Symbiocom - SynFactor




Developer:   Istvan Pely

Publisher:   Bethesda Softworks

Release Date:   1998-1999

PC Requirements:   WIN3.x/95, 486/66, 16 MB, 2x CD-ROM, VGA, SoundBlaster.

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by syd

Bethesda Softworks
1999 W95/W98/Mouse driven
1st Person Sci-Fi adventure

"Since the invention of the computer, mankind has struggled to bridge the gap between humanity and technology. No matter how advanced we become, we still cannot reach a symbiosis with the computer mind. The hard working minds at SYNSYM, however, have overcome this. The answer is the symplant. A simple device, painlessly implanted in the subject's cranium, the symplant functions as a complete VJ9 computer… Those few who have been implanted have tripled their workload and claim very few side effects. Contact us for neural compatibility testing today to see if a symplant is for you. Soon, the symplant will be a factor in all our lives."


And guess who has a symplant? That's right -- you. And you are going to need all of your reasoning and logical ability to help you solve this mystery.

You are a crew member aboard the I.S.T. Rident, a premier passenger transport ship. There seems to be a problem with the ships gravity (and you were supposed to have fixed it). The captain is on the prowl for you, and as a safety measure has turned off the ship's worm-drive while the gravity generator is worked on. This slows down the ship considerably and is ticking off the passengers who are getting bored. The flight attendant is trying to keep things from turning ugly, when all of a sudden the ship shakes violently and alarms start going off all over the place. Seems the Rident is under attack by two unknown ships. The captain orders an SOS be sent and hollers to ready the life boats. Soon all the passengers and crew are evacuated except for the captain and copilot. Then there's only the copilot left. Then...

You wake up to the sound of your symplant hollering at you. You are aboard the deserted Rident. Your mission is to find who destroyed the ship and what happened to the 140+ passengers aboard. Your first task is to find your way off the crippled transport.

With the help of your symplant, you connect into the ship's computer data base and figure out how to start the ship's shuttle, how to turn the worm-drive back on, and where the dog ships went after attacking you. From there you follow the leads that take you through five different locations until finally you discover WHY it happened.

The graphics are wonderful - they are all hand drawn by the designer - Istvan Pely. In fact he was the designer, programmer and did the graphics.

The locations are all different. The "human" colony lobby was beautiful inside -- it looked like the inside of a very high priced condo complex. The refueling outpost is all metal, grating and falling down siding. You visit warehouses, corporate headquarters and research facilities.

The puzzles are inventory and logic types. Most of the information you will need can be found in the various computer systems throughout the locations you will visit. There is very little talking. You communicate with your symplant through text, not the spoken word.

Other than a bot or two, there is no character interaction -- it's just you and your symplant. Oh you do get to "waste" a bot that's been programmed to kill you.  That was kind of fun.  But all this makes for a very lonely type of feeling.   

You also cannot go on to the next episode until you have completed everything that needs to be done in your current location. So if you're not moving on -- it's because you've forgotten to do something.

You can die, so I saved often.  But if memory serves, the game restores you to right before you bite the big one so you can do something different.  As to bugs -- I had none whatsoever.

All in all I enjoyed this game and if you love sci-fi games Symbiocom is one not to be missed.


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