Companions of Xanth



Developer - Publisher:  Legend Entertainment

Released:   1993

PC Requirements:   DOS 5.0, 486/33, 4 MB RAM, SVGA, SoundBlaster compatible,  mouse.




by syd

Companions of Xanth
Legend Entertainment
Dos but ran fine with a W98 shortcut
First person point and click


Two demons named Xanth and Earth devise a game in which two Mundanes are pitted against each other. Winner take all - if the mundane of Xanth's choosing wins - magic will continue on Xanth, if the mundane of Earth's choosing wins - no more magic on Xanth. You are the champion mundane of Xanth and Kim is the mundane champion of Earth - the only thing is neither you, Kim nor your companions know what is at stake. You all just think it's a game to get to the goblet.

Your first mission - choose a companion to guide you through the perils of Xanth, where you'll meet the dreaded Loc Pic monster, the evil Com-pewter and the bad tempered Fairy Nuff, along with assorted ogres, dragons, trolls and of course the awful smelling censor-ship. You'll even meet a genuine Fire man with his trusty "hot dog".


Simple point and click, inventory based game. You can talk to your companion any time you want - sometimes you'll get a hint on what needs to be done, sometimes not. The game is puny and so are the puzzles - as long as you keep that in mind they are not all that difficult to solve.


I thoroughly enjoyed this game - it was humorous and one you can just play without too much hair pulling. I highly recommend it if you can find it.

Oh, there is a maze - and a nasty one at that (at least for me but then most of them are).

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