Genre:   Adventure

Developer & Publisher:  Daedalic Entertainment

Released:  November 2012

PC Requirements:  

  • Windows XP/Vista/7

  • 2.5 GHz single-core processor or 2 GHz dual-core processor

  • 2 GB RAM (2.5 GB for Windows Vista/7)

  • OpenGL2.0-compatible graphics card with 512 MB RAM (shared memory not recommended)

  • DirectX9.0c-compatible sound card

  • 5 GB HD space

  • DVD drive

  • Mouse

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by flotsam


Rufus is back, a little more brash, intent on stopping the destruction of Deponia. Goal is too, except its three, a product of her brain implant going wonky and Rufus being Rufus.

If you missed the first game, a little prologue will catch you up, and if you played the first one then you know exactly what to expect. Pointy and clicky and inventory based, 2D animated and firmly rooted in the Monkey Island branch of the genre. It has its heart in the right place, but for me it tried too hard.

Not in the puzzling, which is typical fetch and use, and not in the mini-games, which can be skipped if you want. There is lots to do, often requiring many parts to obtain a solution, and not all of it in a straight line, which is a good thing. Importantly, most of it was fun. While overall it was perhaps a little easy, it ensures things keep rolling along.

The trying too hard was in the humour, and to some extent the dialogue. Lots of it (the latter) bogged things down at times, and some repetitiveness didnít help. By and large though I think wordy is ok, depending of course on the words. Here, lots of words were used in the pursuit of being funny, and whilst I chuckled at times, my overall one-word impression was not funny, but strained.

Crass at times too, although I can do crass. It just added however to that ďmust be funnyĒ feeling.

There were more characters in this game, and not just because there were three Goals. I liked all of them, and switching back and forth and cajoling and conniving with each persona added a little something. All the kings horses...

There were platypuses (platypi?) as well, one more of them than there were Goals. As a down under dweller, games with duckbills have instant cred, or at least a bit more than if the duckbills are absent. Good thing though it was the dolphins that were armed. You canít trust a platypus with a torpedo.

Time travelling gets a look in, which has always been a favourite pastime, and I never fail to enjoy a good Cucumber of Revelation. A willing suspension of disbelief will come in handy, but you learn a fair bit about what is going/has gone on. I played for a lot longer than the plot progressed, but that is generally part and parcel of these sorts of games. By the end though, things were set up nicely for the next game.

I must confess I havenít really warmed to Rufus. I donít dislike him, but he seems a little too self-centred to me. His intentions though are good, and I suspect he is a product of his environment.

Much of the game takes place in the Floating Black Market, a sprawling place with more than a few locations to visit. You get to visit Elysium early on, and a few other places later in the game. It is all well drawn, and the visual style suits the quirkiness of the settings and the quirkier nature of the goings on.

The interface is simple to use, the left and right mouse buttons being used to access and activate the various icons that provide your actions in the game world. You can reveal hotspots with a press of the space bar, which will also pause cutscenes, and you can tweak most of the settings and choose subtitles or not.

I reckon it took about 10 hours to play, although those ten hours were drawn out by the vicissitudes of real life, hence the delayed nature of this review. Thinking about it, I could have used a cranky torpedo wielding platypus.

There are some nice little homages to games of the past, which if you donít get doesnít matter.

Despite what might sound like a bunch of negatives, there is a lot to like in Chaos on Deponia, especially if you like these types of games. Its bright, breezy and suitable chaotic, and you donít have to like everything about a game to have fun. Which I did, and I will come back. It did enough to make me want to see how it ends, which is a good note on which to end.

Grade: B

I played on:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel i7-3820 4GHz
RAM: 12GB Ripjaw DDR3 2133 Mhz
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7800 2048MB



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