The Mystery (Secret) of the Nautilus


Developer:   T-Bot

Publisher:     Cryo Interactive, Dreamcatcher Interactive

Released:   2001, 2002

PC Requirements:   Windows 95 or above, PIII 350, 32 MB RAM, 8x CD ROM, DirectX 8.0a (on CD), 16 bit color, SoundBlaster compatible sound card.

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by syd

The Mystery of the Nautilus
Developer : T-Bot
Publisher: Cryo/DreamCatcher
2002 - W95/W98/ME/XP
1st Person Point and Click

The Story

You are a scientist aboard the USS Shark - a military submarine. You are looking for submerged ruins, shipwrecks etc. when all of a sudden sonar picks up a very large metal object (roughly four times the size of the USS Shark) in the water. You of course want to explore it immediately - the captain on the other hand says it's too dangerous and refuses to get any closer. So being the erstwhile adventurer you are, you "borrow" a small submersible sub and head out on your own (the captain is not happy about this). What you find is Captain Nemo's sub The Nautilus.

You now must figure out how to get things working again and more importantly stop a crazy AI that has taken over the ship and seems to view humans as the enemy. Along the way you see the ghost of Nemo who explains what happened to the crew and why the sub was abandoned where it was.

The puzzles are of the mechanical type - you fix a great many machines - which makes total sense - you're in a broken down sub after all. And other than one or two of the "try everything in inventory to see if something will work" all of the puzzles are logical.

Inventory is held in a backpack that is always in view in the lower left hand corner of the playing screen. You click on it to open it and click to close it - along with the PDA with which you can access the options menu. What I liked about the inventory is that if you ran your cursor over the item it told you what it was - no guessing what they were - I wish all games had this. There is also an option for text, speed, music and speech volume control. What I didn't like is the fact that if you try to click on the PDA while the backpack is open you spin around in circles - tends to make one rather dizzy.

The graphics to me were fine. I really felt like I was in a rusty submarine. And yes, it's dark in some places but on my computer I didn't have any problems seeing things. That could be due to the fact my computer room has no windows (on purpose) so I had no glare problems etc. However, the grasping hand icon was the pits. You cannot run your cursor over items fast - even slow can be a pain and you can miss something. You have to be on the exact pixel before you can pick anything up. Under normal circumstances this isn't that big of a deal - however, when you're trying to beat the clock, not being able to grab something immediately will get you dead and not only dead but frustratingly dead.

Which leads me into the timed sequences. I would guess that at least half of this game is timed (it felt like more but could have been less). You learn to save a lot because going through a door will get you killed without warning. Lots and lots of replaying. I reloaded one saved game at least 12 times before I could get through the sequence without seeing the "you failed" screen. Reloading the same save over ad nauseum is not my idea of a fun time. I get totally and completely bored with having to repeat the same thing over and over and over and over (which is why FPS hold no interest for me what-so-ever)


The game could have been one of my favorites because the story was interesting and you wanted to keep going to see what happened next. And I really did feel like I was in a submarine under the ocean. Unfortunately all the timed sequences ruined it for me.

Oh and there is one nasty, game stopping bug right towards the end of the game (BillyBob found it and I tested it out). It's in the diving room. If you click on the green hose right above the two switches that activate the diving bell (and you will get the grasping hand icon) - you cannot get out of the room or do anything else for that matter other than alt-ctrl-del. You don't need to touch that hose - so don't.

I played it on a P450
128 MB ram
32 Meg video card
SB Live sound card

System Requirements:

P350 (P450 recommended)
32 MB ram (64 MB recommended)
8X CD Rom
DirectX compatible video and sound card

copyright 2002 GameBoomers

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