Companions of Xanth

Posted by: syd

Companions of Xanth - 09/22/01 05:18 PM

Companions of Xanth
Legend Entertainment
Dos but ran fine with a W98 shortcut
First person point and click


Two demons named Xanth and Earth devise a game in which two Mundanes are pitted against each other. Winner take all - if the mundane of Xanth's choosing wins - magic will continue on Xanth, if the mundane of Earth's choosing wins - no more magic on Xanth. You are the champion mundane of Xanth and Kim is the mundane champion of Earth - the only thing is neither you, Kim nor your companions know what is at stake. You all just think it's a game to get to the goblet.

Your first mission - choose a companion to guide you through the perils of Xanth, where you'll meet the dreaded Loc Pic monster, the evil Com-pewter and the bad tempered Fairy Nuff, along with assorted ogres, dragons, trolls and of course the awful smelling censor-ship. You'll even meet a geniune Fire man with his trusty "hot dog".


Simple point and click, inventory based game. You can talk to your companion any time you want - sometimes you'll get a hint on what needs to be done, sometimes not. The game is punny and so are the puzzles - as long as you keep that in mind they are not all that difficult to solve.


I thoroughly enjoyed this game - it was humorous and one you can just play without too much hair pulling. I highly recommend it if you can find it.

Oh, there is a maze - and a nasty one at that (at least for me but then most of them are)

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Re: Companions of Xanth - 09/22/01 07:51 PM

Wow Syd. Haven't heard mention of this game in a long time. Played it some years back and really enjoyed it. Glad you did too.
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Re: Companions of Xanth - 09/22/01 10:54 PM


Played this again myself only a few months ago and really enjoyed it :-)

Love most of those old Legend games.

Still got one left that I haven't yet played......Mission Critical.

Is it as good as the others ??


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Re: Companions of Xanth - 09/22/01 11:09 PM

Hi Mad -

Mission Critical is wonderful - you're going to love it. I have one more Legend game to play also (I think) Death Gate - that's loaded up to go next.
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Re: Companions of Xanth - 09/24/01 12:55 AM

Sorry Sydders the BAAGiest,

I forgot to post at your thread. Yikes - I am not a good co-mod this week.

This is funny though - cause I just got the Lost Classics of Legend in this week. It has Spellcasting 101, Companions of Xanth among others. I was wondering when I would load it up and what to play on it first and there was your review. Sounds like a great game. You know how I avoid punny language - but I'll take that aspect in stride and won't let it cow me one bit.

Of course it figures that with your exceptional good taste you would have this game too.

Mission Critical was one of the first games I ever played on a PC (vs the MAC) and it is still one of my favorites.