Limbo of the Lost:
A First Look

by inferno

“Mankind shall have no choice for I am Fate.”

Historical folklore and enigmas have always held a particular fascination for the gaming adventurer. And of these strange accounts which have their basis in fact, the most interesting for me have always been tales of the sea…ghost ships or “Flying Dutchmen” have long been disquieting to say the least. Stories to read -- curled by the fire during the long winter’s night -- of those once stately frigates, brigs and schooners found lost, their torn sails misguiding them aimlessly as they wander over the dark waters of open sea. Their crews gone without any signs of struggle, yet all else still intact. A case of simple abandonment…or might there be another darker explanation?

One such maritime yarn is the legend of The Mary Celeste, a 103 ft. brigantine class sailing ship built during the mid 19th century. Her last voyage, captained by Benjamin Briggs, set sail from New York to Genoa, Italy proffering a cargo heavy with grain alcohol. She never made port, and the whereabouts of those onboard is an enigma still shrouded in mystery.

“Then I shall give them a choice for I am Destiny.”

Though not formally stated in the demo version I was fortunate to view, I believe that this is a tale of the struggles between the twins: Fate and Destiny, begotten from the “Elders.” They rule over a place between life and death, an astral plane that shows itself only once every hundred years. A place where souls enter before Judgment passes them on to their just rewards awaiting them for eternity. A place known as Limbo.

Now while it is a held truth that many of us, when we die, pass over to the other side -- it would appear that not all do. Some cannot for reasons of trauma or unexpected death, and others simply because of ignorance of the fact of their own demise. Limbo is the realm they come to. Here they can still make contact with the living. The Citadel of the Lost stands seven miles high and seven miles wide and welcomes all within its gates. Once a realm of balance where any soul could be assured of safe haven, but now no longer…for the seven gates that guard against all manner of evil have been opened, save one. And the four horsemen ride within, gathering these tortured souls to their side, awaiting the opening of the seventh gate, eager to unleash the Apocalypse upon our world.

“Let Mankind accept Fate and be done.”

So goes the story of the final battle of the twins, with the unfortunate Captain and parts of his crew as pawns in a game of Good and Evil. Who will prevail? That will be up to you, for the gamer does not play as Captain Briggs, but rather as the form of the good twin, “Destiny,” aiding the Captain in his quest as a “spirit guide.” The gamer communicates with the good Captain through the use of a Ouija board. Actually, you use the board for most aspects of the interface of the adventure, with the exception of the inventory.

“Let Mankind follow Destiny through choice and reason.”

From what I could gather from my research and playing the demo, there is a promise of over 30 characters and 200 areas that comprises the game’s universe. I believe if this promise be true, this will be a massive adventure. This is a 3rd person point and click game with highly detailed graphics for both backgrounds and characters. The characters are 3D, with scrolling backgrounds as Captain Briggs moves throughout the universe. It sports a look which is reminiscent of Sanitarium…with in-picture close-ups of various characters as they speak. One thing I noticed was that the lip-synching is spot on. The puzzles I experienced were mechanical in nature and inventory based. But then, this was only a smidgen of what is to come. The voice talent is a joy to listen to and the dialogue writing is witty, original and crisp. The sound effects and underscore are moody and add to the ambiance.

Even though the demo only shows a small section of the total project, I can say that I was immersed in the experience within the first few minutes, and I look forward eagerly to the full version of Limbo of the Lost.


Quotes: Prologue - Limbo of Limbo of The Lost – Laurence Francis of Majestic Studios

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