Time Warrior: The Armageddon Device

Developer:    Stock's Eye

Released:   1996

PC Requirements:   486/33, SVGA, Win 3.1/95, 8 MB,  2x CD-ROM.





by Witchen

Time Warrior - The Armageddon Device
Developer: Stock's Eye
Released: 1996
System Requirements:
PC Compatible
486/33 MHz
Windows 3.1/Win95
8 MB Ram
Mouse driven

Story: Archaeologists find an ancient device that is capable of draining the life force from the entire universe. It is unstoppable! The Earth's solar system is in danger of being completely obliterated. Your job? No, you aren't the savior this time. You just have to stay alive long enough to find the hero, wake him up, and get him scooting off to save the universe!

Remember the old days on Saturday afternoon when you would maybe kick back with a lunch of chicken noodle soup, whole milk, and soda crackers laden with butter and peanut butter, both? Wow, what a life, huh? Remember, gorging your growing body on fat and protein, watching the first season of the original Star Trek series, while you brother and sister tried to tear one another apart nearby? Well, that's just how you are going to feel while enjoying this campy little sci-fi adventure! Its good old Saturday afternoon entertainment!

Complete with outrageously unbelievable costumery and makeup, roaring monsters, spaceships of outlandish design, which expectedly bob about like yellow duckies in the bath, this game is a real trip back to the good old days. It even has Skree monsters, like giant spiders.....ewwwww!

I really enjoyed the first part of the game a great deal. It has its share of isolated extra terrestrial exploration, which I adore! I particularly like the sound effects and music. The sound effects are way ahead of their time and quite effective. My favorite part was riding inside the "Walker" while taking a necessary outside trip at the lunar colony. The Walker is greatly like a Mechwarrior machine and you get to ride inside of and control it..sorta.

My least favorite part, during the last portion of the game was the Spaceship Graveyard, which is basically a series of incredible mazes. However, I have to say that the maze sequences are interesting and innovative enough, that I even enjoyed that part.

I DO heartily recommend this game as long as you know what to expect and you get into the swing of the mood, intent and ambience of this dandy Robert Stock creation.


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