Atlantis 3, The New World
Chapter 3, Baghdad

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While you're standing in the room with the pillars, use your remote control. Push the lower triangle with the image of a air balloon to go to Baghdad. Step outside into the dark night. You'll end up in a big stone jar. Take a look outside. There's a screaming cat in front of your jar. And that's not all, but in the distance there's a guard. He annoyed by this cat. You have to get rid of the animal before the guard comes to get rid of the both of you...

The jar with rotten fish

Thanks goodness the jar behind you contains a shipment of rotten fish. Turn around and move the lid of that jar. The cat hops into the jar and takes off with a fish. Now climb out of the jar. Look around and you'll see the guard standing in front of the gate of the palace. You have to avoid him and you have to be very quick in the next part. If you're taking to long, this guard will come after you! Turn to the right and go forward one time. Turn to the left and pick up the stone.

The very well hidden stone

Turn to the left and throw the stone into the direction of the turret. This time the guard goes after the stone. Turn to the right quickly and grab the ladder that's standing against the wall. Turn to the right quickly and walk towards the balcony. Place the ladder against the balcony and quickly climb up the ladder. Walk towards the dual doors.

The ladder against the balcony

Alas the cat will come and visit you once more. To make the disaster complete, the cat jumps on a vase, which smashes on the floor. Of course the guard will hear the noise and comes after you one more time. Quickly go through the dual doors before he catches you. You're in the daughter's bedroom now. Thank God she's willing to help you. She hides you under her bed and tells the guard that she didn't hear anything at all. When the guard has left, you'll thank her a thousand times. You also tell her that she can make a wish. Lucky for you she isn't to exacting. She only wishes a rose. That is... not just an ordinary rose but a rose as black as the night. Believe me, it will be a hell of a job to get this black rose. The only place where such a rose can be found is in the magic garden. So off you go! When you arrived in this magic garden, turn around and climb up the stairs. Follow the path at the left side. Pick up the long stick.

The long stick

Turn around and go back to the garden. Walk towards the Tower of Pizza at the center of the garden. Enter the tower and keep on walking until you're facing the closed fence. To open that fence you need a key which you don't have it yet... Turn to the right and go forward one step. Turn to the left and go forward one more time. Climb down the stairs at your right. Turn to the left and go forward to the nearby building. Climb down the stairs at your right. You're passing a juggling monkey. Go straight ahead and climb up the next stairs. Turn to the right and climb down the stairs. Look up and you'll see a bunch of bananas. Use your long stick to get a banana and pick it up from the floor.

The banana

Head back for the juggling monkey and give him the banana. Because he can hold only one thing at the same time, he drops his sticks and runs off with his banana. Pick up the sticks he left behind. Turn around and climb up the stairs. Turn to the right and keep on walking forward until you reach this very strange looking creature. Try to stroke it. At the of this creature you'll see some kind of box in the niche in the wall. Try to take the box from the niche. Because of the way the creature reacts, you decide to leave it alone for now. Notice the cage that's hanging above the creature...

The niche in the wall

Pick up the white orb from the floor at your left. Turn to the left and go forward one time. Turn to the left and enter the small building. Look around and you'll see some kind of fountain. Place the white ball into the circular opening of the fountain. Now you'll see a small labyrinth. When you click on the unicorn, it runs through the garden, hunted by some flaming monster. It gets stuck very soon. Your goal is to clear her path through the garden so she can escape through the tower at the left top of the garden...

At the bottom of the screen you'll see four different colored objects. You have to place these objects somewhere into the labyrinth to set the unicorn free. You'll see a blue, a yellow, a purple and a green object. On the image below you can see where you have to place these objects.

From the left to the right the purple, the green, the yellow and the blue "stop"

After you placed these colored objects on the correct spots in the labyrinth, click on the unicorn. If you placed them correct you'll see the unicorn disappear through the little tower. In return you'll get his one and only horn. Turn around and climb down the stairs into the direction of this strange creature. As soon as you climbed down the stairs, look at your right and you'll see some kind of lantern. Place the unicorn's horn into the hole of the lantern.

The lantern with the unicorn's horn

In the distance you'll hear something smashing down. You wonder could this be the cage above the creature? Pan a little to the left and you'll see that the cage isn't in top anymore. Walk towards the creature and you'll see that it's captured safe and sound in the cage! Now take the box from the niche in the wall. Take the three gems out of the box. Turn around and go one step forward. Turn to the left and enter the tower of Pizza again. Be sure to stand in front of the closed fence again. Turn around and climb down the stairs. Go forward one more time. You're standing in front of another stairs leading up. Don't climb it yet but turn to the left. Go forward once and walk towards the uhhhh... waiting lady. As soon as you're approaching her, a guard suddenly hops out of nowhere. Gif him your blue stick. When the guard has gone walk towards the lady. Talk to her and offer her the blue gem (sapphire). Alas she only gives you a silver colored key:-)

Exit the room. Go forward one time and turn to the left. You're facing the stairs leading up again. Climb up the stairs. Turn to the left and go forward one time. Climb down the next stairs. Turn to the left and walk towards the next lady. Give this guard your green stick. Talk to the lady and give her your green gem (emerald). She gives you a map of the tower of Pizza. Exit the room and climb up the stairs. Walk straight ahead all the way to the other end of this platform. Here you'll find the third and last lady. Do the same trick with the guard by giving him the red stick. Talk to the lady and give her your last gem, the red ruby. She gives you a gold colored key. Now head back for the closed fence in the tower of Pizza. Open the fence by using your gold colored key.

Funny dwarf

When you open the fence, you'll be welcomed by a funny looking dwarf. Now you have to play a match with him to reach the top of the tower. The one who reaches the top first wins. It's easily said than done this time. In stead of ordinary dice you have to use a small device. On that device you'll see a monkey that's climbing up and down in a coconut tree. When you push the red button of the device the monkey throws down a coconut. At the left of the tree you'll see six hippopotamuses standing in the water. The higher the monkey is in the tree and throws a coconut, the further he throws it. When you for example push the red button when the monkey is all the way up in the tree he throws the coconut on the last animal, which results in only one move. When you push the button if he's almost down the tree, he throws the coconut on the first animal which results in six moves.

If you want to know how things stand between the two of you, just use your map from your inventory. On the map you'll also see three different symbols on the play ground, moons, stars and snakes. Try to push the red button in that way that you'll reach a place with a star or a moon. In that case you'll get extra bonus moves. Be careful that you don't end up on a place with a snake. In that case you're thrown back a few places. You'll see that the game isn't very difficult. You just need some luck and good hand of throwing coconuts. Good luck and have fun...

When you've won the match you'll arrive at the top. Open the door with your silver colored key. A flying carpet hops out of it. Climb the carpet to go to a higher situated tower. After the cut scene you open the door. Walk passed the cobras and climb the stairs. Look around. You'll see a mural of the constellation of the snake. Further you'll see another four constellations through the windows. On the floor of this room you'll see some sort of galaxy. Your first goal is to imitate the four constellations you saw through the windows on this galaxy on the floor. After that you've to imitate the constellation of the snake. It looks like this:

The five constellations

I started with the constellation you see in the left window after that I did the constellations in the next windows. So first I did the constellation which I colored red, than the green one, the yellow one and the orange one. After that I did the constellation of the snake which you'll see in light blue. When you've done this correct, all lines of the constellations disappear and one bright star remains. You have to connect this one with the constellation of the snake and looks like this:

And the last one...

When you did this alright, you'll end up at the base of the stairs. The cobras are gone now. Climb up the stairs. This time you'll end up in a room with a strange kind of cupboard. You can see lots of compartments with triangles painted on them. At the bottom of the cupboard you'll see four drawers. Your goal is to open these four drawers by pushing the correct triangles in the correct order. Number the triangles from top to bottom and from the left to the right as number 1 up till 16. I'm not sure if this combination could be different with other games. In my game the next combination worked fine every time:

10, 2, 11 en 3

The first correct combination...

After you pushed the triangles in the correct order, you'll hear a click and you can open the four drawers at the bottom. So open them and take the pieces of parchment. After you did this, the cupboard turns around revealing lots of red drawers. Now you have to open the correct drawers in the correct order. By studying the pieces of parchment you can figure out the way how you should do this. Number the drawers from top to bottom and from the left to the right as number 1 up till 16 again. When you study your first piece of parchment, you'll see that you have to open only four drawers. You can also see that the correct drawers are number 1, 3, 8 and 15. Now study the other pieces of parchment to find out the correct order of these drawers. To make it easier on you, here's the correct order: 15, 3, 8 and 1.

...and the second one

When you opened the correct drawers in the correct order, the upper door of the cupboard opens. You'll see some kind of ancient bottle and a cleaning rag. Use the cleaning rag and rub it over the bottle. A Genie In The Bottle hops out of the bottle. Of course you try to make three wishes. Because you're only a thief you are allowed to make only one wish! Naturally you come up with only one thing... a black rose!

After placing the black rose into your inventory another crystal skull appears in the cupboard. Take it. Go and find the black dolphin for the last time. Talk to her and she tells you to sell the crystal skull. She also tells you the last combination of corridors. After that click on the floating ball at her right. You'll go back to the room with the cupboard. Exit the room via the door to deliver your black rose...

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