Bat Number
 Obsidian Foot 1
 Jaguar Number
 Snake Number
 Crocodile Number
 Rainbow Bridge
How to find the Seven Stars
 Star Puzzle
 Spider 1
Spider 2
 Obsidian Foot 2
 Spider 3
Remember:  talk to everybody about everything!!!
Place stone in image
place stone
Go to pyramid 1 and enter (top)
pyramid 1up
Walk around and look at hints
jaguar number hint
jaguar number tip
Talk to Man (he gives you a tip)
tip man
Exit this pyramid and enter  pyramid 2
pyramid 2
Talk to the priestess and take bandage, go see the king and hand over bandage
hand over bandageup
The king gives you the bandage back (when you leave room), take it and hand over to priestess
hand over bandage 2
The priestess sends you to the bat god
bat numberup
Go back to pyramid 1
To go back to pyramids click left side of bat
pyramid 1
back to pyramids
Collect obsidian foot 1 and look at stone (hint for star puzzle)
obsidian foot 1
upstar puzzle hint
Enter pyramide and look at number hints, solve Jaguar Number Puzzle
jaguar numberup
Talk to man and descend to second level, solve Snake Number Puzzle
snake numberup
Talk to man and descend to third level
walk corridor
push button on the left
push button
Enter and solve Crocodile Number Puzzle
crocodile numberup
Place obsidian foot 1 and 2 in holes in wall
place obsidian foot
place obsidian foot
Exit through wall and enter pyramid 2
pyramid 2
Talk to priestess and exit to jungle (click on bat)
go to jungle
Talk to bat and solve Rainbow Bridge Puzzle
Rainbow Bridge:
dark blue- no color- green
light blue-violet-start
Thanks Harrie! :-)
Click on image to enlarge
Cross River and search in jungle for 7 stars
How to find the stars by NEBULA (image)........Grazie molto!!! :-) 
How to find the stars by JOACHIM (image)........Thanks!!! :-)
How to find the stars by FRANK (text).........Muchas Gracias!!! :-)
search statues
Place stars (remember the stone with star constellation on top of pyramid1??)
 Star Puzzle   Thanks ov :-)
Stone statue appears - talk to it and listen to yourself... ;-)
statue of gods
Now go to the river, take boat and go to bat and talk
go to bat
Bat tells you to ask Chac (the frog), but before Chac talks to you, you must feed him. 
Go back onto river and click forward until to your right or left, depens in which direction you start, you can enter the jungle. You'll find Chac or the Spider, what you need now, is the first spider
first step direction spider turn around go back - turn left - go down and cross over to the middle and take caterpillar - exit net
spider 1up
You must start where the hole in the net is - do it quickly otherwise the spider gets you!
2nd Spider: now you have to outrun 2 of these lovely (!) beasts :-))
spider 2up
Image of How to Outsmart the  two Spiders
Now go to boat on river and search Chac -  feed him twice he'll give you hints
Go to bat and back to pyramid 1 - enter - go down to third level (you have to do number puzzles again) - collect obsidian foot 1 and 2 - exit through wall - and back again to jungle - go to statues and place obsidian foot 1 and 2
place foot in statue
place foot in statue
place foot in statue
place foot in statue
Now appears.......The Jaguar God
jaguar god
upjaguar 2
......and gives way to The Snake God
snake god
snake god
Snake God needs human skulls - go back to spiders
Now you meet Spider Mama - such a extraordinary beauty ;-))))) and her voice....
the beauty queenup
place feather in crossingup
Start at the second tree - where the hole  is - place feather in crossing to your right - go towards it and return immediately and walk back - go toward the center - take sword - turn right and hit Mama -  turn back and go fowards to center and collect skulls - exit at once
Go back to Snake God and hand over skulls
hand over skulls
and get Chulel
get chulelup
Go back to bat and pyramid 2 - give chulel to king - get stone - you'll find yourself back in the Ship
and go to China
give chulel to kingup
Tough level - my o my! :-))))))))))
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