard at your own pace (I found it very relaxing) & there are only 2 or 3 places where you have to be organised & prompt with your actions! I did play through most of the game though with my hand on the mouse without realising what I was doing! lol - I ended up having to hide it!!

thracia & looney4labs - I can see some developers may want to use keyboard control for a game to move more fluidly/naturally along - I really couldn't see any advantage in this game as it would have worked just as well with a point & click interface.

Butcher, I didn't come across any dead ends but thanks for the warning anyway! smile
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/14/08 02:09 PM

I wasn't able to play the game as I only made it to page 2 of MaG's walkthrough where ...

Click to reveal..
I was supposed to get an old key from a bureau drawer. I am almost sure I saw that key and took it, but it never showed in my inventory as only the walking stick was there. I wandered out into the hall and tried to find the door thinking maybe the key would show up then, but it never did and I was never sure if I even was in the right place in the hallway.

So I gave up! To this day I'm not sure if the game had a glitch or if it was my fault because I didn't use the keys correctly. In any case, neither the graphics nor the character caught my imagination so I don't think I will ever try it again.
Posted by: Celtic Lark

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/14/08 02:19 PM

Thanks for the info on saving often. I always forget to save as I go and I've gotten myself into some frustrating situations when a game has crashed. I just get so into the storylines. blush

I started Dead Reefs about two weeks ago but haven't had time to get very far with it. I too found the keyboard controls a bit of an adjustment but I got used to it. Just took some practice and some scowling at the main character for not doing what I wanted him to do. I like the graphics and the story intrigues me enough that I plan to continue on with this one as soon as I get some time. smile
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/14/08 03:11 PM

Sierramindy -- did you try scrolling through your inventory using the "a" or "d" keys? (I know, it's not what we adventurers are used to.) :Grin:
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/14/08 04:44 PM

I don't remember what keys I clicked, but it seems to me there was something in the lower right corner of the screen where you clicked on various choices and one was to use the inventory item.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/14/08 05:46 PM

That's right. But to see more than the cane, you have to use the "a" or "d" key to scroll through what's in the inventory, just like you have to use those keys to turn the pages of the notebook. (Odd, I know, but there it is!)
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 12:34 AM

Good Grief, I had no idea that was how to get to the inventory. I saw the cane and thought that was it. Now that I know maybe I will try it again some day. Or not.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 05:26 AM

Well, just to get to the inventory, you do first press the down arrow key -- but to access anything other than the cane (which seems to pop up first) you scroll through the inventory using the "a" or "d" keys, then to actually use that inventory item, you press the down arrow key again. smile

EDIT: I just played a bit further into the game -- the information above isn't accurate.

To use an inventory item you press the down arrow key, then use the "a" or "d" keys to scroll through the items, and then to actually use that inventory item, you press the RIGHT arrow key.
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 01:16 PM

I found accessing & scrolling through the inventory & notebook N pretty straight forward by just using the A & D keys - but it took me until halfway through the game to suss out how you accessed all the documents (including books) after pressing Q as the A & D keys didn't do it!! I did discover the space bar worked to scroll through the items & then pressing the A & D to scroll through books!

I didn't look to see if there was any detailed manual on the disc & just jotted down the basic controls but thought this was a game that could have definitely done with something more detailed in the booklet rather than on the disc! smile
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 02:05 PM

Well, after reading your correction, Becky, plus the information that you added, chrissie, I can see why I didn't warm up to this game, much too complicated for me. Add that to not bonding with the character and not caring overly much for the graphics either, it just didn't (and won't) work for me!
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 03:42 PM

Hi sierramindy, I can appreciate we don't all like the same sort of games & keyboard control can put people off (I always have to psyche myself up!) but I am curious to know why you didn't care for the graphics?? I thought they were gorgeous! Out of curiosity - which games that you've played had better graphics in your opinion??? Also what are your favourite sort of games to play?? smile
Posted by: Chump253

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 07:54 PM

If you have a control pad you may want to build a profile to use that instead of the keyboard. It does make controlling a lot easier.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 08:50 PM

Hi Chump253 and welcome to GameBoomers! welcome
Posted by: Chump253

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/15/08 09:10 PM

Thanks Becky smile
Posted by: Ivinia

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/16/08 07:19 AM

I agree about the dead ends, I never encountered any and the controls were quite easy if you are used to WASD. Once you get the hang of it, the controls become second nature and you are left with a pretty darned good adventure game. In fact, I think it's one of the better games to have come out last last year. smile
Posted by: FlyingDutchman42

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/16/08 08:34 AM

Am still playing the game and enjoying it. lol
You yust have to adjust some keys, and than you have no
trouble at all. I use the E, R, T keyes for action, looking
and so on, and that works fine with me.
The only trouble I had was with combining items,
that took me a while to find out. But the graphics are fine,
although mabye a bit to gray. But, all in all, I am pleased with the game (and the music is very nice too ..) broccoli
And Johnny Depp! am definitly a fan!
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/16/08 06:03 PM

Hi chrissie,
To answer your question about why I didn't like the graphics, to me they were sort of boring. I can't get excited about rooms and hallways in any game, especially if I get stuck and have to do things over. Which I did before I went to MaG's walkthrough which I tried to follow as much as I could to try to get somewhere in the game but then that lost key (even if it was in my inventory I didn't know how to reach it) just completely frustrated me. I like more color in my graphics which is why I prefer the old 2D cartoony games. I was late in discovering the early Broken Sword 1 and 2 games which I played in January and February last year but they had the graphics I like the best. They were just about the best games I played last year, along with the 2 Blackwell games, which also had the old-style (very old, in fact) type of graphics, but easy to see where you were, not lost in a hallway like in Dead Reefs, and the storylines in these games were more entertaining to me. I thought the Dead Reef character was sort of stiff-upper lipped and not the fun that George and Joey were. I'm not a Johnny Depp fan (I'm one of Harrison Ford's big time fans!) so I didn't have this going for the character which might have made him more appealing. I'm thinking maybe my age has me more tuned to the old style gaming interfaces and therefore I don't appreciate the new 3D more realistic type of interface. Sorry about that. But you are lucky, you know, chrissie, because more games that you like will be made than those games that I like.
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/17/08 03:28 AM

Hi sierramindy, thank you for taking the time to answer me! I can completely see why Dead Reefs & a lot of the more modern games don't appeal to you - & I don't think Harrison Ford instead of Johnny Depp would have helped much! (either would do it for me, I'm not fussy! but neither would help if I just didn't like the game)

I AM lucky in that I do like a variety of games but I'm sure that there must be a lot of gamers (including myself) who enjoy the old style cartoony graphics as well as the more realistic type of interface so it does seems a pity that less of these are being made! Hope sierramindy that you find some more undiscovered gems like the 1st two Broken Sword games to while away the hours! Have you played the Monkey Island & Discworld games? Also, if you haven't already looked, there may be some games in Free Games Galore with the graphics/interface you like. smile
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/17/08 09:25 AM

Hey Sierramindy -- have you played the Ankh games and the Runaway games? Also, you might want to check out Super Jazz Man (an Indie game I think you might like). Super Jazz Man Trailer and the Super Jazz Man website.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/17/08 09:30 AM

Gilbert Goodmate and Tony Tough are good ones too!

Ana wave
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/17/08 03:26 PM

I'm going bonkers, I absentmindedly clicked Submit before I wrote my post. Sheesh!
Hi chrissie,
Yes, I've played Monkey Island and liked the first 3 games very much but couldn't finish the fourth one! Never tried Discworld and I think it is too late now. I have played 3 Free Games Galore and they were great: 5 Magical Amulets, The Flight of the Amazon Queen, and Other Worlds (I may have the only copy of a printed walkthrough in the world, got it before Alkis knew there was one!)
Hi Becky,
I've seen the screenshots for Ankh and just can't get interested in it. The character just doesn't appeal to me for some reason or other. As for Super Jazz Man, that's a possibility that I'm thinking about. I went to the website and enjoyed checking it out, even the forum where someone was upset because there wasn't a spoiler -- now get this: in the walkthrough! Duh!
Hi BrownEyedTigre,
Not particularly interested in Tony Tough. I seem to recall the name Gilbert Goodmate from forum postings and thinking it might be a game I would like, but never found it anywhere.
At present I'm looking forward to So Blonde, The Vampyre Story, and The Blackwell Convergence, also maybe Jack Keane.
Posted by: Ivinia

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/19/08 08:15 AM

sierramindy - Your comments about 3D are interesting. Last week I spent the day over at my mothers house and loaded up Safe Cracker (the newer one) for her. It was an interesting experience to say the least! While not really 3D, it did have 360 degree movement which she REALLY struggled with. The simple act of rotating around to see the room was painful as she would be moving the mouse like crazy and end up staring at the floor or shooting it up to the ceiling. Forget going from one node to the other!

To make a long story short, I had to take over the mouse and get her to where she wanted to go then she could work on the puzzles. She enjoyed the game a lot but, as she mentioned to me, had I not been there she would have been completely lost and given up on it within minutes. So yes, I can easily see how there are people like yourself who prefer being shown a single screen at a time to explore without it moving around on you.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/19/08 02:06 PM

Originally Posted By: sierramindy
I've seen the screenshots for Ankh and just can't get interested in it. The character just doesn't appeal to me for some reason or other.

You might give Ankh a chance anyway. I wasn't particularly enthusiastic after seeing the screenshots either, but the game turned out to be fun -- a lot better than Tony Tough (IMO).
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/19/08 11:10 PM

Hi Ivinia,
Seems your mother and I have something in common as I spend a lot of time looking at ceilings and floors and I have absolutely no idea where the nodes are, or even what they are, for that matter. I don't like it but I can put up with it if the game is holding my interest. Actually, I put up with almost anything in a game as long as I feel I am making some progress in getting to the end, even if it takes me a long time. It is when I stop making progress even using a walkthrough (and in action parts I might even start getting worse) I throw in the towel and quit.
Posted by: ssgamer

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/22/08 12:34 AM

I don't know if this will work for those finding the controls awkward, but I found by sliding over and using the little finger on the shift I seemed have better control. Not thinking wasd but right left up and down. The arrow keys the same. I think I started doing this in BS3. Any way it works for me. The key problem you have to use the hand twice to get it. If possible listen for the sound it gives when it works. I like the game not finished yet. By the way I keep hearing a phone ringing, it's happened 3 times so far. Has anyone else heard this? On the boat was once.
Posted by: Teddo

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/24/08 05:44 PM

I'm having a really tough time with the controls. I have a funny for you. I began game, talked with first person and decided to save. I must have touched some arrows that I shouldn't have and I guess changed time, and when I reloaded my character was standing waist deep in water. Needless to say, I'm starting all over again. I had to laugh at what I created. Teddo
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/24/08 06:15 PM

I managed to get Finvinerro into some tight spots -- but I don't remember him standing waist deep in water. I wonder if that's an Easter Egg?
Posted by: Teddo

Re: Dead Reefs - 01/24/08 08:13 PM

I doubt it, Becky. I think I just messed with controls I shouldn't have. I had to laugh. It was at the bottom of the "save". I'll just have to keep experimenting and learning.

I'll keep you posted. Teddo
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/17/08 08:03 PM

Hi All. I haven't even installed this game and I am getting butterflies in my stomach. If this has any action in it, I am in big trouble. I am definitely a point and click kind of player. The controls, WASD and arrow keys sound as though they might be a tad difficult for me to handle in this game. Any more input as duh how to have better control over this game would be appreciated.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/17/08 08:16 PM

I don't think there are timed sequences until right near the end. I was pretty clumsy with the controls at first, but it didn't matter so much because I could take my time. If you find that just dealing with the interface takes up a lot of mental energy, there's an excellent walkthrough by MaG for times you may get stuck on a puzzle.
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/17/08 08:29 PM

Thanks Becky. I'm concerned about making it to a puzzle in order to try to solve it. I remember poor Zoe in Dreamfall ended up all bruised and in traction by the time I got through running her into the walls and IP was a nightmare! I'll give it a whirl.

Terri rolleyes
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/17/08 08:37 PM

lol So THAT's why Zoe was in that hospital bed. It was US did that to her!
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/17/08 09:44 PM

rotfl Becky. I don't feel quite so bad knowing that it was US and not me alone. I hope Zoe makes a full recovery and soon.

Posted by: olgeezer

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/17/08 10:58 PM

I've tried to get into this game. Oh Lord how I've tried! I personally love the fact that its not point and click and more like the old Alone in the Dark games. But the camera and movement are just so awkward I find myself playing for 15 or 20 minutes then giving up in frustration. Gad, if I just try to turn, my char spins around 5 or six times before he stops. Makes me dizzy. The controls don't even work for me half the time. There will be a 3 or 4 second delay before the char moves. Could this be something I've done wrong in the setup or something?

Anyway it's really to bad because I love the idea of the game, it looks great and the story seems good as well. If you could use FPS type controls, I would be in love with it, but as it is, it's more an exorcize in frustration than anything else.

Oh and BTW; Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this or not but I got this game with the Adventure CO.'s Adventure Collection which includes this game along with 4 others for 20 bucks so for 4 bucks a game you can't beat it.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/18/08 12:10 AM

I did those dizzy spins too, until I changed the character's run to walk. It was mostly a breeze after that, a couple areas required some adjustment.
Posted by: dragonuk44

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/18/08 01:31 AM

The timed scene on the boat
Click to reveal..
when you get stabbed
got me for a while but all in all I strugled through .Bumping in walls etc
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/18/08 03:58 AM

Olgeezer -- I didn't have the problems you describe while playing the game. You might want to play around with the setup, or perhaps post in the Glitches forum about the problems.

I'd forgotten the timed scene on the boat. frown That comes earlier than the end timed sequence.
Posted by: zookeeper

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/18/08 11:03 AM

I had exactly the same problems, olgeezer. I finally ditched the game too. It was just too frustrating. By the time I would get him pointed in the right direction, sometimes it took so long that I would forget why I wanted him to go there in the first place. lol At one point, I actually broke my D key by tapping it too much trying to get him to turn. (I was probably pounding it, actually crazy )
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/18/08 07:20 PM

Gee whiz, I am not happy with all these comments. LOL I've not had the problem of spinning yet, I guess it's something to look forward to. I however, am having problems remembering what key makes him do what. slapforehead (Actually, I'm not sure that I ever knew.) I haven't found anything to pick up yet, how will I know when I find something? I believe that I would like this game if it were point and click. Don't know if I am going to be able to stay with it but will try a bit longer.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/18/08 08:05 PM

Terri -- there's a brief intro to the interface at the beginning of MaG's walkthrough here. The manual probably also talks about it -- it's been long enough that I don't remember myself. blush
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/18/08 10:25 PM

Thanks again Becky. So far, I've been using the old trial and error method with many many errors. I am slowly moving along but am having some trouble remembering how to do things that I previously did.
No doubt you will hear from me again. wave

Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/19/08 01:35 AM

wave Let us know how it goes!
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/19/08 05:02 PM

Hi. I'm not sure if this should be in glitches/bugs or if I'm doing something wrong. Sometimes when I play the game I get no sound, other times it's ok. Also I've noticed in order to get the character to walk, I have to press the shift key. If I only press the W, he runs. Is this right?
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/19/08 05:13 PM

Terri -- I always got sound, so that does seem to be a glitch. But running when you press W is normal in the game, and the shift key slows Finvinnero down to a walk.
Posted by: oldmariner

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/19/08 06:12 PM

But when the frustration peaked from using the controls you could always release it by running old Finvinerro full speed into a wall. It would have been a nice touch if he bounced on contact. I did that a few times along with spinning around for the fun of it. Seriously though, there was no practical reason for the use of the keyboard controls. Had they stuck with point and click the game would have been better served. That error of judgment by the developers is what keeps this game from standing out.

When you think of great games, like Circle of Blood (BS 1) or Syberia you don't have to add the qualifer, "it would have been great if it were not so awkward to control." No the intrusive controls that made the game a chore to play for no compelling reason is a definite negative.

Everything about the game was top shelf and the developers sabotage it with those controls. If there was a reason for the keyboard it would be one thing. But there was nothing in it that point and click could not have easily handled. In my opinion the developers notion of appropriate controls cost them big time. Kind of reminds me of the debacle of BS3 without the terrible action sequences.

I know I am cranky and harsh but there was no excuse for this. Otherwise a great game.
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/19/08 06:40 PM

Hi Becky. I haven't a clue what the deal is with the sound. Hopefully it will be on more than off. However, I thought he ran when you pressed both the W and Shift. Apparently I got it backward. laugh

Hi Oldmariner. That was too funny! rotfl
Trust me, Finvinerro has seen many walls, doors and metal fences/gates, and I can assure you that he will see many more.
I completely agree, point and click would have sufficed. No need to use the keyboard to ruin a perfectly good game.
I'm enjoying the graphics, so detailed. The scenery is excellent, characters, so-so.

I've not played Circle of Blood but absolutely love Syberia. It's still my favorite!

I promise that I will run the character into the wall, just for you, when I get back to the game.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/19/08 06:49 PM

Terri -- I remember hitting shift to slow Finny down. I don't have the game loaded any more to check it. But according to the manual, W makes him move forward and shift makes him run or walk -- so whichever he's doing with W, shift makes him do the other?

(Not sure if this makes sense.) grin
Posted by: oldmariner

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/19/08 06:50 PM

Why thank you. I did enjoy the game in spite of the frustration. You must try Broken Sword 1 it is considered by many as one of the top five games ever.
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/20/08 01:13 AM

Hi Becky. This game definitely has a glitch! So far I've somehow gotten down from the cliff and walked through a rock and through the ship hull. Also ended up at the Alchemist, but have no idea how I got into his abode. I think at one point I walked through a wall. Strange! oops
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/20/08 02:29 AM

Wow! Are you sure you didn't turn Finny into a ghost somehow? lol That is very strange.
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/20/08 06:00 PM

Funny you should say that because when this happened I was wondering if he was a ghost and if this was the premise behind the entire game. I haven't played yet today so don't know if he is still capable of walking through things. Too cool. lol
Posted by: olgeezer

Re: Dead Reefs - 04/21/08 12:26 AM

Well after giving the game another shot, my opinion is starting to change. I'm starting to like it! Yes movement is still dodgy, but I'm finally getting used to it. And for whoever brought up using the walk key as default, thank you. Made a huge difference.
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Dead Reefs - 05/02/08 06:35 PM

Hi. Finally got back to the game. It certainly has it's problems, doesn't it? My character is still basically walking through anything he wants to. If no one else is experiencing this, I wonder if it's my computer. (I had been told a while back that I need to get a better video card and haven't done so yet.)
As much as I like this game, I'm glad that I am at the end of it since the controls are so inconsistent for me and I have a tendency to get a little agitated with it.

I finished the game a couple of weeks ago and wanted to add that it was a great game, loved the graphics but did have a difficult time with the controls. wave

Take care,
Terri wink