Road to India

Posted by: dogpenny

Road to India - 01/27/04 04:57 PM

I have picked up the flute and looked at the tiles in front of the door. Gone down stairs there is no monkey chattering or no visible monkey where the monkey is supposed to be. I posted on the adventure post and one of the respondents said they played it in XP with no problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice all running programs have been turned off. Can anyone tell me why the monkey does not appear. This is a new game it was sealed with a cellophane wrapper. Any help given is appreciated. I tried the Microid Site but it is being redone and I cannot contact them. blush evil
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Road to India - 01/28/04 01:41 AM

There's probably some dinky little thing you forgot to do and the game won't let you continue until you do it. It's been too long since I played this game for me to remember any details. I suggest you follow a walkthrough and do EVerything it tells you up to the point where you're at. Then see if the monkey appears.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Road to India - 01/28/04 01:48 AM

I do have some saves from this game, but I don't remember where they're from. My Road To India game is the one that came in the original Microids DVD case, not the box. I don't know if the saved games are different.
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Re: Road to India - 01/28/04 12:24 PM

Thanks Jenny but MSN wont let me open attachments and it is one problem I have with this server. I am in the beginning of the game Jenny there isn't much I can have missed. I heard the monkey chatter the first time I played it but there was no monkey even though he chattered. I will keep trying. Thanks for your help.
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Re: Road to India - 01/28/04 03:28 PM

You aren't supposed to open the saved game. You're supposed to copy it to the folder where Road to India keeps your saved games.

Maybe you don't need to see the monkey yet. Like I said, I don't remember this game very well.
Posted by: kwbridge

Re: Road to India - 01/28/04 04:04 PM

I think you can do a couple of other things first ... or I think I had trouble with this monkey too - it may have been right at my feet and I had to look down to see it. I think it was an issue of being at exactly the right spot and then looking down ...
Posted by: J.Wright

Re: Road to India - 01/28/04 08:42 PM

dogpenny , I have this game loaded .The first time I saw the monkey I had to go all the way to the tree and back before I saw it.Also another hint ,have you been by the way of the big elephant yet.The surrounding area will prove helpful.You will hear the monkey chirping when you are to see him,just look down.
Posted by: dogpenny

Re: Road to India - 01/29/04 03:56 PM

I found the monkey I was looking in the wrong place. Now I have another problem think it is a glitch. I have found Anusha and am locked in the cellar closet. The cursor is frozen the only way to unfreeze it is make the inventory visible I still cannot find the match. I have gone over the whole screen slowly and carefully the only thing I can think is it is under the space where the inventory is and I cannot get to it. This has been very frustrating. I bought it from someone in the trading section there was no prior use however as it was still in original cellophane wrap when I got it.
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Re: Road to India - 01/29/04 04:10 PM

I found Microids on the web and sent them the information. Hopefully they can help me get out of the closet. Thanks everyone for your help.Will let you know what they say about this.
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Re: Road to India - 01/29/04 06:05 PM

If you're in the closet with the light out, you may have to turn the screen up to maximum brightness to see anything. If everything looks black, there's no way to tell if the cursor is frozen. You may see the cursor change when you put it over the interactive place though.

Maybe someone in the Hints section has better ideas about how to go about it.
Posted by: dogpenny

Re: Road to India - 01/30/04 06:04 PM

I have turned it up to maximum brightness and it is still REALLY dark in there. I don't have a cursor at all. The only thing is see is a small orange ball in the center of the screen that does not move the only way I can move it is to make the inventory visible but I think the matches and match box are under where the inventory is sitting.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Road to India - 01/30/04 07:59 PM

It's supposed to be dark.

The "orange ball" will stay in the center of the screen because the game uses a central cursor. It isn't edge-panning. The cursor always stays in the center of the screen. Ordinarily you see the screen change as you pan around. But since every direction is dark and black in the closet, it may appear that the screen is frozen. When the game first came out, a lot of people thought their screens were frozen.

I checked Witchen's walkthrough at

and she says


After a cutscene in which Fred is seen beating on the door of his temporary cell; a dark, hot, little room. You need to find some light. Move your cursor around until you get a hand cursor. Click on it. Then click on your inventory to see that you have added a SINGLE MATCH and a BOX OF MATCHES to the resident rat and the screwdriver in your inventory. Light the match by striking it on the match box. Exit your inventory quickly and find a PIECE OF CLOTH on a shelf. Light another match, exit your inventory and find a small BOTTLE OF GAS. In inventory, combine the cloth with the small bottle of gas. Light the cloth with a match. Now you have a small gas lantern. Handy!
It's tricky to pan around a screen when you can't see where you're aimed. You have to be very methodical and patient. But I don't think you have a tech problem.
Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: Road to India - 01/31/04 09:47 PM

Well, Jenny I have a tech problem!
The graphics are jumbled. Looks like an ugly jig saw puzzle. Looked for patches on this game, but haven't found any. Ran the compatability Wizard on my XP; nothing helped. Now what?
Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: Road to India - 01/31/04 10:09 PM

Went to Microids and sent a message. Hope they return soon so a can play this game.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Road to India - 02/01/04 11:08 AM

Are you also playing Road to India?
If you have a fast video card you might try backing off of video acceleration a notch. Sometimes that helps with graphics corruption in games. Maybe Microids will have a better suggestion. It may be a matter of changing your video card drivers.
Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: Road to India - 02/01/04 12:01 PM

Hadn't thought of that. Should have though. slapforehead I'll try it. hope it works because I'm at a part that would be easier if I could see stuff without the jig saw.(Maze with the Rat). <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />