Broken Sword: Circle of Blood (Shadow of the Templars)


Developer:   Revolution Software

Publisher:   Virgin Interactive

Released:    1996

PC Requirements:   486/66 (Pentium recommended), 2xCD-ROM (4 speed recommended), Vesa 2.0 compatible SVGA card, 100% SoundBlaster compatible sound card, mouse.




by Witchen

I just had the distinct pleasure of completing this wonderful classic adventure for the second time.

Recognized in adventure circles under both titles above, I played the later 1996 version, Shadow of the Templars, which ran without problems on my both my 166MHz with Windows 95 as well as my 450MHz with Windows98. Technically, the game is virtually flawless.

Circle of Blood/Shadow of the Templars is the first of the Broken Sword series. The second game, Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror, was released a year later, in 1997. Both games were developed by Revolution Software and distributed by Virgin Interactive. The third game in the series is now in production.

With the often amusing and delightful company of both George Stobbart and Nico Collard, the story evolves with a depth and rhythm that is all too seldom experienced in adventure gaming. Though the plot twists, rambles, travels and, at times literally explodes, the plot develops and gains momentum as surely and as perceptibly as putting one foot in front of the other.

Templar secrets from the medieval past, lost children, an assassin clown and intrigues on the streets of Paris, all lend themselves to a fully satisfying gaming experience, with a resounding climax as a bonus.

The music complements the game and becomes neither monotonous nor overpowering. The graphics are of excellent quality, using all hand painted scenes of movie quality. The acting may also be including with its many remarkably well-done features.

Shadow of the Templars maintains its position at the top of the stack, where animated adventures are concerned. The game's 2D point and click (both right and left) interface is entirely intuitive and also entirely painless. Inventory is easily accessed and quickly put to use; no wasted motion. The same can be said of the save game function.

Shadow of the Templars is rock solid fun from every aspect. Don't miss it.

Best Wishes, Witchen =O)

copyright 2002 GameBoomers

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