Subject 13 walkthrough

by Jenny100


Menu and Game Options


When you first start the game, a window pops up that allows you to choose Screen Resolution, Graphics Quality, and Select Monitor. By default my settings were set very low, at 1024x768 and "Fastest" despite that my video card was able to support much better. There is also a checkbox in case you want to play the game windowed, which might be necessary for those with low end video.


Once you're satisfied with your Graphics configuration, click the Play button to start the game. The game should "remember" your chosen settings for your next playing session, though it will display the window every time you start the game.


At the menu, select your Profile and "New Experience" to start (or restart) the game. There is no manual save, and you click "Continue the Experience" to pick up where you left off last playing session. There are three separate profiles that you can play under.


The Options selection in the Main Menu has separate volume settings for Sound Effects and Music, has a slidebar for Quality (I assume graphics quality), and allows you to choose your language (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German).


During gameplay there are three icons in the upper right of the screen. The top one will get you back to the main menu, allow you to restart, allow you to adjust options (useful if the music is too loud, as it was on my computer), allow you to exit the game, or allow you to continue playing.


The middle icon gives you game tips.


The lowest icon allows you to read the "testimonies" that you discover as you play through the game. These "testimonies," which are messages left by people who previously lived on the island will tell you what happened before you came were brought there.


Your inventory is in the lower left of the screen, where inventory items appear in hexagonal boxes. You can get a close-up of an inventory item by right-clicking on it. In the close-up, you can rotate and move the item around, usually by right-clicking-and-dragging it, occasionally by left-clicking.


The game is divided into four areas (I'll call them chapters)


I will list the dates on the testimonies I found in the walkthrough, however there was some variation on which testimony was found in which location, so you may get a testimony with a different date. You may notice that there are a couple of testimonies that appear in different places as compared to the "List of Testimonies" I made before writing this walkthrough.




In my experience the game had a tendency to lose inventory, or not to spawn it in the first place. Also "testimonies" might not appear, or might not register as being found if they do appear and you collect them. Other players have also reported losing inventory.

The 1.2 patch was supposed to fix the problem, but even after installing the patch, I had a testimony not spawn during one playthrough. It's possible to finish the game without all the testimonies, but not very satisfying.


Testimonies: Check the List of Testimonies here.




Click "New Experience" to start a new game.


A car falls down through water.

You see a locket with a woman's picture, also in the water.

You see your character falling down through water, then being teleported away in a flash of white light.


Chapter 1 -- The First Room


You awaken, and a disembodied voice asks how you feel.

Choose whichever choice you want as a response -- the result will be much the same.


The first part of the game is a tutorial, and you will be given tips on how to navigate. For example, right-click-and-drag the mouse to pan around.


You are sitting in a chair. Pan down and a bit to the right to see a red button near your right arm. Push the button. A keypad appears. You need a code.


Pan left to a small monitor by your left knee. Move your cursor so it turns to a gear over the monitor. Left-click-and-hold your mouse button until a magnifying glass and eye appear. While still holding down your mouse button, move your cursor over the eye until the eye gets large, and click the eye for a comment. Repeat the process, this time selecting the magnifying glass to zoom in. To select the eye or magnifying glass, you must click-and-drag your mouse in such a way that the icon you want increases in size before clicking it. 


Click-and-drag the slidebar on the monitor to the right to see pictures of the two characters. Decide which character you want to play as -- the character originally designed for the game (on the left) or the top-contributing backer for the game's Kickstarter, on the right. In my game, the number for the original character was 03-99 and the number for the backer was 19-12. The game plays the same with either character, and the only difference is what he looks like.  Remember the number of your chosen character and click the X in the upper left of the screen to exit the close-up.


Pan to the keypad, click-and-hold your left mouse button over the gear icon, and choose the magnifying glass to zoom in. Enter the numbers for the character you want.


The disembodied voice talks to you. Answer how you want and he opens your way off the chair you're sitting on. Move your cursor in front of you so the exit icon appears (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing into it) and click to get up out of the chair.


Look around the room. You'll find various locations with gear icons that give you the eye (look) option. It is not necessary to use the eye icon at every opportunity to complete the game, but there are times when it will give a clue.


There are two "testimonies" to find in this room. One is to the right of the beige monitor that is facing you on the right side of the desk. Click-and-hold gear icons you find around the area to find one that produces the hand icon that allows you to take the testimony. You now have the opportunity to listen to the testimony (29 October 2010). Click the double triangle icon at the bottom of the testimony box to exit the testimony window. You can listen to testimonies again by clicking the bottom icon of the set of three that is always visible in the upper right of the screen.


Note the metal stool with something on it just to the left of the big CRT monitor in the front center of the screen. Zoom into the stool and then into the envelope. Click-and-drag upward to open the envelope as the green arrow suggests. Click-and-drag upward again to pull the card up. Click-and-hold the gear icon, then use the hand icon to take the card into inventory. Inventory will appear inside hexagonal shapes at the lower left of the screen.


The tutorial continues. Your card is in a hexagon in the lower left of your screen. Right-click the card to get a close-up, then right-click-and-drag the card to flip it over and see a key.


Take the key (click-and-hold the gear icon so the hand icon appears and use the hand to take it). Exit the close-up of the card using the X in the upper left corner of your screen, then exit to the view of the stool by clicking the X again. Now pan down and to the right to see a yellow thing on the floor (cell phone? PDA?). Click-and-hold on it and use the hand to pick up a second testimony (15 September 2006). Click the double triangle icon at the bottom of the testimony window to exit the testimony, then click the X to get back to the room view.


Slightly to the right of center screen is a door you can zoom in on. Zoom in again on the lock to the right off the door to see a floating green arrow pointing out a keyhole. Click-and-drag the key over the keyhole, then drag the key in a counterclockwise circle (to simulate turning the key) as indicated by the ever-helpful green arrow. The disembodied voice congratulates you on your amazing brain power and presents you with a puzzle.


This one isn't too difficult. It's sort of reverse-tic-tac-toe and you don't have an opponent blocking you. Visualize either one of the diagonals and click the 6 squares that are not part of that diagonal.


If you attempt to leave the room (and proceed to Chapter 2) without having found all the testimonies, the game will warn you.



Chapter 2 -- The Rest of the Laboratory Building


When you move to the next room, the disembodied voice will tell you there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you are locked in but "safe." The bad news is that the previous inhabitants were brutally massacred.


Zoom in on the top of the pillar in the center of the room. Click-and-drag the vertical bars to the right and left, away from center, to uncover the rectangular doors in the middle, and they open. If they don't open, try pulling the vertical bars a little further over. A yellow box rises up through the doors. Right-click-and-drag the screen to rotate the box until you find a lighted square. Click-and-drag the square downwards to reveal a red button. Push the button. The upper part of the yellow box lifts up and flips over. Right-click-and-drag the screen around so you can look down into the box. It looks like a three-handled wheel. Take the wheel (the game calls it a handset) and discover a testimony (15 April 2012).


Back out to the room view. At the far left of the screen is a large green box that your character will identify as a large metal container (if you use the eye). Zoom in on the container and then zoom again into the area in the lower center of the container. Drag the square with the hexagon symbol on it upwards, then drag the lower part down, oven door style, to reveal a puzzle. Zoom in.


The object is to get all the symbols three-in-a-row. The rows can be in any direction across or down. When a set of three is created, it lights up. This is easier than a normal slider, so give it a shot. When you're finished, the metal container opens to reveal a ball.


Grab and pull the left and right sides of the ball downward to reveal a forklike object. You can right-click and pan your screen to get a better look. Your character identifies it as a lever. Take the lever. Before zooming out, notice a yellow object behind the right side of the green box. You may have to orient your view to be looking down on the box in order to see the yellow testimony (Memo 00285 10/07/2010). Pick it up.


Zoom back out to room view. Then zoom into the closet on the right side of the room. Drag the handset (three-handled-wheel) to the middle of the closet. Once the handset is attached, grab one of the handles and turn it counterclockwise until the closet opens. Push the button on top of the cabinet inside the closet, and the shelves rotate, revealing a puzzle.


Note that the shelves have colors on them and the sides of the closet also have thin strips of color. Click-and-drag the shelves so the color on the shelf matches the color on the cabinet. Once that's done, the cabinet at the bottom of the closet pops open and reveals a book. You automatically zoom down toward the book. If you examine it with the eye icon, your character somehow realizes it is a book of spells. Pick up the book so it is in inventory, then right-click the book for a close-up.


Right-click-and-drag the book around to examine it. It has a combination lock on the front. Rotate the book so you're looking at its spine and the front of the book is on top. Zoom into the right side of the spine. If you use the eye, it will give a clue. Click-and-drag the right end of the spine so it opens out like an oven door. You'll see a symbol inside that vaguely resembles the number 13. Copy or memorize it. Zoom out to book view.


In general, you right-click-and-drag objects in inventory when you want to move the whole object, and left-click or left-click-and-drag when you want to move only a part of that object.


Raise the spine so you're looking at the back of the book. There's an interactive spot on one of the corners, near the edge opposite the spine. If you use the eye icon, you get the comment, "This room looks different than the others..." Huh? Room? Never mind that. Zoom in on it, then drag the square area downwards. Another symbol. What's that? Three-legged chair? Copy or memorize this symbol too.


Zoom out to the view of the entire book, and drag the book around so you're looking at the front of it. Zoom in on the lock. Click-and-drag the symbols so the ones you found are facing the red marks. Now drag the red switch in the middle (the one with the triangle on it) downward. If it doesn't work, try reversing the order of the symbols. Both wheels of the lock include both symbols. In my game, the three-legged chair symbol went on the left and the number 13 symbol went on the right.


When finished, you can drag the tab that's holding the book down (left-click-and-drag), then right-click-and-drag the book to orient it, then left-click-and-drag the book open. On the first page of the book, the number "100" is upside down. Left-click-and-drag the number 100 counterclockwise to turn it over. The book automatically closes and the spine falls open. Right-click-and-drag your view of the book around to see what was under the spine.Number puzzle. What was the clue? Remember the "100" on the book? Do we need numbers that add to 100? Yes we do. Zoom into the spine of the book. You can drag the gold squares right and left. Drag the gold square on top to the left to the 38 and the gold square on the bottom to the right to the 62. The book opens up again. Right-click-and-drag the book around to look inside. Take the socket wrench and the testimony (05 September 2009). This socket wrench is your good friend, who will assist you several times in the game.


Back out 3 times to the room view, then zoom in on the command box next to the second door from the right. See a yellow arrow pointing down. If you try dragging the yellow arrow downward, it won't move. But look close and you'll see lug nuts at the top corners. Use your socket wrench to unscrew the lug nuts. First drag the socket wrench over to the lug nut, then drag it counterclockwise to unscrew the nut. Repeat with the other lug nut. Finally, drag the yellow arrow downward and see three vertical slots. You need to insert that forklike object you found earlier -- the one the game calls a lever. However it won't fit right now. Zoom in on the lever and see the tines are twisted. Click-and-drag the twisted tines to straighten them out. Now try dragging the fork-lever to the vertical slots and they fit this time. Pull the switch down and a door opens.


Go through the door and see a woman, who disappears. A ghost? A hologram? The disembodied voice tells you you're mistaken about seeing her.


Go up the stairs at the right of the screen to reach a room with two bunk beds. Zoom into the cabinet between the two bunk beds. It's a little tricky, but it's possible to open both doors of the cabinet. Pull open the doors of the boxes on the top shelves, then pan downward so you can look down at what is in the boxes. The left box contains a testimony (Report from 24 October 2010). The box on the right contains a broken cement block. Move the broken cement block backwards until you see the object underneath. Use the eye on the object and see it's a swipe card. Take the swipe card. Drag the screen around until you see the helmet on the right side of the top of the cabinet. Pick up the helmet and automatically get a testimony (10 November 2010). Zoom out to the room view.


Zoom into the sink area at the back of the room. Pick up the testimony (22 November 2007) on the sink. Push the button to try to turn the water on. No water.


Pan down and zoom into the pipes at the lower right of the sink to find a valve. Turn the valve to turn on the water. Now the sink works. Fill the sink with water, then use the helmet on the water to get a helmetful.


Exit left, downstairs to the previous room. There are three sets of doors at the back of the room. Look at (click on gear icon, then eye icon) the leftmost set doors. Your character says it's used to store tools. Zoom into these doors. Is that a ladder? Zoom into the lock.


It's a puzzle. The object is to get the hexagon on the blue piece under the cut out hexagon. You can slide the pieces up and down, or side to side, regardless of the shape of the pieces. Try it yourself, but for a step-by-step,


Blue piece down,

Red piece down,

Uppermost red piece all the way to right,

Vertical red piece up,

Blue piece all the way to left.


Once the puzzle is done, drag your swipe card to the slot on the lock and the door will open. Take the ladder and get a testimony (13 September 2004). Zoom out.


If you try the ladder on the set of doors at the right, to try to get to the upper floor, it doesn't work. Examine the ladder to find out why (right-click it). It's not long enough. Use the socket wrench on the lug nut, then grab the wrench and move it counterclockwise to loosen the nut. Flip the striped clamp to the right, then grab the rungs of the ladder and move them all the way up to extend the ladder. Exit the close-up of the ladder and drag the ladder over the rightmost set of doors, and this time you can place the ladder. Climb the ladder (use the zoom icon).


Now you see a green box. If you use the eye icon to examine the box, you see a testimony next to the box. Use the hand icon to get the testimony (Memo 00303 09 10 2010). Zoom in on the puzzle lock on top of the box. It's another of those puzzles where you have to get the hexagon under the hexagonal opening.


Vertical block up

Red block right

Blue block down to bottom

Both vertical blocks all the way left

Red block up to the top

Blue block right and up


Zoom into the "weird object with weird energy" (artifact), then pick it up and zoom out twice to the room view.


At the right side of the room is something your character identifies as a metal closet. After you zoom in and look at the pipes, he'll say it's a cooling system. Pan down and to the left of the cooling system and pick up a testimony (Report from 08 February 2007). Pan back to view the machine.


There's a drawer to the left of the red button. Pull the drawer and it tilts out. Dump your helmet full of water into the drawer. The gauge fills up with water and a puzzle appears on the right. Do the puzzle and doors pop open.


Two red blocks left

Blue block all the way down

Vertical red block right

Blue block down one square and to right

Move the three horizontal red blocks on the left side to the right

Move the upper three horizontal red blocks to the left

Blue block up, left, up


Take the artifact and right-click on it for a close-up. Grab the other artifact that you have in inventory and see one over the other. Left-click-and-grab the top half of the artifact to rotate it so the two artifacts will fit together, then pull the top one down onto the bottom one to get a cube-shaped object.


Zoom out of the metal closet and exit the room to the left to get to the room with the red light and the column in the center. Zoom into the object under the red light twice, and drag the cube into the square hole. A big door opens. Enter the new room.


There's that woman again over on the left side of the room. Get a close-up of the console area where she's working and wait for her to talk with you. She looks like your former love interest, who met a violent and untimely end. She tells you to be careful, but her voice breaks up and she disappears before she can tell you anything specific. The disembodied voice now believes you. Interestingly he says he once knew someone named Sophie in another life.


Zoom in on one of the switches at the back of the console. You want all the gauges to be red. Flip switches 2, 3, 4, and 5. Another puzzle appears. Zoom in on the puzzle. You want all the squares to be lit up. The starting arrangement for this puzzle is random, so I can't provide a solution.


The game automatically backs you out of the console when the puzzle is solved. You see a beam of light. Zoom back into the console. Then zoom in again using the gear icon at the right of the console, near the green buttons. Your view is moved to the right end of the console, where you see a glowing blue cube. Take the cube and you automatically get a testimony (Report from 18 February 2007). Learn about the Hunapu god "Ah Cizin" who "bears absolute knowledge and serenity, but who is also a great devourer of souls."


Zoom out twice to the room view. Put your blue cube in the square framework at the very front of your screen and at the center. You'll see the cube slowly spin around.


There is another testimony (15 March 2008) which you may have to pan downward in order to see. It's over toward the left side of the room, hiding behind the hose.


Consider what to do with the bright beam of light. You need to reflect it around so it hits the cube. Raise the reflector (right of the door with the hexagon design at the back of the room) so the light beam is hitting it. Grab the ring at the the bottom of the reflector stand to turn the reflector, and adjust the reflector head so the light hits the reflector on the left. Adjust the second reflector so it aims the light at the third reflector, then adjust the third reflector so the light hits the blue cube. The blue cube shines a light into an object your character thinks resembles a projector.


Zoom in on the projector. Use your socket wrench to unscrew the lug nut, then pull the door outward. Pick up the yellow testimony (Memo 00301 03/10/2010).


See the pattern projected on the wall? If you look inside the projector before shining the light through the blue cube, that area will all be dark. Your goal for the puzzle is to neaten up the hexagonal design on the wall so white areas are all neatly within black areas without overlaps. You do this by turning the three gears on the left. The leftmost gear moves all the lighted areas. The middle gear moves two of them. The rightmost gear moves one. Notice the gap in the outer hexagon of light. You want that gap near the bottom, slightly to the left of center. Adjust the gap's location using the leftmost gear. You can adjust the rightmost gear to see what will need to be rotated by the second gear. The second gear is the tricky one. With leftmost and rightmost gears in position, you'll see which light will need to be adjusted by the second gear and have a better idea how far to turn it. Once you adjust the second gear, you'll have to redo the rightmost gear.


Have another conversation with the disembodied voice. Then go through the door in the back of the room that has been opened up by solving the projection puzzle.



Chapter 3 -- Outdoors


Pick up the testimony (Report from 10 October 2009) that's in the grass to the right of the big rock at the left front of your screen.


Use the path up the hill and get attacked by a bear. Automatically run away. The disembodied voice talks about "ursine interference" and tells you to "use your mind."


Zoom in on the area with the old boat at the far left of the screen. Zoom in on the boat at left and pick up the key. Zoom out, then pan as far left as you can. There is a shelf fungus near the base of a small tree. Look at it for a clue about what you'll be using it for. Zoom in on it and pick it up. Zoom back out, pan a little to the right, and zoom in on the broken crate. Click-and-drag the boards on the top to the right and pick up the jar. Zoom back out. Look for a gear on the rocky area at the back of the screen. Zoom in and take the beat-up pink vanity case. Examine the vanity case and zoom in on it. It has a four digit number lock. Zoom back out to the main area.


Open your jar. Right-click on it in inventory. Try to unscrew the lid and find it's jammed. Left-click-and-drag the jar until it's upside down. Then left-click (don't drag) the top of the jar until your character says it should be OK. The jar automatically turns right side up. Now you can unscrew the lid (left-click-and-drag counterclockwise or from left to right). Who knew that your inventory had such a rock solid bottom that you could bang a jar on it? Zoom out of the close-up.


Zoom into the area where you see the light green and brown plant. The pitcher plant puzzle is one of those where you have to click on things in a certain order and you must solve it by trial and error. When you manage to open all the small pitcuers, the large pitcher will open. The solution to the puzzle is random. Unless you are very good at visualizing where all the pitchers are, I suggest getting a piece of paper and making a chart of where the smaller pitchers are in relation to the large pitcher. Note that some pitchers are high and some are low and it will help you keep track. Click the smaller pitchers until you find one that stays open, then mark it on your chart. Try clicking another pitcher and if it's the correct one, both will stay open. If not, you have to start the sequence over. You'll have to right-click-and-drag the pitcher plant to get to the pitchers on the other side.


Once the puzzle is finished and the big pitcher is open, drag your jar on it to collect the liquid. Zoom out.


There is a path between the pitcher plant and the path to the bear. Take that path and see a hot pepper plant behind some thorny brambles. Pan left and see a roundish rock on top of a flat rock. Move the roundish rock to the left and see a wooden disc was hiding behind the rock. Pick up the disc and examine it in inventory (right-click). Drag the disc so you can see words on it. Rotate the pieces of the disc (left-click-and-drag) so that the words match up. The important words are the first ones:







Remember the colors of the rainbow


1 Red

2 Orange

3 Yellow

4 Green

5 Blue

6 Indigo

7 Violet (for purposes of this game, the same as Purple)


So Indigo, Orange, Yellow, Purple is 6237.


Right-click the pink vanity case in inventory and zoom in on the lock. Click-and-drag the numbers to enter 6237. Your character says it's the right code. Zoom out and pull down the clasp. Raise the lid. You may have to turn the vanity case to the side to get the lid up far enough that it's out of the way of the puzzle. Zoom in on the puzzle. Here is one solution:


Note --

Skipped lines are only to help you keep track of where you are in the sequence.

You may want to sketch the starting configuration in case you decide to use my solution and then lose track. For whatever reason I found it much easier to return to the starting configuration than to figure out where I went off track or continue to a different solution.


Yellow piece to the right

White piece in lower right corner left, up, up, up to top

Yellow piece right and up

Pink piece all the way to the right

Yellow piece all the way down

White piece left and down

Pink piece on top all the way to the right

Blue piece up

Yellow piece all the way left

White piece down one square and left one square


Pink piece on bottom all the way left

Two yellow pieces down

White piece right, up, and all the way right

Yellow piece up and left

White piece left

Yellow piece up

Pink piece all the way right

Yellow piece down and left


Pink piece left

Yellow piece down

White piece right

Pink piece all the way up (below the other pink piece)

Yellow piece all the way left

White piece all the way down and left

Other White piece all the way down

Pink piece right and down

Other Pink piece right

Blue piece right

Yellow piece all the way up

Yellow piece left

Other Yellow piece left


White piece left and up

Other White piece all the way left

Pink piece down

Other pink piece all the way down, on top of other pink piece

Blue piece all the way right

Yellow piece all the way right

Yellow piece up

Other Yellow piece up

Top White piece all the way left

Top pink piece all the way left

Blue piece down


Pick up the perfume bottle from inside the vanity case. You may have to right-click the case and move it to get at the perfume bottle. Zoom out.


Right-click your shelf fungus in inventory. If you used the eye icon to examine it, you know it's flammable. Use your jar of pitcher plant juice on it and the jar will go over on the right side of the screen. Drag the jar over the fungus again and it will act as a lens, igniting the fungus. Zoom out and use the burning fungus on the thorny brambles.


After the flames have subsided, pick up some hot peppers. If you get a message indicating that the thorns are in the way, try adjusting your view so you have a clear path to the peppers.


Examine your perfume bottle in inventory. Left-click the lid and lift it straight up. Drag the hot peppers onto the bottle and get homemade hot pepper spray.


Walk up the path to the bear and watch your character automatically spray the bear so it runs away.


You are now in a beach house area. The disembodied voice starts another conversation with you, but there is interference and you lose contact.


Pan right and look in the trees to the right of the rightmost cabin. You'll see a gear icon over what your character identifies as a column of stones. Zoom in on it.


The object of the puzzle is to rotate the column pieces so most of the lines between the pieces meet. With some pieces, not all of the lines match up. Left-clicking and dragging a piece will drag all pieces above it, so start solving the puzzle at the top. The lines of the top piece do match the lines on the second piece from the top. All but one of the lines on the second piece match with lines on the third piece. After that you'll have to experiment a little to find the closest fit.


When the puzzle is solved, the top half of the column lifts up. Move your cursor to the left side of the core of the column, next to the top of the fourth piece from the bottom. You may see a gear elsewhere, but only the one in the specific location will offer the hand icon. Once you found the right spot, pick up the invisible flashlight (at least it's invisible on my computer) and automatically get another testimony (18 April 2006). Learn about Tau energy. Zoom out.


Enter the door of the rightmost cabin. What a mess! Looks like a hidden object scene in here. Fortunately it isn't. On the right side of the screen there is a picture frame on the floor which is leaning on a crate. Left-click the picture frame and it automatically flips over. Take the copper wire from the back of the frame using the gear icon and hand icon. Pan left and pick up a testimony from under the safe (Report from 03 March 2007).


Pan upward and see an altar with a Buddha on the wall to the left of the left window. Zoom in on the altar, and zoom in again on the symbols on the bottom of the altar. Rotate the wheels so the symbol on a wheel matches the nearest symbol on the adjacent wheel (horizontally and vertically, not diagonally). In my game, the final arrangement had the top middle wheel with the backwards 6 on top, the three-legged chair on the left, and the symbol that looked like "ls" on the bottom. If your game is different, try working on four adjacent wheels and find a position where they all match up, then see if the rest of the wheels can be turned so they match those four.


When the puzzle is solved correctly, your view will automatically pull back. Pick up the object to the right of the Buddha (it's a burned down candle) and automatically get a testimony (31 July 2009). Back out of the cabin.


Now go to the middle cabin. It's dark. Right-click your flashlight in inventory (the game calls it a lamp). Drag the red button toward the front of the flashlight to turn it on. Close the close-up and you'll see your flashlight is automatically lighting the room. Pan left from the trunk and see an old organ. Zoom in on the organ and arrange the pipes so the white tops of the pipes are even with the bottom of the embossed gold band on the organ. It is possible to move the pipes without zooming into the organ, but if you do that you may miss the animation when you complete the puzzle.


When the puzzle is solved, pan down and pick up the testimony (Report from 25 August 2009). There is a crank attached to the right side of the organ. Move your cursor around to find the gear icon near the right side of the organ and zoom in. Your view shifts to a better view of the gear handle. Grab the handle and turn it clockwise to play the organ. If you do it right, your view will swing around to reveal a secret compartment has opened in the organ. Pick up the brown folder and the Boolean key. Don't zoom out of the organ before you get the Boolean key or you may never see it again (I don't know if the patch fixed this).


Once you have the Boolean key, back out of the organ and zoom in on the trunk. Zoom in on the lock on the trunk and notice that you can drag the three pieces. Right-click the Boolean key in inventory. In the close-up view, drag the key so the end with the ring is away from you and you get a good view of the business end of the key. In my game, the skinny slot was on the bottom, the fat slot was on upper left and the medium slot was on upper right. You need to adjust the trunk lock so it will fit the key. Close the close-up and examine the lock. Since this arrangement will be a mirror image of the arrangement on the key, drag the medium size prong to the upper left and the fat prong to the upper right. The skinny prong will still go on the bottom. Then drag the Boolean key over the trunk lock. If lined up correctly, your character will tell you. Grab the key and turn it counterclockwise until the trunk lid pops open. Right-click-and-drag your view until you're looking inside the trunk. Pick up the fishing rod. Back out of the cabin.


Now zoom in on the leftmost cabin. You can't get inside. Pan down and to the right to see two rusty metal drums. Grab them and move them to the right and pick up the small red and white cooler that was beind the drums. Zoom out.


Right-click the cooler in inventory to see it has a padlock on it. Pull the metal band on the padlock upward to see a keyhole. Use your key on it, then turn the key counterclockwise to open the padlock. Left-click-and-drag the latch to raise it, then left-click-and-drag the lid open. Right-click-and-drag the cooler so you can look down inside. Pick up the soft drink can. Take the cork out of thte bottle, then take the paper out of the bottle. Right-click the paper and see how one of your predecessors wanted to leave the island, but couldn't see the sky to find north and had no compass. Note the joke about cake earlier in the message. The cake is a lie.


Pan downward until you find the ruined boat. Zoom in on it and zoom in again to see the right side of the boat. Pick up the case that's lying on the ground and automatically get a testimony (Memo 00121 10/09/09). Zoom out once and pan so you get a view of the net hanging left of the boat. Zoom in on the needle that's in the net and pick it up. Zoom out to the view of the beach.


Despite that we don't have a boat, we're going to make a compass like the guy who wrote the paper wanted to. Zoom in on the case that was next to the boat. Click it to find the zipper is stuck. Drag your candle onto the case to lubricate the zippers. Pull the zippers right and left from center to open the case. Pick up the rusty old knife.


Get a close-up of your soda can and push in the top to open it. Get a close-up of your knife and drag the soda can over it. Now you can drag the knife open.


Right-click the brown folder in inventory and drag the knife over the string that's holding the folder closed. Drag the flaps of the folder open to see notes on the Mayan number system inside. If your folder is upside down, right-click it and drag to turn it right side up. You may remember the Mayan number system from other games, like Atlantis 2/Beyond Atlantis. Exit out of the close-up.


Pan right and look around to find the pier. Walk out onto the pier and zoom into the end of the pier. You see a bucket at left. Pan a little to the right to find another testimony (09 September 2005).


The bucket of water is the final ingredient of the compass. First we need to magnetize that needle. Right-click your flashlight and turn it so you can pull the back end open. The battery comes out. Pick up the battery. Right-click your trusty socket wrench in inventory to get a close-up, then drag the metal wire onto it. Now drag the battery onto it to make a magnetizer. Drag the needle on the magnetizer. Pick up the magnetized needle.


Right-click the cork in inventory, then use the knife on it to cut off a slice of cork. Drag the magnetized needle onto the slice of cork and exit the close-up. Zoom in on the pail of water, then drag the cork-and-needle assemblage onto the water in the bucket. Now you have a compass. Pan upward and drag your fishing rod over the ocean in the direction the compass says is north. An anchor will magically appear on the end of your fishing rod. Pick up the anchor. The anchor will dance around, so it may take more than one try to grab it.


In different playthroughs, the compass would point in slightly different directions, sometimes straight out from the pier, sometimes toward the large island, sometimes toward the small island... So there is a purpose in making the compass, even if you never find a usable boat.


Leave the close-up view of the end of the pier and head towards the shore. The woman, Sophie from an alternate dimension to your own, appears in the center of the pier and talks to you before she disappears again. 


Continue to the shore, panning left when necessary. Take the path between the rightmost cabin and the middle cabin to reach a cliff area with a broken rope bridge. Pan downward to find another testimony (Memo 00289 09/08/2010) partially covered by a large rectangular rock. Pan back upwards and drag the anchor over the broken bridge. The anchor magically sprouts a rope and zips across the chasm to embed itself in the remnants of the bridge on the other side. The disembodied voice returns, again suggesting he'll meet you in the temple. Cross the bridge to the temple area.



Chapter 4 -- Temple


You're outside the temple, but the door is closed. Zoom in on the monkey statue in the middle of the courtyard. There are statues of the three wise monkeys, See-No-Evil, Hear-No-Evil, and Speak-No-Evil, and a Mayan king. Right-click-and-drag the base the statues are on to find another testimony (19 January 2013). Note there is a gold plaque here. Zoom back out.


Move your cursor to the right of the stairway to the temple to locate the gear icon. Zoom in to see a carved stone square. Zoom into the square, then drag it downward to find another 4-in-a-row puzzle. When you solve it, your view automatically swings around to show a different stone carving, which opens to reveal a crystal sphere the game refers to as an "eye." When you take the eye, you automatically get another testimony (14 November 2006). Back out and you're facing the original square stone. Pan right to find another testimony (26 October 2010).


Zoom in on the gold plaque near where the last testimony was. It has an ear on it. Drag the crystal ball over the plaque to see a Mayan number in red. Remember the three monkeys. There are golden plaques to be found around the courtyard, some with an ear, some with an eye, some with a mouth. Whenever you find one, drag the crystal ball over it to get the Mayan number. Write down all the Mayan numbers and whether they were associated with an eye, an ear, or a mouth. Review the information in the brown folder to understand how to convert Mayan numbers to 0123456789 numbers and vice versa.


A dot in the lower zone = 1.

A line in the lower zone = 5.

A dot in the upper zone = 20

A line in the upper zone = 5 x 20 = 100


Ear plaque I just described -- Mayan 15


Back up and pan down to see a plaque with an eye on the stone, and a mouth plaque on the steps to the left. Drag the crystal ball over the plaques to get the Mayan numbers associated with them.


Eye plaque -- Mayan 32

Mouth plaque -- Mayan 27


Zoom out to the view of the entire courtyard, then zoom into the eye just left of the bush at right front of the screen. Use the crystal.


Eye plaque -- Mayan 121


Zoom into the monkey statue to get a better look at the plaque near where you picked up the testimony. Use the crystal.


Mouth plaque -- Mayan 21


Zoom back out, and zoom into the above-ground tomb to the left of the monkey statue. Move the vase to the left to see an eye plaque. There is a mouth plaque on the wall to the left, and an ear icon hiding under some leaves near the top of the screen, just left of center.


Eye plaque -- Mayan 132


Mouth plaque -- Mayan 19 or 95


Ear plaque -- Mayan 23


Notice the carving of the king on top of the tomb is holding a sort of bowl. Put the crystal sphere in the bowl and a blue line lights up with a green square at one end. Drag the green square along the blue line until you get it to the other end. The top of the tomb lifts up. Pan down so you can see inside and take the metal object (crank handle) that is with the king's remains. You automatically get a testimony (27 October 2010). Pick up your crystal ball and back out of the close-up.


You need to add the Mayan numbers associated with the plaques and input them into the statues using the metal object (crank handle) you found in the tomb.


Eye = 32 + 121 + 132 = 349


Ear = 15 + 23 = 38


Mouth = 27 + 21 + 95 = 143


You'll have to translate these numbers back to Mayan.

Zoom in on the monkey statue, then on the See-No-Evil monkey. You can see his belly has a sort of keyhole. Right-click the metal object that you took from the tomb that is in inventory (the crank handle). There are two dials on it. The upper dial corresponds to the upper zone of the Mayan number, the lower dial corresponds to the lower zone.


For the Eye, 349 = (20 x 17) + 9, so we want a 17 in the top zone and a 9 in the bottom zone. In other words, three lines and one dot on top, and one line and 4 dots on the bottom. Notice the crank handle only has Mayan numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. on it. That's OK because you can point between the 2 and 4 to get 3, or between the 8 and 10 to get 9, etc. Move the upper, smaller arrow to point between the three-lines-and-a-dot and the three-lines-and-three-dots. Move the lower, larger arrow to point between the line-and-3-dots and the 2-lines. Exit the close-up of the crank, then drag the crank over the monkey's belly. Turn the crank clockwise and the monkey statue will rise.


For the Ear, 38 = (20 x 1) + 18, so we want a single dot in the top zone and three-lines-and-three-dots in the bottom zone. Zoom in on the crank and place the small arrow to the left of the two-dots, and the large arrow on the three-lines-and-three-dots. Exit the close-up, drag the crank on the monkey's belly, and turn the crank clockwise. The second monkey statue rises.


For the Mouth, 143 = (20 x 7) + 3, se we want a 7 in the top zone and a 3 in the bottom zone. Get a close-up of the crank. Place the small arrow between the one-line-and-one-dot and the one-line-and-three-dots. Place the large arrow between the two-dots and the four-dots. Insert the crank in the monkey's belly and turn the crank. The third monkey statue rises, then the statue of the king turns around to face the door of the temple and the door to the temple opens.


The woman, Sophie, appears at the entrance to the temple. She wants you to find her husband. Enter the temple. Before you do anything else, pick up the last testimony from the right front of the screen, partially hidden behind one of the stone spokes on the floor (November 12 2010).


Zoom in on the black and white block sculpture in the center of the room. Right-click-and-drag the sculpture to rotate it. There is a hard-to-see gray button on the gray base of one of the four sides, directly in the middle. There are also pink, green, and yellow squares on the upper part whick are active areas. You must left-click these four active areas in the proper sequence to solve the puzzle. Each time you click correctly, part of the black and white area will raise. Click the active areas out of sequence and the puzzle will reset so you have to start over. I don't know if this puzzle is random. The last time I did the puzzle, the sequence was gray button, pink square, yellow square, green square.


When the puzzle is correctly complete, pan to look down on the cubical base and drag the crystal sphere to the top of it. Now for the evil cylindrical Minesweeper. A single dot in a blue square means a single mine in one of the surrounding squares. Two dots means two of the surrounding squares contain a mines. Three dots, three mines, etc. A quick left-click marks a square blue. To mark a square as a mine, left-click-and-hold until the square turns green. If you make a mistake, you are ejected from the puzzle and your mistake is marked red while your blue squares are unmarked. Taking the crystal ball and putting it back on the stand allows you to continue the puzzle. Green and red squares will remain, but your blue squares will all be gone. I always changed red squares to be green because I have this thing about correcting mistakes, but I don't think it's necessary to complete the puzzle. Once all squares are correctly filled in, blue, green, or red, the cylinder should start spinning around and the game will continue. If it doesn't, you've either missed filling in a square somewhere (easy to do with this hard-to-look-at puzzle) or you've marked a square green when it should have been blue.


Once you've finished the Minesweeper, the disembodied voice talks to you, and things are pretty much automatic from here. It doesn't matter which conversation choice you make. The dialogue is slightly different, but the result is the same. Sophie will try to rescue you. Click on the lighted area to enter it. Watch what happens to your character and then to Subject 14 (a version of yourself from yet another dimension).


Discussion Great honkin' spoilers


So which is the correct choice? For your character, who had never gotten over losing his love interest, Sophie, 8 years ago, relief from heartache seemed the correct one. For some of the "Subjects" from alternate dimensions, achieving a form of enlightenment and nirvana by joining with Ah Cizin seemed correct. Remember the Buddha in the altar on the wall that you saw in one of the cabins? But at least one "Subject" wanted to continue living in the real world with his Sophie. And choosing to unite with "Ah Cizin" would have been more attractive if he hadn't mentioned almost dying and having to "fuse" with every member of the tribe that had once inhabited the island in order to survive. Ah Cizin may indeed fuse his consciousness with those he absorbs. At one point he says he remembers knowing a "Sophie" from a long time ago, and he seems genuinely sorry for your character's loss. But that doesn't mean all those people he "fused" with are alive inside Ah Cizin, only that he now has their memories, and possibly a trace of their compassion.


And what exactly happened to your character at the end. At first glance, it appeared that Sophie disrupted Ah Cizin's absorption process by giving him a body he wasn't expecting, so both she, and later your character, ended up underwater in your character's dimension, near where he almost drowned. But if the Sophie you see in the game is just a hologram, how would that work? Or did she somehow manage to finally teleport her physical self onto Ah Cizin's island? Or is everything you see of Sophie dragging your character to the surface of the water all something going on inside Ah Cizin's mind, where both Sophie and your character can be together? If that's the case, it isn't the enlightenment and freedom from emotion that Ah Cizin promised.


If Ah Cizin wants to fuse with smart people, he shouldn't have any objection to joining with Sophie, who was smart enough to find a way through dimensions to Ah Cizin's island to find her universe's version of Franklin. We have to assume Ah Cizin has no aversion to fusing with females because it's unlikely that every member of the island's tribe was male. The last scene you see is Subject 14 and his Sophie running away. Was Ah Cizin attempting to fuse with Dimension 14's version of both of them? something that didn't appeal to either of them because they were quite satisfied with living in the real world together.


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