Developer - Publisher:   Sierra

Released:   1995

PC Requirements:   486/33, 2xCD-ROM, 8MB RAM, Win 3.1 or Win 95, SVGA.




by Rick 36

Shivers was released in the early nineties under the famous Sierra label. It is a first person point and click adventure and, I have to say right off the mark, it is a classic adventure game.

Minimum specifications:-

1) 486 SX-33MHz or faster
2) Windows 3.1 or later
3) 8 Mb RAM
4) Double speed CD ROM
5) 640x480 at 256 colour video driver or better.

I played this game on my 300Mz, P3, W98 without problems.

The general story is reasonably simple, you play a daring youngster who has managed to get into an old private museum. The museum is rumored to be haunted and the owner a madman etc. etc. and you thought you would have a bit of fun one night by breaking in as a dare with your buddies. Well it isn’t soon and you begin to regret your youthful hijinks, as you discover that the museum is actually possessed and over-run with evil spirits called Ixupi.

Your task is to neutralize the Ixupi and escape from the museum, but I am certainly not going to tell you how you set about this. You accomplish your mission by solving a wealth of puzzles.

That’s basically it!

This all might sound rather simple and dull, and you could not be more mistaken. Shivers is a cracking little adventure game. The graphics are top-notch, the sound, atmosphere and mood are excellent and there is a super and varied mix of puzzles which will have you brain-straining into the small hours (nothing stupid, illogical or out of place though). There is no panning and movement is achieved by ‘Point-and-Click’ between the sumptuously animated 3D rendered locations.

The whole game is controlled by the mouse and the interface is simple and intuitive. One of the good things about the game is that it is non-linear, you can roam at will around the museum and complete the puzzles in what ever order you wish. Also, the cursor does not highlight hot-spots, you’ll just have to click around and see what happens, if anything. It’s entirely up to you.

I loved this game, this is what adventure gaming is all about. To my mind Shivers stands up alongside Myst et al as a genre defining game and it should be included in any serious adventure gamers library.

A relatively short review this one, all I need say in conclusion is, if you haven't played or got this game and you like your adventure gaming, go and get it. You certainly wont be disappointed.

Shivers spawned a sequel called ‘Harvester of Souls’, unfortunately this is where the series ceased, but I still hold out hope that more might be in the offing some where down the road. If so I will be first in line at ‘Electronic’s Boutique’.

Watch this space for a review of ‘Shivers 2: Harvester of Souls’. Is it as good as it’s predecessor ?

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