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Walkthrough by Tally Ho

The opening movie brings you to your home in Providence, Rhode Island in 1927. You are William Stanton, ordinary man about to step into an adventure. Your assignment, Mr. Stanton, should you decide to accept it, is to save the world.

As you sit in the drawing-room, there is a knock on the door. Answer the front door, and a very distraught Edgar Wycherley gives you a stone pyramid and tells you not to give it to anyone, most of all himself. Go back into the drawing-room, and find the key on the phone-stand. Go to the desk in the corner of the room and use the key to open the middle drawer. Take the money (go ahead, it's your money) and the keys to the motorcycle. As you leave. there is another knock at the door. Meet Doctor Egleton, who gives you his telephone number, and some information.

You can wander at will in Pawtuxet, knocking on doors and attempting to converse with people. Generally, however, due to the very linear nature of Necronomicon, there is only one suitable action at any time. If you prefer to do your own wandering throughout the game, and discover the correct action without my spoiling it, there is a list of locations to visit in the correct sequence on This Page.

Go start the motorcycle, and go to the right, into Pawtuxet. (They spell it Pawtucket these days.) Kind of a quiet town, not much is going on. You can try to talk to people, and knock on doors, but the only response you will get is from the old lady in an alley behind the church. She is Ma Brady, and she suggests you see Mr. Crumb at the General Store. We hope it's open, because there was a closed sign when we looked before. The big challenge is finding Ma Brady.

Anyway, to find her, stand in front of the General Store (the light grey building with the "closed" sign) and turn right, toward the church. Walk forward four times, and look right to see the alley with the reddish barrel. Go into the alley as far as you can, and talk with Ma Brady.

Give her some money, and she will tell you to see Mr. Crumb, at the grocer's. Talking with Mr. Crumb, he tells you need a map. Pick up a map, then add some money to it to make the purchase. Twenty bucks for a map! Twenty more for the information! Things were hot in the 'twenties, I guess. While you are there, buy a box of matches. You won't be needing them for quite a while, but you'll be glad to have them when the time comes. Now that you have a map, you can just open it and click on your destination to travel instantly. You can walk to Edgar Wycherleys house from here, just go past Ma Brady's alley and keep going, or click on the northernmost house on the map.

Don't ring that bell too often! 

The housekeeper won't let you in, and he gets increasingly unfriendly. Just Leave. Edgar's parents' house is the furthest west on the map. Go there and speak with Edgar's father. It's a strange, one-way sequence, where you have no chance to partake in the conversation, except to make it continue by clicking on the portrait of Gregor Herschell over the fireplace. After that, return to Pawtuxet. Go see Mr. Crumb at the General store and pay him for information about Herschell. He suggests you talk to the captain, who is down by the water, working on his boat. The captain recalls Herschell, and mentions the Gazette, which appears on your map. Go to the Providence Gazette office and speak to the editor, who gives you several important dates. Go into the archive room and search for some files. The notable years you must access are Missing Soldiers, 1754 and The Fire, 1761. The missing-soldiers story and the fire story will be placed in the Bureau, in your inventory. (You can open all the file drawers, but not all contain pop-up files, and not all pop-up files are readable, and there are others which you can read, but are non-essential. Use the stool to reach the top files, and stoop down to get to the bottom ones.) You cannot exit the newspaper office through the doorway, you must use your map to go next to Pawtuxet village and speak with the boat captain again.

He refers you to Blackfish, who lives in the house right behind where you are standing, with the two barrels in front. Blackfish seems thirsty, and not particularly friendly. Go to the Grocery and buy him a bottle of Hooch.

You might want to save your game before giving Mr. Blackfish the hooch. It loosens his tongue, (as it is apt to loosen mine and thine) and he sails into a lengthy monologue, which you cannot repeat. If you need to hear it again, a saved game is the only way repeat this speech.

He tells you to go see Mr. Procop, whose name you might have seen in a 1927 article about some vandalism. Mr. Procop says he needs time for research, to come back tomorrow. Let's go back to Edgar's house, at the top of the map. This time he is home, and you can enter. Edgar seems a bit out of sorts. He introduces you to Dr. Owens. When the conversation stops, you can poke around the house if you want to, but everything is inactive for now. Go back home, to your own house. The telephone has the "puzzle-gears" on it, so use the phone number Dr. Egleton gave you. It triggers another conversation you cannot repeat. Either save before starting it, or be good at taking notes. The suggestion is made that Edgar must be committed to an asylum. Use your map to go to Edgar's parents' home. Talk to father, and go upstairs. Open the desk drawer, second from the right. There is a key there, which you may not be able to see, but the hand-cursor will indicate something can be picked up. You can poke around the room, but it's just busy-work. There is nothing in the bed-stand, the chest, nor the bureau.

Go to Edgar's house. This time, no-one is home and you must use the key to get in. You are able to explore the corner-cupboards and the sideboard. In the sideboard, you will find the letter from Simon and the 'indecipherable' letter.

Go to your own home and speak with Dr. Egleton. You see the scene where Edgar is taken and committed. (By the way, doesn't that portrait next to the door look a lot like Johannes Brahms?) At the end, you have arrived at Edgar's home again. Look in the left-hand corner-cupboard, bottom drawer. Take two items, a key and a map of the bungalow. Go back home, give the map to Dr. Egleton, and go to the bungalow. Walk around back of the building to find a small open shed. Take the car keys from the hook, and go to the car. Open the trunk, finding a pry-bar. This is your "key" to the front door. Go inside and see the close-up view of the zodiac tapestry.

Cross the room, and find a calendar from 1751 on the table. (Don't ask me to explain the astrological references.) go further, to the sideboard, and pull it away from the wall, revealing a niche with a lockbox. Use the heart-hey to open the box and take the two objects: a large ornate key and a medallion depicting Saturn with a scythe, and his symbol, . Make a mental connection with his image, and the man in the tapestry with a scythe, and the alchemist's symbol for lead; . Head toward the stairs, then left into the pantry. Move the barrel, open the trapdoor, to find a lock-puzzle. Three rings can be rotated to select metallic symbols, planetary symbols, and names (archangels maybe? I'm a little hazy on that sort of history.) The clue to the name is to be found in Herschell's Journal. If you select Lead (5 clicks), Saturn (5 clicks) and Cassiel, (3 clicks) the big lock is revealed. Use the big lock to open the door to the underground passageway. If for some reason you did not buy matches at the grocer's, you will need to do that now.

Enter the tunnels, and light the torches along the way. (I had to play this segment after dark, with the lights off, and fiddle with the monitor's settings in order to see anything. Some players have suggested turning the monitor's brightness up to maximum.) You will have exactly enough matches (eight) to make it into the room where the candelabra is. Some of the torches are difficult to find, because you must look behind yourself, after you step forward. Search up and down along the walls. You must not skip any torches. Do not go more than two steps forward without finding a torch. The ninth match will be used on the candelabra. When you are down to one match, you arrive at a closed gate, but the door to the right is open. Go in and use your last match to light the candelabra. Step toward the globe and pull the lever, changing the gates in the passageway. Your exit back to the bungalow is now blocked, and the other passage is open. Pick up the lighter from the table. Go out to the hallway, find the lantern on the wall and light it.

Save Your Game Here, Please. You will be entering the Well Room. If you step in a hole, it's 
"Game Over." 

Eeeek! Now, that wasn't very friendly! You look in a hole, just to see what's there, and the monster startles you and you lose the lantern down the hole. Rats! Oh well, we've been through worse than this, and saved the world too! Up and at 'em. From the entrance, don't step forward into the room; turn right instead, hugging the wall, and go along the wall two steps. Light the torch on the wall. It's over your shoulder, and up high. Turn toward the center of the room, and stepping between the wells, go to the altar and pick up the axe from the floor. Do it quickly, because the torch will go out, leaving you with no light to find your way back to the wall. Going TO the altar is not hard, just find the steps between the wells. Coming back, the route is harder to see. Here's some help:

Okay, here. A picture is worth a thousand hints, right? Assuming you did light the torch and can see, after you get to the altar and pick up the hatchet, rotate to the LEFT until you see the arrow pointing to the right hand door, and step once toward it. Like this:
Then turn left some more until you are pointing directly toward a hole that is two steps away and left of the doors, and step once toward it.
Then turn right until you are pointing at the middle of the three doors:

After that, go right toward the torch (even if it has gone out;) hug the wall and exit where you came in.

Go back to the chandelier room. You can now open the chest with the hatchet and find another key and lantern. Light it, and unlock the big cabinet with the new key. Take the fuel can and alchemist's briefcase. To the left, look for a stairway. Go up and take the "Spirits of the Day" book. It gives you essential formulas and clues. Back downstairs, Take the "Book of Oaths" from the table. Exit the office, left once, then right into the archway. The left fork takes you into a "nothing" room; the right fork takes you to a coffin. lift the lid, raise the hand of the corpse to find another key. Go back to the well room, and hugging the wall, go all the way round to the Lab. You still have the lantern, so now you can see. Open the gate with the key, and enter the lab, to discover it is dark. We will have to generate power to get the lights going.

Go all the way to the back of the room. Uh-oh. There's another one of those zodiac locks. Later for that. Look right and enter the boiler room. There's a coal-scoop, in the coal-bin, on the floor next to the door. Use the coal-scoop to load the furnace three times, pour on some starter-fluid, and light the fire. Close the grate. Look up. Pull the center of three levers, open the valve, and the steam starts flowing. Go back through the lab, all the way to the entrance, and, from facing the door, step to the left once. Turn to your left and look down. Find the valve that gives steam to the generator and turn it. Then, go back to the the door. Just to the left of the door, on the wall is the master switch. Turn on the power so we can see something. Heaven knows we've started enough boilers and generators in our gaming days. The hardest part about this one is finding that generator-valve on the floor. It's very dark. Watch for the spyglass-cursor.

Go to the other end of the room, to the left of the puzzle-lock and find the controls attached to a brain in a jar. Start the mechanism with the button on the left, and turn the lever on the right to get the brain talking. He winds down, needing vital fluid to keep him going. Across the room is a lab-table with a bunch of jars on shelves behind. Go behind the table to find the chemical apparatus. You need to mix two ingredients in the beaker, to create the vital fluid. If you experiment with random combinations from the shelves behind you, all sorts of reactions are possible. Both chemicals come from the bottom shelf. Use the third jar from the right, and the second from the left (counting the one without the pickup-cursor.) You can tell by the reaction that you mixed the correct ingredients. To use the fluid, you need the syringe, which is sitting in the sink across the aisle. It doesn't look terribly sterile, but I don't think Brain will care. A fix is a fix, and we need the information he possesses at any cost. We have the world to save, after all.

Go to the vacuum-jar next to Brain, and inject the vital fluid. Pull the lever beneath the jar to activate it. Get Brain talking by turning on the power with the button on the left, and flipping the switch at the right until he talks to you. Now you get scads of information from Brain, including the opportunity to make choices and answer questions and learn the connection between weekdays and planets; Mars and Tuesday, for example.

If you studied the "Spirits of the Day" book throughly, you have some idea of the recipe needed to raise Mr. Levy, a Mars-Spirit, from the dead. Go to the herb-cabinet near the entrance to the lab. On the desk nearby is a botany book. Look in it to see what Euphorbia looks like. Click on the lower-right quadrant of the cabinet to see the drawer labeled Charcoal. Open it, take the charcoal and take the key. Then, two rows above that is a label that is unreadable. Look in the drawer to see some Euphorbia. Take some. There is only one slot in your inventory that holds herbs, and if you take the wrong herb, it will be in your inventory, just to mislead you. You could spend months trying to figure out this recipe to raise the dead. You would probably need to use it on yourself by the time you figured it out.

Now for the lock. The clues for the lock in the bungalow were fairly evident. This one was not so obvious. Check the "Spirits of the Day" book and Herschell's Journal. The planet sign is Mars:  (Tuesday) and the metal is iron: . The name, Samuel, bears the same symbol as found in the journal. Looking at the engraving on the lock, it compares most closely with this page in the Book of oaths. Remember the name Eliphas Levis.

Go into the Chamber of Amphorae. The far-left aisle is labeled Materials. Go up that aisle five steps and look close-up to the left. The amphora you want is labeled E.L. Take the ashes with you, and proceed out of this room into the torture-chamber.

Put the charcoal and styrax (find it in the alchemist's briefcase) on the incense burner and ignite them with your lighter. Open the table-drawer and find Eliphas Levy's card and place it on the pentagram on the floor. Put his ashes there, along with a diamond and some Euphorbia. Burn them. If you goof up somehow, and use the wrong herb or jewel or ashes, you can return to the lab to get Euphorbia, and to the urn-room to get the right ashes. The name-card reappears in the drawer, and the incense is still burning.

You might want to save your game before starting the fire. A very long cutscene follows, and if you want to hear it again, a saved game is the only way replay it.

Take Edgar's key. You finish up in your home, where there is nothing to do. Go back to Edgar's house, the one at the top of the map, and go down to the basement. Use the key to open that door, and take three items from the room: a statuette and a package from the shelf, and the Necronomicon from the cabinet. Go back upstairs, turn right into the living-room, and pick up the label from the top of the bookcase. On the way out the door, pick up the newspaper and the letter from the floor, and return home. Give the Necronomicon to Dr. Egleton. (I do wish he would glue his teeth in a little tighter!) The library appears on your map, so let's visit there. Go all the way to the back of the room, to the right to enter the office.

After meeting the librarian, show him the Necronomicon, then examine the book he is reading. Find it a little hard to read? Click Here for a transcript. Exit the office, and go almost back to the entrance to find the Occult Sciences section. (F, L, F5, L, F2) You can examine many books, but the one you are looking for is in the small shelf just under the window. "The Moon, Gateway to the Soul." Take it to the Librarian. Examine the book to find a clue about the dragon. Click here for a transcript. Exit the office, and go straight across to the entrance to the rare book archives downstairs. Find the "Red Dragon" book and take it to the Librarian. Examine that book for more clues. Click here for a transcript. This is pretty good stuff. Actually, it clarifies the whole point of the game.

Next, find the Symbolism section, the bay adjacent to the Occult. (From the office, F, L, F, L, F, R, F4, L, F) Find the "Language of Initiates" book under the window and take it to the office. The Librarian discovers references to the Ancient Cities. He produces a map, and it is up to you to find their locations. Place objects on the map in the following positions: (sequence is unimportant.)

The Gazette -- Greenland
The Label -- Africa
The Package -- Surinam (South America)
The Letter -- Transylvania (Eastern Europe)
The Statuette -- South Atlantic Ocean

Connect the first three to form a triangle. Connect the other two and Pawtuxet to form a second triangle, completing the Hexagram and opening the gates to the ancient cities.

Use your map to go there, and examine the pyramid that Edgar gave you at the outset, to learn three symbols. They represent the settings for the three devices securing the entrance. Adjust the devices to match the symbols, and a keyhole is revealed. (Click the acute triangle five times, the arc-and-lever two times, and the broken circle four.) The key you need is in the Alchemist's Briefcase. Use the key in the lock, and the pyramid-lock area is exposed. Place your pyramid in the center, then pick up the other three pyramids to activate the entrance to the Ancient City. Find it at the small stone pyramid on the perimeter of the pentagram. Push the button on the pyramid to enter. Take note of the two symbols carved near the base of the pyramid before you go. Down the stairs are three passages. The left and right ones are dead-ends. Take the middle one. Did I mention that I HATE MAZES? This one especially! The first part is not too bad (says he who hates mazes) just proceed downward until you come to a circular platform with four symbols on it. It's eight steps, mostly forward. Three of the symbols point to tunnels you can take. If you enjoy foaming at the mouth and tearing your hair out by the handfuls, go explore. Otherwise, take the path indicated by this arrow-shaped symbol: . (Actually, the rightmost path is a short dead-end, and the other two connect behind the wall, so it doesn't matter which way you start out; I guarantee you will get equally lost either way.)

Anyway, take three steps straight ahead to the flat wall and look right. Two hotspots here; take the left one. Three more steps, and turn left to see a round tunnel. Go there. Three steps straight ahead takes you across a stone crossing. Turn around and face the stone crossing. You can see the way you came. To the right of that is a complex area that looks like a triple tunnel, but with only two hotspots. Take the right hotspot, not the single tunnel further right. Three steps that way, then go down. Two steps, then take the left of two choices. Three steps, then look way up. Go over the hump, look down again to see a green door. That's the end of this maze. Go to the pedestal, and look around the room. Straight ahead is an exit, which is closed, and to the right is a gate which is closed. Activate the pedestal. Solve the puzzle by pushing all the buttons in the middle column. The gate opens. Go to the right, toward the three doors, and activate the timer on the left-hand wall. The gate comes back down, and the other exit opens, but you can't get back to it. You must go full-circle, always using the middle door, and arrive back where you started, before two minutes elapses, otherwise the gate re-opens, and the exit closes. You would need to repeat the sequence if that happens. As you return successfully to the pedestal-room, look left to find that exit still open, and enter if before it slams shut. In the large round room, study the images above the wall.

Now, lace up those walking shoes! It's a long way to go. Through the triangular tunnel, the Great Spire comes into view. Doesn't look too big, does it? That's because it's s-o-o-o far away. Go forward four steps, and find the ramp to your left and go down. Again left and again down, until you finally come to a level area. Walk toward the spire, (you pass somebody; who in the world was that?) keep going, and go all the way around to the back side to find the entrance; it's about sixteen steps. Climb up and into the spire.

Push a triangular button on the control panel to open the right-hand corridor. The buttons are in the same sequence as the symbols on the wall in the large round room. Start with the top center, the zig-zag symbol. Go through there to the next control panel. Repeat the process five more times, until you have come full circle again, all the way around the perimeter of the spire, going counter-clockwise. If you must have the buttons, they are top center, bottom left, top left, bottom center, top right and bottom right. When you are back where you started, go into the left doorway, and look for a new open door on your right. (If you saw this door on your left as you arrived here, fine. Just enter it.) Enter the ante-chamber. Place your three pyramids in the slots. If nothing happens, just interchange them until it's solved. The sequence, should you have studied it, comes from the images in the round room. It's also the same sequence from the triangular buttons. When done, you have opened another door.

Go straight in, until you come to several choices. You need to go around the diamond-shaped column you are facing, turn around and find the button on the back side of that column. Push it. Right behind you, you have opened a low, square doorway. Go in and find the spot with two buttons. (There is another, more roundabout way to get here, but the little doorway is a shortcut.) Push both buttons. Go ahead to the flat wall, go right, left, left, straight, and look right. You are at a mechanical door with a button on either side. Push the right button, then go through the opening next to the left button. Remember the routine, we will be doing it four times the same way. F,R,R,F,L,L,L. Look right and do the same thing (right button.) L,R,F. Same thing. F,R,F. Look left to see the buttons. Same deal. F,R,F. STOP!

Save Your Game Here, Please. You are approaching the "Final Conflict", and it is a tightly-timed puzzle. Anyhow, you will want to see both endings. 

Work your way forward until you are standing at the giant door, surrounded by seven pillars. You must unlock the door and get to the device as the man is reciting the incantation. You must get to him before he finishes reading. Is he Herschell? Is he Edgar? Is he opening the gates to allow the Old Ones to reclaim the earth? If you succeed, you destroy the Ancient Cities and save the world. If not . . .

Here's what to do: Think of the pillars as being numbered from 1 to 7, from left to right. The symbols represent the effect they have on the door (double-horizontal, etc, and the door's locks must be operated in the correct sequence. Click on them in this order to unlock the door. 2,3,5,4 - 2,6,4,7 - 2,1. The door opens, and you must go forward and click on him before he finishes the spell. First ending: You don't get the door unlocked in time. This is a must-see; the world comes to an exciting and cataclysmic end. Second ending: You get the door unlocked, but fail to stop him in time. Just an abrupt "Game Over." Third ending: You stop his chanting, and save the world. Dull but desirable.

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Title Graphic Copyright Wanadoo



The Old Ones and Their Spawn

The Old Ones were, and shall be.
From the Dark Stars they came,
Before Man was born.
They descended to Primal Earth.

Beneath the oceans they brooded
while ages passed,
'til seas receded;
Whereupon they swarmed forth
and their multitudes ruled this earth.

At the frozen poles,
They raised mighty cities
And upon the heights,
Temples to those whom nature
Owns not, and the gods have cursed.
They have walked amidst the stars,
and they have walked the earth.

The City of Irem in the Great Desert
has known them;
Leng in the Cold Waste
has seen their passing,
and the Timeless Citadel erected
on the cloud-veiled heights
of the Kadath.

The unknown bears their mark.
Wantonly the Old Ones
trod the ways of the darkness
and their blasphemies were great
upon the earth.

And the Elder Lord opened their eyes,
and beheld the abominations
of those who were ravaging the earth,

In their wrath, they set their hand
against the Old Ones,
Staying them in the midst
of their iniquity,
and cast them from the earth
into the void
into spaces where chaos reigned
and no form does abide.

And the Elder Lords set their seal
upon the gateway
The Old Ones could do nothing
in the face of its power.

The Old Ones now dwell
beyond this gate;
not in the spaces known to man,
but in the angles between them.
Beyond our earthly spheres
they linger
and ever await the time
of their return.

For the earth has known them
and shall know them
in time yet to come.


The Head of the Dragon


Yog-Sothoth stands
at the head of the Dragon
and shall give a sign to the Old Ones
when the stars
Tell that the time to return has come.

For Yog-Sothoth is the Gate.
Through this gate shall pass those
who populate the void
when they return.

Yog-Sothoth knows the mazes of time,
for all time is one for him.
He knows where the Old Ones came
of old, and where they shall come
forth again
when the cycle returns.

After day cometh night.
Man's time shall pass
and they shall rule where they once
As foulness you shall know them,
and their accursedness shall
stain the earth.


The Gates of the Cities


If you open the gates of the cities,
through their different influences.
The Hall of Power
shall be established.

And through these gates,
you shall invoke
those who are beyond the time
and space of man.

When the Moon
enters the triangle,
by turning the gates in the direction
from whence they shall come,

by speaking the words
and making the signs
that shall bring the Old Ones.

they shall reign again on this earth.