Atlantis 3, The New World
Chapter two, The Snowy World

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Look to the left and take a closer look at the image on the pillar. Leave it alone for now but remember it's here. Go through the opened membrane and exit the cave. Look to the right and see that the Targui is captured. One of the guards is pointing his gun on him. Walk towards him and you'll meet the nasty archeologist.

He starts a long story about a crystal skull. You'll follow him inside. He is very surprised by the fact that you've opened the membrane. He never managed to open it. He is convinced of the magical power of the crystal skull. He tries out his skills and... nothing happens! Because you've managed to open the membrane he asks you to give it a try. Before you do so, talk to the archeologist and ask him about everything you can. After that talk to the guard. You can also try to escape via the opened membrane. Pick the crystal skull and... now something weird does happen! You are sucked into the skull and your real adventure begins.

You'll meet this one a few more times

When you arrive into the skull, you'll see all kind of floating balls and several pathways. Look around and you'll see a little bit to the right another path with three of these floating balls.

Go forward one time

Go one step forward via that path. A black dolphin comes swimming from the distance. Talk to that black dolphin. She tells you that you have to seek the corridors. She tells you to start with the first door to the left and than the third door to the right. You can also question her about some other things if you like. Now you have to find the floating balls with corridors! Turn around so your back is facing the dolphin. Go forward one time and than climb up the path at your left. Look around and you'll see several floating balls with apparently corridors inside of them. Click on one of those floating balls. It doesn't matter which one you choose.

The floating balls with corridors

As the dolphin told you to do enter the first door at the left side of the corridor. When you entered that door, you are standing in exact the same kind of corridor. Now go through the third door at the right side of the corridor. Odd... the same kind of corridor again! Turn around so your back is facing the wall with the clock. Exit through the door you are facing now. Now you'll be back in the crystal skull. Head back for the black dolphin. Look around and you'll see a floating ball with something in it that looks like a camera. Click on that ball to go back to the room with the membrane. The archeologist is awaiting you with another speech.

The floating ball to go back

When he has left, look around and face the figure on the pillar once more. Now click on that figure. This time he comes alive. When he's set free, talk to him. He'll ask what lies behind the corridor. If you did the trick with the corridors correct, you'll know the correct answer to his question. When he's back in his previous shape, look around. At the other end of this room you'll see a wind chime hanging from the ceiling.

The wind chime

Walk to the wind chime and hit it. In return you'll get a remote control. With this remote control you can travel to several continents by pushing one of the triangular images. When you push the upper image, the glass will break. If you don't believe me, just give it a try. So we'll start with the image at the right. When you click that image, you'll see one wall the room disappear. Outside there is a kind of snow storm. Step outside into the freezing snowy land. After a very short time you and your mate will be hunted by a huge mammoth. Your mate tries to stop it by throwing his spear, but with this kind of animal the spear isn't much more than just a toothpick... You have to run for your life! Thank goodness the mammoth will be stopped by a barrier. But until this mammoth has gone, the both of you are stuck in that cave. And the only way to get unstucked is to get rid of that animal. So... lets do some investigation and enter the cave until you uhhh... arrive at the very bottom of the cave and you raised from yourself!? You'll see what I mean by this!

Go straight ahead and walk via the small bridge across the water into the next cave. In the middle of the cave you'll see some kind of stone tablet with the image of a figure lying on the ground. Hey, isn't that you??? Notice the different images at the head and at the foot of the tablet. For now you don't know what these images are for, but sooner or later you'll find out. Look around and pick up the spear. In case you didn't notice, along the wall you see four different kind of animals gallop. Throw your spear once to get it in your inventory. Leave the cattle alone for the moment and exit this cave.

The spear

When you're standing close to yourself again, go straight ahead and head for the next cave. By the way if you end up at the entrance of the cave near your mate, just turn around and go back into the cave. When you enter the next cave, keep on walking until you can't go any further. Look down. On the floor you'll see a piece of wood with a hole in it. Of course this hole has a meaning. So get your stick from your inventory and use it on the hole, to make an old-fashioned campfire.

Old fashioned campfire

Look around and you'll see some black wolves and one white wolf. Your goal is to get rid of the black ones. This really is a piece of cake. Click on one of the black wolves so it starts fighting with the other black wolf. Each time one of the black wolves wins and the loser disappears. Repeat this until only one black wolf remains as the winner. As soon as this one has beaten his last opponent, push the white wolf. It will beat the last black wolf. That's all it takes!

The last battle

When the white wolf has beaten the black one, it suddenly appears in real 3D and simply disappears through the wall of the cave. Simply go after him through the same wall of the cave.

Just walk through this wall

Now you arrive at a strange island. Look around to enjoy the breathtaking view. In the distance you'll see some Schizm like floating structure. Your goal is to reach that floating structure at one piece. Although you have to beat some murderous animals and take a few obstacles on your way, it can be done!

Your destiny

Go forward once and pick up the tree-stump at your left. Walk forward until you reach the tree at the end of your path. Place the tree-stump at the roots of the tree. Climb into the tree. When you arrive at the opposite side pick up the stone at your left.

Nice trick

Walk forward until your passage is blocked by a big tiger. Wait until the tiger is about halfway behind the stone wall. Then quickly throw your stone at the tiger. When your timing has been perfect, the tiger jumps over the wall and ends in the quicksand. However if your timing hasn't been that good, the tiger will get you and you have to try again.

The right moment

When the tiger has gone, pick up the big branch at your right. Be careful of the quicksand! Pass the quicksand at the left side and go forward. If you pass at the right side, you'll disappear into the quicksand as well... Use the big branch on the boulder. Go forward. At the right side at the end of the path you'll see the white wolf. Leave him or her alone for now. Just remember that you find him here. Go via the rocky path further straight ahead. When you cross the rocky passage, you'll see a brown bear in the distance. Leave it alone! Turn to the left and you'll see a black wolf. Now quickly turn around and hurry to the white wolf. He or she will beat the black wolf. Now head back to where the black wolf has been. Turn to the left and pick up the long stick.

The long stick, guarded by the black wolf

Go via the sandy path further. By taking this way, you avoid the brown bear. When you can't go further, use the long stick on the rocks to go to the opposite side. Walk straight ahead until you reach the water and the big tree-stump in the water. Use the stump to go to the rock in the water.

Go straight ahead to wind up on the tree stump

Turn to the left and climb up the path all the way to the top. When you can't go any further, look up to see the floating structure. Click on the structure to rise to the structure

Just click to rise

Look around and you'll see a small room with another crystal skull. Enter that room. Pick up the item that's next to the skull. It turns out to be a spear thrower. Pick up the skull. Find the black dolphin once more. Talk to her and she tells you that the spear thrower will kill the mammoth. She also tells you that you have to enter the fourth door at the left and the third door at the left. Look at the left and click on the floating ball to return to the floating structure. Exit the structure by using the center hatch of the room. Walk all the way down. When you arrive downstairs you'll find out that your floating tree stump has gone! Now you're stuck here forever!? Turn around and go one step up. Look at your left and notice an image of the white wolf on the rock. Push the image and you're back in the cave with the campfire.

The image of the white wolf

Go back to the cave with the galloping cattle. I'm very sorry to tell you this, but you have to kill all the animals by throwing your spear. You'll get the best result by good aiming and good timing. Every time you hit an animal, it will disappear from the wall and you'll get a heart. Your goal is to hunt them down all and to get four different hearts, a fire heart, an earth heart, an air heart and a water heart. When you take a very close look, you'll discover that every heart contains another image. The best way is to look at the hearts in a dark background.

A matter of timing, luck and patience

Now have another look at the stone tablet with the lying figure in the center of the cave. Look at all images on every corner of the tablet. Notice that these four images are corresponding with the images inside the four hearts. This can't be a coincidence... You'll see that the left image at the top of the tablet corresponds with the image of the water heart and the right one with the image of the air heart. The left image at the foot corresponds with the image in the earth heart and the right one with the image in the fire heart. With this knowledge go back to your mortal remains. Place the four hearts on the correct spots.

The correct spots for the hearts

If you placed them well, you'll regain life. Now walk back to the snow covered entrance of the cave. You hand over the spear thrower to your mate. He will hunt down the mammoth this time. I think this is a little bit violent chapter... It's good it's just a game:-) You'll return to the room with the pillars.

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