Genre:   Adventure

Developer & Publisher:    Michael B. Clark

Released:   2002

PC Requirements:   

Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, 75 Mhz or faster, about 400 mb of Hard Disk space





by lasanidine

Find your Dog
Solve some puzzles
Save the world
Harvest is the latest jewel in the crown of the independent game designers and proudly takes its place among such treasures as Dark Fall and Rhem.

This has been a good year for adventure gamers and the three games listed above are partially responsible.

Harvest is the creation of Michael B. Clark who said what the little engine said, “Yes I can” and showed the world that indeed it can be done if you make up your mind to do it. An independent developer does not need a fancy game engine, rich backers or a publisher who decides whether a game will live or die all he needs is a good story executed in an honest style and presto his game lives and carves a niche in the hear of the adventure games. The game than becomes a beacon to signal to the watchers and they sit up and take notice as I am sure they will take notice of Michael B. Clark because talent and had work combined will always be a prescription for success.

The Story

The story centers on a tremendous misunderstanding between father and son, each locked into his own grief, afraid to reach out to the other. This is not an unusual event most miseries of the world are the result of misunderstanding. This one between father and son is poisoning the mind of the protagonist.  It is sad but riveting and it runs through the game as a strong thread never letting your interest wane. The father’s grief will not allow him to rest in peace and the son who mistakenly assumes responsibility for the death of his parents turns his self-hatred into a horrible death trap for the world.

You are walking you dog in the park one evening, it gives few exciting barks and disappears from site. You go looking for it and stumble upon the under ground hide away of the bitter Webb Jr. who is planning to poison the world’s drinking water. You have to find your way around, clear up all the misunderstandings and prevent Webb Jr. from carrying out his ill-conceived plan. You can do this and save your dog too!


Harvest is a point and click game, a good start, as most adventure gamers like to point and click. The game comes on one CD in a jewel box with short but lucid instructions and is playable on Win 95, 98, ME and XP.

The game has a slider puzzle and a maze but neither is deliberately annoying and, as with all the other puzzles, is logical and pertinent to the story. There are no bugs or glitches, not even one little bump.

This game is not only fun to play, but also escapes the usual pitfalls that other more sophisticated games fail to avoid. There are no pretensions here to be what it is not. There are no stupid red herrings or torturous timed devices to make it seem longer that it is. There is no pixel hunting and wonder of wonders the cursor gets you where it points. After playing a game where the cursor behaved as if it was playing a game of its own, this is a refreshing experience.

Graphics and voice

I like the simple clear look of the graphic presentation. It is postcard-like and shows exactly what has to be seen, without unnecessary ornamentation.

The voice acting is believable although I would have liked the ghost to be a little more frightening just for fun. The sound effects are appropriate to the story and set the mood.

Personal reflections

The game was lovingly crafted by its designer and the care lavished on it makes it a very enjoyable family game. I started to play it without expectations, got involved in trying to figure out what was the root of the trouble and where was the dog I lost. Lucky for us all I prevented the catastrophe and found my dog too.

I certainly hope that Michael B. Clark will go on making games and I look forward to the next one with great interest. 

I played the game on:

HP Pentium II 600 MHz

Win ME

128 MB physical memory

Nvidia Riva TNT/TNT2 Pro graphics board


Review Grade:     B+

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