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GameBoomers Walkthrough by Tally Ho

Aunt Eloise's House

At the beginning, we are given the choice of difficulty level (Junior, Senior or Master.) We are playing as Senior Detective. Click on the address on your map to get to Aunt Eloise's house in Manhattan. Mattie welcomes you in, and you have a conversation with her about Rick and the death threats he has been getting. Even poisoned chocolates. Mattie goes to the studio, giving you a chance to look around. Examine the various items; the script she was studying, the love letters in the desk, the magazine sitting on a tray, the scrapbook under the window. Open the basket next to the scrapbook, and take the TV remote, allowing you to look in the magazine under it. There are also photos on the mantel, the end-table, and items in the shelves flanking the double doors. Out in the foyer, there is a note for you next to the phone. It says to call Ned. Talk to him. If you try Bess or George's numbers, they are not home right now. Maybe later. When you are finished here, go to the Studio.

Take note: it is not possible to exhaust all conversations, as it is in most games. Sometimes, you will find the conversation ending abruptly, leaving some topics unavailable. Throughout this game, you will find multiple questions available when you proceed through a conversation, but some choices will result in your becoming stuck in the game, while other choices will allow you to finish. As a rule, be a cautious detective, and try to proceed in such a way as to not "blow your cover."

WorldWide Broadcasting Headquarters

Before you talk to the security guard, check out a couple of magazines sitting around on the tables. Uh-oh, it looks like someone's been snipping out letters to create those nasty notes. Better be careful. See the guard and sign for your visitor's pass. On your way into the studio, have a look at the portrait of the WWB founder, Mildred Strathorn. Straight inside the door is the recording studio. The "On Air" light is lit, so we can't get in there yet. Read the instructions about the vacuum seal doors. Go left to the end of the corridor, overhearing the Producer, Bill Pappas grumbling. Go right, and knock on Mattie's dressing room. Talk with her until she has to go work. Look at the table next to the chair where she was sitting. You find an amorous note in French. Somebody who speaks French cares a lot about Mattie, it seems.
"My Sweetheart,

"Here is a symbol of my love for you. You are an angel sent from heaven to guide me and to give me hope. I love you and send you hugs and kisses."

Underneath that table is a newspaper suggesting that the ratings will drop if Rick leaves the show. The Producer didn't sound too thrilled about that, either. Check out the vanity to see what color lipstick Mattie likes. It looks a little mashed. Look on the top of the mini-fridge and open the letter to see the hidden-word puzzle:

Some of the clues read in reverse, and some are vertical. You can look at the other dressing-table and cosmetic chest, but there is nothing to do there. Go to the other side of the room, where the large chest of drawers is, and see the can letter on top, and the medallion in the jewelry box that is inscribed around the edge:

"A mask of sweet sincerity,
A cloak of loving-kindness,
Meant to sway the heart to trust,
And fill the eyes with blindness."

Then look in the other box to find a torn note. It is not a slider, more of a jigsaw. Rotate the pieces by placing the cursor at the upper right corner of a piece, so they are all right-side-up, then re-order them to re-assemble the note. When you get it right, it snaps together. Maybe it's from Mattie or maybe it's to Mattie - we can't tell yet.

Talk to Rick about everything. He's got a bit of an ego, but hey - he is an actor after all.

The Sound-Stage

When you are done here, go to the sound-stage and use your visitor's pass to enter. You will see a cutscene where Rory ( Rick) is almost crushed by a falling Klieg light. It appears someone rigged it to fall, but the blocking (position of the actors) was not just right; or maybe it was just right in order to come close and still miss. Everybody leaves and you can have a look around. Go onstage and turn around toward the entrance to see the teleprompter. An evil message from someone who must have access to the studio's equipment. There are several close-up views available, such as the side rooms, the music, the teacups, and the clock. The clock is missing a hand. If you examine the carpet next to the sofa, it seems there is a trap door concealed there. If you try the spiral stairs, the door to the control room is locked. You must search for the code. Between the spiral stairs and the entrance is a crate with a packing slip on top. At the upper right you see a bunch of numbers. Nancy Drew has been around, and she knows enough to prepare an alphabet decoder such as this one. It decodes numeric codes, and reversed-alphabet messages:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Taking those numbers from the packing slip yields this message:

On the other side of the room is a refreshment area with a dry-erase board on the wall. Looks like they plan things very accurately. Looking to the right, you can see a blackboard where the lighting director has detailed his (her) plans. There is also a wheel that operates the catwalk (it is stuck) and a flat cabinet which needs a key you don't have. Step back toward the entrance, then turn right and go toward the workshop area.
IMPORTANT: Approach the workbench, and take a screwdriver

Back at the entrance, you can see that the On Air sign is turned off, there is a vacuum door-seal override, and a fire alarm. Don't get cute and pull that fire alarm unless you want a security guard to appear. If you don't have a good reason to sound the alarm, it's Game Over, toots. Okay, go back and talk to Mattie. She is upset. Talk to Rick about the chocolates, truth, and the letters. He leaves, and you can poke around his room. Look on the green sofa. There is a box or Sorpresa Chocolates, and behind it a "loath-note" based on a famous poem by Janes Joyce. Someone has changed the wording. On top of the stereo is a broken watch and a note made from cut-out letters. "Your Time is Running Out" sort of like the message on the teleprompter. Check out the vanity to see he really has an ego; then look on the top of the nini-fridge. There are three thing there; two more cut-out notes signed this time by B. T. Kaisuur, and most important, a photo with a very jealous note. Is it written in lipstick? Look in the drawer. In the front is a photo to look at, and in the rear is a pair of 3-D glasses. Take them. To the right is the sink; with another cut-out note. Turn around and go to the dresser. On top is another note from the same typewriter, and a box of roses that apparently just arrived. Open the box. Eeeeww! They're dead! To the left, find another note on top and one in the drawer. Looks like she's really able to keep tabs on Rick. All around the room are framed magazine covers attesting to Rick's (Rory's) popularity. That's all here.

Go around the far corridor and knock on the Prop Room. The lady inside is Millie Strathorn. She says you aren't permitted in the prop room unless you are permitted in the prop room. Huh? I think she should send out for some oxygen. Go see the director, Lillian Weiss. Miss Congeniality she isn't! She takes away your pass. Can't get far without a pass. Go home and see if Mattie has any suggestions. She comes up with an idea - get hired by her agent, Dwayne Powers, and regain access to the set as an extra. Hollywood, here we come!

Dwayne Powers Agency

Ring the buzzer twice to get in. Sounds like Dwayne doesn't want any surprise visitors. Also, he sounds important. Says he provides WWB with nearly all their talent. Ask him about Rick, though, and his attitude changes for the worse. Return to WWB, and talk with Lillian again. Ask her about Dwayne, and it seems he isn't exactly at the head of her list. Go down the hall to the Prop Room.

The Prop Room

Answer three riddles to be admitted into the Prop Room. They are easy. If you just can't get the answers. have a look at Norma's Walkthrough. She lists the answers for all three levels of detective. Turn around and see the bell to the right of the door. It is inscribed: "The key to a mystery is revealed by the wise; when the bell sounds its toll and the moon makes its rise." What's that all about? Something to do with ringing a bell after dark, maybe? To the right of the bell are three shelves to look at; a box of jewelry, an old radio, and a gramophone. Turn way around and take a step toward the harp. To the right is a piano, Examine the music. Some of the notes are blue. If you play a musical instrument, you can read the notes. They are cageabadeggace. Fix that up to read, "Cage a Bad Egg, Ace!"

Look just to the right of the harp to find a map. Around the edge it says

"When gates are locked
And paths are blocked,
Then look for other ways.
The answer lies beneath your feet
To this perplexing maze."

Be sure you find
the wire-cutters
under the right
side of the map.

Now click on the chest below the harp. A "Towers of Hanoi" puzzle is revealed. For instructions, look close-up at the brass plaque. Solve the puzzle and receive the hour-hand that belongs to the clock on-stage. (If you enjoy the Towers of Hanoi, you can replay the puzzle for fun. Look left and take a doorknob from the box. You just never know when a doorknob will come in handy. (In fact, it will let you back into the Prop Room at night, when Millie takes the master doorknob home with her.) Further left are three shelves you can look at. See the gargoyle, a birdhouse, a diving helmet, and in-between the clock and a box, this crossword puzzle. You can't actually solve it on screen, but the words are pretty obvious.


You can blow on the bagpipe, just for fun. Further left is a locked cage. To its right are some shelves to examine. Open the mailbox and read the letter to Millie. Straight ahead is a fireman's helmet from the STFD. Cute. On the left of the cage, one shelf contains an oil can you can take, and a diary. If you looked closely at the map, you saw it was a chart of the round-the-world of M. Strathorn in the 1790's. Here you will find a page from his diary. Neat Stuff. Look at the other shelves, then go to the desk.

IMPORTANT: Examine the typewriter and observe that the notes you saw before were created on this very machine. Whoever typed those notes has access to the prop-room.

While you are at the typewriter. look at the keyboard. Some letters are a different color, as if they've been used a lot, maybe. E, R, T, I, A, H, K, C. They can be rearranged to spell "HATE RICK."

Open the log book on the left side of the desk. Inside the front cover is a page in code. Use the decoder chart above to figure out what it says.

"Many pages come before this
In the Log Book with a clue,
But nothing comes after this,
Unless it's written in the glue."

Huh? I think Millie's been sniffing the glue. Now look at the page on the other side. You can look at both the top and bottom of the page. It seems some interesting props were signed out for today, Friday the thirteenth. Hacksaw, mask, police tape to name a few. Check the paper sticking out to see a list of missing items. Even more interesting: fake beard, spirit gum (that's for sticking on fake beards) 3D glasses (we know where those are) and a tape recorder. Somebody's up to something alright.

Now look at the top right corner of the log book to get a close-up view, and pick up the corner. Someone has written something there - possibly a password? It says "Millie WWB1958."

Exit the prop room. My goodness. We were in the Prop Room so long it is after hours and everyone has left. Talk to Mattie before you leave. Exit by way of the Talent Exit, around the far corridor past Rick's room and go home.

Aunt Eloise's House

When you arrive home, there is a package for you from Hanna on the chair next to the phone. Read the note, take the videotape, and go watch it on the VCR. Then head for the stairs. It's been a long day; time for some sleep. Actually, change to day, that means you are getting up the next day. Go to WWB and knock on Rick's door. It is unlocked, and opens slightly. Go in. Uh-oh. Someone has written "Die Rick" on the mirror. And there's that tape recorder that has been missing. It says Play Me. Go ahead and play it. A very distorted message plays, something about blowing Rick to smithereens. You better have a look inside the case. Use the screwdriver four times to open up the box, revealing a bomb inside. The wire cutters will take care of disarming the bomb, provided you cut the wires in the proper order. Sorry, I am sure there is a clue to the colors somewhere, but I haven't seen it. In real life you cannot afford to experiment, because the "second chance" option doesn't work, but in the game it does. If you don't want to be blown up, the order is yellow, red, orange, blue. A cutscene takes you home, with phone calls from Ned and Mr. Pappas, the producer. Talk to him about everything. At the end of the call, notice a new piece of paper on the desk. It gives you the entry code for the Talent Entrance. There is also a note for you to call George. Talk to her about everything. Switch to night and go to WWB.

WorldWide Broadcasting Headquarters

The front door is closed; go around the left side and enter through the Talent Entrance. The code is 3689. At night, don't meander around the halls too much. Security personnel are around. Go directly to Lillian's office and check it out. To get in, use your actor's pass on the doorknob. Begin searching by turning right, toward the TV. There is a lot to do in this room, and you should be organized. Look at the clipboard under the TV. The top sheet has some info (if it's useful, I haven't figured it out) and at the second sheet which appears red and scrambled. Those 3D glasses will come in handy here, sorting out the colors so you can see the decoder.

Look at the bookshelf. Didn't the list of missing props include a pair of maracas? Hmmm. Over to the desk. The Rolodex is open to a card belonging to Ms Teri Gaime. Could be pronounced "Mystery Game." Cute. Look at the fax. See the words in italics? Read them vertically. It says "A bitter hoax tainted with hate is a secret revenge from a previous date." Look in the top left drawer and see the bottle of rubber cement. Just the thing I would use to create a ransom-style note of cut-out letters. While you are right there, look in the wastebasket. Uh-ohhhh! Do you think Lillian wrote that hate-poem? Look up at the bookshelf and open the book on Anger Management. Take the computer disk. Go toward the printer and close-up on the date-book. he rescheduled yesterday's appointment. Was she too busy doing other things? Who is Moira Cunningham? How could Lillian have time to go to lunch at Chez Pierre on a day they shoot an episode? Did she know the studio would get closed early?

That numerical message on the lower left page says "Life is Like a Box of Chocolates." Look closely at the notepad next to the in/out box. Take the pencil and rub it, revealing a phone number for the chocolate company. Make a note: 555-5469. You can look in the container of floppy disks and see what they're about. Lillian was pretty organized, that's all. Back away and look at the bulletin board above the computer. Lillian had proposed some changes to the layout of the set. Look in the lower left drawer and find the Castor Oil. Pretty horrid tasting stuff, if I recall. Wouldn't do at all to soak someone's chocolates in that, would it? Okay, let's have a look at the computer. Before you actually log in, notice the post-it note on the right. It says, "Thorns and petals of demise are a bitter reflection of one's envy and despise." That wouldn't have anything to do with dead roses, would it? Let's log in. We aren't long on passwords here, so try the one you found in the prop room: Millie/wwb1958. Bravo - you're in! Well, there's not a whole lot here. The filing cabinet wants an employee I.D. number which we don't have, the Maintenance folder doesn't tell us very much, but it does have some names. More later, maybe. The help is just that - help. The key - oh, here's something useful. Entry codes to various areas. The control room's code is actor, but the keypad was in funny symbols. Read all the e-mail. The floppy drive isn't available. Wait a minute - we have a disk let's log out, put that disk in the drive and log back on. The plot thickens - here is a letter to Rick exposing Lillian's feelings. (Like she has feelings!) Before you check out of the computer, print out the document. Go read it. It is a list of incidents involving Rick Arlen.

In the Studio

Go to the clock and use the hand on one of the numbers. Did it chime? That's probably not what you want. Try the 11. (A reminder of The 11th Hour, maybe?) You will have a new key. Go up the spiral stairs and look at the keypad. Remind you of those images on the clipboard decoder? The code word is "ACTOR" and the letters can be found on the decoder, and "snipped out" to form the symbols on the keypad. So, the combination is:

Go to the back of the control room and open the electric box with the key you just obtained. Turn on the power. Look right to find the audio equalizer. Use the cassette tape that came from Rick's bomb (they made you a copy, remember?) and adjust the controls to hear it better. Try turning the voice (Ch. 1) volume down and the other two up, one at a time. The background noises suggest that the tape was made nearby. The quality never gets perfect, but you can understand the words. "Hello, Rick. Don't try to leave the room. The doors are locked. Didn't you get my first warning? Somewhere in this room is an explosive device that will blow your body to smithereens . . . (unintelligible)" Use the Power button to exit the machine. Swing back around to the shelves, and pick up the video from Security. Look at the Whiteboard. A faint message says "Light reveals what is hidden in the darkness; but you must first unlock the power of the light." [Optional - you can play with the sound-effects board at the far end of the room. It's comparable with the jukebox in Secrets Can Kill - fun, but not much help.]

Find that corrugated cabinet on the wall by the catwalk control. Unlock it with the same key, and turn on the generator. Move the levers thus: top once, middle once, top once, bottom all the way to the right. You should hear the generator start. Push the button on the motor to engage the machinery. Go to the stage and find the trap door at the end of the sofa. Now it is open, and ready for use. (All major stages have elevators in the floor, usually big enough for a 9-foot grand piano.) Go down, find the other end, and go up. You are in the Prop Room Cage. Go forward and look at the shirt pocket. Two big things here: the name Owen Spayder (we saw that in the temp's list in the computer) and the I.D. number - also wanted by the computer.) And the shirt-sleeve is torn. Must Be Important. Go to the refreshment area and look at the wheel that operates the catwalk ladder. It is stuck; would it help to oil it? Yes! Go up the ladder and explore. You will find a piece of material torn from someone's shirt near one of the lights. Looks like Spayder had something to do with the lights. Well, he is a stage hand, after all.

Let's go back to the computer. By the way, see if "Owen W. Spayder" is an anagram. Twist the letters around to spell another name.

Log in and click on the filing cabinet. Put in Spayder's Employee I.D. Don't use any spaces or hyphens, so it looks like 318672001. Hey! it looks like every time something happened to Rick, Spayder was on the set. The times correspond to those on the sheet you found in the printer. Exit, and go to the Powers Agency. Look at the right side of the doorbells, and ring Hess Grumbly. He lets you in because He was expecting a pizza.

Dwayne Powers Agency

"I need something to make this work!" How about your pass. It worked before, right? Again, this is a big search, so start to the right of the door. See the newspaper that suggests Rick might leave the show. And the plant that looks like a cross between an elm tree and a Venus fly-trap. Yuck! Look to the left of the sofa. There's a chess game in progress. Sticking out from under it is a theatre ticket. Uuhhh? Didn't we see a similar ticket in Rick's drawer, where the 3D glasses were? If we were observant, we did. Turn all the way around until you see the coat hanging there. Check the wallet in the pocket. His business card has a number written in pencil: 4377-663?. Go past the sofa and check the bookshelf. There is a book of French phrases translated. Let's see . . . who had that mushy note in French?

Look in the desk. Start in the middle, that's always where the best stuff is. Hmmm - a container of Spirit Gum. I remember that; good for sticking on beards, mustaches and eyebrows. Oh - an airline ticket to Rio (good only in conjunction with pax . . . who? ($35.00 - must be a frequent flyer.) He keeps a doorknob in the lower right drawer. If you didn't notice, Millie takes the prop-room doorknob home with her at night. The lower right drawer has a bunch of stuff. Look at the authors on the cover of the book: "Amanda Watch, Ima Delusion, ND Kant-Hyde" Cute. Pronounce them A man to watch; I'm a delusion; ND Can't Hide. Look at the clipboard. Phone numbers (you won't need them), a diagram for making a bomb, and a cryptic message. Use your handy decoder above to translate it

"One will come and one will go
Never the two of their faces show,
Follow one to find another,
Catch the first, you've caught the other!
On top of the desk; to the right, an address book showing the mortgage company and a calculator showing $5317.34. In the center, a fortune cookie with the message "Even though revenge should be sweet, Jealous acts will end in defeat." Looks like his car is in bad shape, too. To the left, above the briefcase, the in-box has a nasty note. Open the briefcase using the code from the wallet. Pick up the keys and examine all the papers. Eviction, credit trouble, an unhappy bank statement . . .
IMPORTANT: Look at the check from Lillian to Dwayne.

Look in the filing cabinet. Be sure to check all the papers in each file. Also look at the things on the table with the fax machine. Leave here, go home and switch to daytime. Head over to the studio and check things out.

Talk to Lillian. Ask her about Owen Spayder, then accuse her of sending the chocolates. She "fires" you.

Go home. A package is waiting for you on the chair. It is ticking. Uh-oh. Nancy Drew, undaunted and invincible, bravely opens the box. Inside is an alarm clock and a nasty note. It's not a bomb after all, just an alarm clock. Whew! Go into the living room and watch the video tape from the security cameras. It is the tape with the red label. Who is that guy, and why does he walk so funny? Is that a real beard? [Optional: Call Dwayne 555-2900 and talk with him about everything.]

IMPORTANT: Call Bess and talk with her about everything, especially the fact that Lillian and Rick were dating.

WorldWide Broadcasting Headquarters

Talk to Mattie about Lillian and Rick, Rick about dating Lillian and Mattie, and Millie about Rick. Ask them all about Owen Spayder. Go home. The phone rings. Lillian asks you to meet her later tonight at the studio. Switch to night and go to the studio.
Having trouble getting Lillian to call you?
Click Here to download a saved game.

Go to the sound-stage and meet with Lillian. She shows you a threatening letter she received. You might want to save your game while reading the letter. It's the last chance you will have to save. It would allow you to try the different choices that are coming up. You get the opportunity to select from a list of suspects. No matter which you choose, you will end up in the final scene. Talk with Dwayne. When he starts to come downstairs, turn right and pull the fire alarm. The security guard wants to come in, but the vacuum door seal prevents his entering. Open the over-ride panel and solve the puzzle therein. It's a memory-sequence puzzle. Find the first button that creates a white triangle, then the second, etc. The more buttons you know, the easier it gets to find the next one, obviously. Also, when you don't succeed, and use the "Second Chance" option, the sequence is different, but probably simpler.

Having trouble completing the puzzle in time?
Click Here to download a patch
that gives you unlimited time.

Congratulations Detective Drew, on solving another difficult case. See you in the next one.

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