You need to do quite a lot of detective work at the scene of the crime!

First, look very carefully for all the hotspots as two of them are not easy to find. Mundy's boots are next to the corpse and directly above it a piece of frayed rope is hanging from the rafters. From looking at the boots you work out that Mundy's legs were tied together with the rope from your grappling iron. You won't find anything when you search the boots, so someone else must have beaten you to it. By looking at the frayed rope you know Mundy's legs were tied together and that he was hung from the ceiling. Compare the frayed rope with that used to tie his legs together (single-click Frayed Rope, take the icon from your Note-book, hold it over Mundy's boots and then double-click) and you work out that Mundy was hung upside down, he was then killed and that somebody cut him loose afterwards.

The message in blood appears to be the word AZILE written on the wall by either the killer or Mundy. However, if the message was written by Mundy while hanging upside down it should also be read upside down. Looking at it upside down it reads 3712V. You'll need this message left by Mundy later, so enter it into your Note-book by single-clicking Mundy Hung Upside Down, holding the icon over Azile and then double-clicking.

Also note that the grappling iron no longer has a rope attached to it.

It's time to confront Mankin with the facts. When you discuss Mundy Hung Upside Down with him it activates dialog topics about 'Mundy was Cut Down' and 'Mundy's Boots'. Talk to him about these and he'll admit that he searched the boots and hands over the coin he found. Also ask him why Sapphire Lied? and he tells you that she's in her Dressing Room. The entrance to her Dressing Room is to the left of the stage.

As you enter Sapphire's Dressing Room you notice that she's got a pile of money. She claims to have won it at SATURNALIA CASINO. She pleads ignorance when you ask her why Sapphire Lied? (about Therma).

Don't forget to check the notice board!

A new location at SATURNALIA is activated.


The Butler gives you an option to see either Carlotta or the Count. If you 'Ask to see Carlotta' he tells you that she's not at home. Before you 'Ask to see the Count', talk to him about Count Von Uberwald to find out about the Count's missing companion.

When you ask the Count about his Missing Companion he tells you that Regin went missing after he took the carriage out on the same night that the Milka arrived. He will engage your services to find Regin and gives you an iconograph of him.


You meet Ilsa and Two Conkers in the Casino. Remora Selachii, the assassin, enters and attacks Ilsa, but you intervene. The two of them leave and Carlotta arrives. Discuss Mundy Hung Upside Down with Carlotta and the 'Did Carlotta Kill Mundy?' topic is triggered. Carlotta tells you she has an alibi - at the time the murder took place she was at the TEMPLE OF SMALL GODS.

A new location at the TEMPLE OF SMALL GODS will be activated.

Talk to Whirl, the croupier at the Truncheon table. He won't be very helpful until you bribe him with money from your purse. Ask Whirl about Sapphire's Money and learn about her losing streak. Show the iconograph of Regin to Whirl and he tells you Regin is a regular at the Casino, that he normally wins and also that he's got a safety deposit box. The safety deposit boxes will now be accessible to your left at the entrance to the Casino.

Talk to Warb the Wizard and get some useful information that's important later:-
 1) he mentions a library at Unseen University; and
 2) he works for Unseen Securities, who sell magical security systems; and
 3) he's always unlucky.


Before you confront Sapphire, ask Mankin about Sapphire's Money. He thinks that it's got something to do with a secret meeting she had when she missed her shift.

Tell Sapphire you know all about her Losing Streak and Secret Meeting. A 'Confront Sapphire' topic is triggered. When you use this topic she confesses to blackmailing Therma. She'll agree to arrange a meeting with Therma and that once she's done so, to leave a message at your office.


If you got the coin from Mankin, Al Khali will be waiting for you at your office. He takes you to Jasper Horst.


Jasper Horst, the large troll, is a dealer in artefacts. He's under the false impression that Carlotta hired you to find the Golden Sword, and offers to pay you more than she will for it. You finally know the real reason why Carlotta hired you to find Mundy! You realize that Mundy brought the Golden Sword with him on the Milka, hid it in one of the crates and then unsuccessfully tried to retrieve it from the warehouse.

A new location at HORST'S QUARTERS is activated.


It's time to get the truth out of Carlotta! Tell her that you want to discuss the Golden Sword, but that it should be done somewhere private. The two of you will go to the VON UBERWALD MANSION.


Carlotta will admit that Mundy was her contact, not her lover. She and Regin went to meet Mundy at the Milka, but he wasn't there. Unbeknown to you, your romantic interlude with her will have severe consequences later in the game, and what you see is a hint of what's in store for you!

Question her about The Milka's Cargo and she'll give you the (shipping) order.


You know Regin went to THE WHARF with Carlotta, so maybe Mr. Scoplett knows something. Show him the iconograph of Regin and he tells you Regin was there just after the Milka docked, that he collected some cargo and then drove off at high speed.


Ask Nobby if he knows anything about Regin's Carriage. He'll tell you a speeding carriage was seen heading for the MAUDLIN BRIDGE.

A new location at MAUDLIN BRIDGE will be activated.


Look closely at the map of Ankh-Morpork and note that the ship at THE WHARF is gone, the Milka has sailed.

The mooring line that's been left on the wharf can be attached to the grappling iron.


From the skid marks on the road you know 'something with wheels' lost control on the bridge. You can also tell from the damaged railings that whatever lost control went over the side and into the River Ankh. You'll find a piece of torn fabric on the railings, but it serves no purpose other than if you show it to the Count, he'll tell you it's from Regin's carriage. Dredge the River Ankh with the 'repaired' grappling iron. When you throw it in you find something in the River, but you're not strong enough to lift it out.


Once again you need the services of Malachite. Ask him to help you with Something In The River and give him the grappling iron. The two of you head off to MAUDLIN BRIDGE.


Malachite easily lifts Regin's carriage out the River Ankh. You search the carriage and find an ornamental box, which Malachite takes, saying that it proves Therma is still alive. If you look very carefully at both Regin's body and the iconograph you should notice something different. Compare them by holding the iconograph over the 'Regin's Body' hotspot and double-clicking. In the iconograph he's bald, but in the flesh he has hair. You realize that he's wearing a toupee. You'll find a key under his toupee.



The key Regin hid under his toupee fits his safety deposit box. Open his safety deposit box and find an empty envelope and charm (bracelet) inside.


Ask to see the Count and break the bad news about Regin's Murder to him. He agrees to pay you to continue with the 'Therma Case'. When you show him the charm (bracelet) he'll tell you the charms are carved from the wood of serendipitous redwoods and relates a story about the 'lucky trees'. The charm (bracelet) was obviously Regin's lucky charm! Also note that the Count says he's a student of flora, this will help you later.


Turn right at the entrance to find Malaclypse, a follower of the Goddess Errata. If you ask him about Carlotta he confirms that she was at the Temple when Mundy was murdered. Show him the charm (bracelet) and he'll tell you it's a gluckding, which first brings good luck, then bad. You offer it to him but he suggests that you rather give it to someone who's desperate. Can you think of such a person?

Continue past the small pool to find Mooncalf, a follower of Anu-anu. When you ask about Carlotta, his reply is a bit vague. Take note of the large stained glass window behind him - it's important later.


You find a card on the floor telling you to meet Therma on the ROOFTOPS ABOVE SALIS AND PHEDRE.

A new location on the ROOFTOPS ABOVE SALIS AND PHEDRE will be activated.


You decide to take Malachite with you. Tell him about the Meeting with Therma and the two of you head off to the ROOFTOPS ABOVE SALIS AND PHEDRE.
Unfortunately you're again rendered unconscious during another murder...


You'll be interrogated about Malachite's murder. Your responses are irrelevant until you get the 'Give Up' dialog. Select this topic and you'll be incarcerated in a HOLDING CELL IN THE PATRICIAN'S PALACE.


When you arrive you should stand absolutely still. Watch carefully and you see a rat running across the floor. It stops for a few seconds, then disappears into a crack in the wall. If the rat won't go to the crack it may be that you're standing in it's way. Also take note of where Lewton is standing in the graphic. If the rat 'freezes' in the middle of the screen you can still 'activate' the Crack by examining the Rat. If you inspect the crack you'll find a loose block. Push the block to get into Leonard Da Quirm's cell.



Leonard is building a flapping-wing-flying-device. He tells you the troll (Malachite) who was in your cell made a 'window' for him, which is actually a gaping hole made by Malachite to escape. Take note of the drawing on the wall next to the hole, it will be useful much later on in the game.

 While examining the gaping hole you'll hear someone at your cell door and you return there.

A new location at the PATRICIAN'S PALACE is activated.


Nobby has come to set you free. He tells you they found a witness to the murder, a Gargoyle on the roof above the clerks' office. All your belongings except the crowbar (which they're keeping as evidence) are returned.


Ask Clerks' Gable about Malachite's Murder and he'll tell you he saw Malachite savaged by a bestial attacker.


Give the (shipping) order to the Watchman and he lets you look through the ledger of recent deliveries. You find out about wine barrels for the CAFE ANKH and the Varburg Crates for the GUILD OF ARCHAEOLOGISTS.

A new location at the GUILD OF ARCHAEOLOGISTS is activated.


You know the Varburg Crates were collected by the GUILD OF ARCHAEOLOGISTS, so this is a good place to start following up on all the crates. Unfortunately you won't be allowed in unless you're 'signed in' by a member. You'll have to find someone who is a member to sign you in.


Samael, the Pianist, is taking a break and he'll be at the bar. Ask to him about the Wine Barrels and he'll tell you that the CAFE ANKH keep most of the wine they get, but do sell some of it on. The details of sales are in a box of receipts in the WINE CELLAR and Samael gives you the key to the WINE CELLAR.

Before you enter the WINE CELLAR take the crowbar that the Golem has again left on the cart. Although you can get the old one back in Act III, you might as well take this one.


Use the key to open the trapdoor (in the alley next to the CAFE ANKH). You find Ilsa and Two Conkers inside. Ilsa tells you she's married to Two Conkers and they are archaeologists looking for a Gold-plated Jewel. When you question her about The Varburg Crates she tells you her surname is Varburg and that the  crates belong to her and Two Conkers. She asks you to find a hiding place for Two Conkers, who was wounded by Remora, and in return she promises to get you into the GUILD OF ARCHAEOLOGISTS.

Check the box of receipts and see that the only recent wine purchases were made by the Patrician.


To find someplace to hide Two Conkers you can single-click Hiding Place, hold the icon over each location and double-click it. You'll like the idea of hiding him in the PATRICIAN'S PALACE, but you need to find somewhere suitable inside the Palace.


The only useful information you get from the guards is that all empty wine barrels are dumped at the trash heap around the side.

At the trash heap you'll see the Palace wall and empty wine barrels. Look at (right-click) the wall and you'll see the gaping hole that Malachite made to escape. Now use the grappling iron to climb the wall and into Leonard's cell. Climb back down, then hold and double-click the Hiding Place icon on the wall. You must follow this exact sequence to find a place to hide Two Conkers.


Return to the WINE CELLAR and tell Ilsa you've found somewhere to hide Two Conkers. If this doesn't happen, you probably didn't follow the sequence at the PATRICIAN'S PALACE (above) correctly.


Hiding Two Conkers in Leonard's cell works out perfectly. The two of them share common 'scientific' interests and work on the flapping-wing-flying-device together.


You meet Lara Croft Laredo Cronk, tomb evacuator. From talking to her you learn that the treasures are kept in vaults below the Guild. She won't let you touch anything, so you need to get her out of the way. When you ask her about Jasper Horst she tells you they are rivals. Maybe you can use this information!


Tell Jasper Horst about Laredo Cronk. He wants you to arrange a meeting with her, and if you do, he'll discuss the Golden Sword in detail with you.


Speak to Laredo Cronk about Jasper Horst. She agrees to a meeting with him and leaves.

Browse through the book case to find the hinged book that seems to be a switch of sorts. Use the hinged book (by double-clicking it) to reveal a hidden passage behind the fireplace.

The entrance to VAULT 51 is protected by a magical alarm system. There's a rune panel on the wall and above it you see a security notice. Read the security notice to find that the security system was installed by Unseen Securities. You remember Warb saying that he works for them!


You must talk to Whirl before you can talk to Warb. You know Warb works for Unseen Securities and that he's always unlucky, maybe desperate enough to want the charm (bracelet). Offer to trade it with him in for access into VAULT 51. He'll accept and gives you the Back Passage for the rune panel.


Use the Back Passage on the rune panel to bypass the security system and enter VAULT 51.


The crates and displays inside are labeled with four-digit reference numbers. If you haven't already worked out that AZILE should be read upside down as 3712V, there's another clue here. If you hold and double-click the Azile icon on the crates and displays you'll find the display about Azile, the Mad Askari of the Great Nef. From the display you learn that he used to bury his enemies 'upside down' in the desert. See the beginning of Act II for details on how to read Azile upside down. Hold and double-click the 3712V icon on the crates and displays and you'll find the Cabinet of Urns.

Your first reaction is to break the glass - but using the crowbar or grappling iron won't work. If you try the latter you realize 'brute force' isn't the answer. Cut the glass with the tooth and find the Falchion inside the tall urn.
You make your way back to your office, but...



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