Dragon Room
 Light candles
 Woodbridge Dishes
 Shoot Hunter
 Wave Puzzle
 Chinese Girl
Remember: talk to everybody about everything
Collect gong stick
gong stick
Talk to all about the wise man - talk about shadow until Wise Man talks about Master Tan Yun and invites you to the Dragon Room
Turn the wheel until "mountain" RED is on top, yellow to your right - place turtle in water with head direction mountain
place turtleup
Go to Startpoint - face wall with window to your left - talk to man - go direction mountain (forward) - talk to man and follow his directions 
 when he says you arrived at the House of the Tiger - go forwards to wall - wall will open
wall opens
In the room search magic stick 
magic stick
Light candles with magic stick  red - green - violet - white
light candlesup
Shrink and go forwards
go forward
Collect statues and return to room
collect statues
back to room
Get big (going towards the door) and place the statues - they'll stay put if you place them right - get small again and take the money bag and talk to statues - give them money - each of them gives you a dish - go forwards (pool)
place statues
Arrange dishes as shown in image: bridge lowers half....
woodbridge 1up
Arrange dishes as shown in image: bridge lowers.
Shoot hunter
gold doorup
Enter Dragon - go into machine room - back to waves image
Click alternately on upper waves (starting right)..
until all waves are in up position
wave image
upwaves up
Take ball and place it in machine room 
place ball
dragon travel
Try to open red door then go anround right corner and turn back until Master Tan Yun appears
Enter (right) door...
collect form
door to hell
hell guard
Search for chinese girl (NOT animal face), talk to her she'll give you a fan
chinese girlup
If you don't find the girl, go back to the golden door and shoot the hunter instead of the fox
Collect stamps in the same order as shown in fan, you'll get the mushroom,
the stamps shown are different from game to game, you need to find the girl with the fan.
Bring the stamped form to the hell guard - collect mushroom and hand it over to Master Tan - Go back to the chinese monastery and place the lantern in the courtyard
Place lantern
lanterne burns
shadow disappears
place lantern
lantern burns
upshadows disappears
Take stone - you are back in the Ship
take stoneup
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