Chapter 5 - There and back again

After waking up, go out and speak with the Elder.
He'll give you the BANDA STONE the first piece of the key your searching. 

Say goodbye to the Mole Men.

Then leave and pass the bridge to the swamp.
Take the FLOWERS.

Go down to the cliff look at and talk to the Petrified Man.
He can't talk to you. His lips are to stiff. You decide you need to moister them.

Try to pick up the BERRIES on the bush to the right.
You will be unable to reach them.
Blow the flute to call the Crow. (Click the flute in the inventory, then choose mouth.)
Take CROW and put him on the BUSH to pluck the BERRIES.
Combine the BERRIES and the FLOWERS in the inventory to get a MOISTURER.
Use MOISTURER on the PETRIFIED MAN and he'll help you to get into the castle.

You enter a labyrinth.
Go to the gargoyle on the right, and put a COIN in his hand.
A new gargoyle appears with burning torches.
Click on both and use Mouth to blow them out.
The first gargoyle comes back.
Give him a coin to make the second gargoyle appear.
This time with SALT and PEPPER in its hands. Take them both.

Go to the gargoyle on the left and turn the hourglass.
Quickly, run up the stairs that appears.

There is a mirror door. Something lies in front of that door. Look at it. It is a parchment roll. Try to take it. You can't. Your better/worse half sees you in the mirror and prevents your taking it.

Knock on the next door. Turn the hourglass that appears and run as quickly as possible to the door on the far left. (Double-click to run).

In the new room there is a door with a gargoyle face. (If there is no face you have forgotten to take the salt and pepper.) Use PEPPER on the face to enter the door.

Start going upstairs and Roper Klack will appear. Challenge him.
You have many choices but there is only one way to win.
Choose the last answer. Then use the CALCULATOR on KLACK to challenge him in arithmetic.
You win and Klack disappears.

Go to the tower.
There is a big book on the table. Look at it and you'll see a recipe.
A cloud, a spider net and a hand with claws mixed together seem to make a man invisible.
Look around the room and you'll find some essence-bottles. Take them.

The BLUE ESSENCE is on the table with the skull.
The WHITE ESSENCE is on the lowest shelf in the middle of the room
Move the CURTAINS and you can take The GREEN ESSENCE
Look at the CAULDRON. On the close up you can take the YELLOW ESSENCE.
You can see the RED ESSENCE on a high shelf to the right, but you can't reach it yet.
Look at each bottle in the inventory. Feel, smell and listen to them and you can decide which picture it belongs to.
Cloud means white, spider net means green, butterfly means yellow and sharp claw means blue essence.

Look at the cauldron to get a close up.
The order is essential. You'll get the potion in a bottle. Take it.

Look at it in the inventory. It is the INVISIBILITY POTION.
Go down to the mirror door in the labyrinth.
Drink the potion. You'll get invisible.
Take the PARCHMENT and go back upstairs.

Look at the book and use the PARCHMENT with the BOOK.
Now you have four new recipes.
Make the second potion.
Take the potion and look at it in the inventory. This one makes you light as a leaf.

Go to the shelf, drink the LIGHT POTION.
Click on the RED ESSENCE, use the hand and you will jump and get it.

Now you can prepare the other potions:
Mix WHITE, RED and BLUE to get the WIND POTION.
Mix RED, RED and BLUE to get the BIG BANG POTION.

Remember that you promised the petrified man to break the crystal. Look at the crystal. It is Magic.
There really is a big bang and all the petrified creatures are freed.
The castle is now floating in the air and you must find a way to get out.

Open the WINDOW and blow the flute to call the Crow.
Use the WIND POTION on CROW. Then take CROW and use him on WINDOW.
The wind blows the tower back to Marcuria.

Back there go to Captain Nebevay give him the WIND POTION. He won't sail until he has a navigator.

Go to the inn and deliver the map to Tun Luic. Talk to her.
She happens to be a navigator. Send her to Captain Nebevay.

Go to the Map seller and tell him you have delivered the map.

Go to the Temple and talk to Tobias.
He'll tell you that you are the new Guardian and give you an AMULETT.

Go to Captain Nebevay. He is only waiting for you to start the journey.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the mentioned companies.