List of Testimony Locations

By Jenny100

Note --

After replaying the game numerous times, I have occasionally had one or two testimonies show up with different dates than the ones indicated, including two testimonies with the same date showing up in two different locations. This is a glitch, but it's not important as long as you are able to find all the testimonies. Unfortunately, even after applying patch 1.2, I had a testimony not show up at all (the one under the safe) and had to replay. I could understand that if I'd tried to replay from a previous save, but I'd started a new game.

So there may be issues even after patching the game. In general though, the patch seems to have helped with the disappearing inventory bug. Perhaps it would be helpful if, after you patch the game, you go into the game's save location at C:\Users\your-username\AppData\LocalLow\Microids\Subject13 and manually delete all pre-patch saved games -- just to be sure all previous unpatched save information (and mis-information) is gone.


The Subject 13 walkthrough is here.

First room

To the right of the beige computer monitor that is on the desk at the
right side of the screen (29 October 2010)

Zoom into the stool with the envelope. Pan down and to the right of the
stool to find the yellow testimony (15 September 2006)

Second room (with column in center)

After opening box on top of column (15 April 2012)

Behind large green box ("metal container") at the far left (Memo 00285

Inside the book that you find inside the closet on the right side of the
room (05 September 2009)

Room with two grates in the floor

Zoom into metal closet (cooling system?) at the far right. Pan down to
the floor to the left of the machine to find the testimony (Report from
08 February 2007)

Automatically get a testimony after picking up ladder in first chamber
on left (13 September 2004)

Left of the large green box in the chamber over the 3rd set of doors
(Memo 00303 09/10/2010)

Room with two bunk beds

Zoom into sink area. Testimony is on edge of sink (22 November 2007)

Inside metal closet, box on top left shelf (Report from 24 October 2010)

After picking up helmet on top of metal closet (10 November 2010)

Room with laser

Partially hidden behind hose of engine toward left side of room (15
March 2008)

After picking up glowing blue cube in right side of console (Report from
18 February 2007)

Inside projector (Memo 00301 03/10/2010)

Outside (daisies at left)

On the ground at front of screen, just to the right of the big rock at
left front (Report from 10 October 2010)

Worker's camp

Zoom in to right of boat and pick up box. You automatically get a
testimony (Memo 00121 10/09/09)

Walk out onto the pier. At the end of the pier, on the right side, is
another testimony (09 September 2005)

"Column of stones" to the right of the rightmost cabin. Pick up the
flashlight after solving the puzzle and you automatically get a
testimony (18 April 2006)

Middle cabin, appears after organ pipe puzzle is solved (Report from 25
August 2009)

Inside rightmost cabin, under safe at left (Report from 03 March 2007)

Inside rightmost cabin, after solving prayer altar on wall and picking
up candle remnants, you automatically pick up a testimony (31 July 2009)

Take path between middle and rightmost cabins. Pan downward to see a
testimony partially hidden by a big rock (Memo 00289 09/08/2010)

Temple area outdoors

After solving 4-in-a-row puzzle to right of steps, and getting crystal
ball, you automatically get a testimony (14 November 2006)

Behind monkey statues (19 January 2013)

Next to ear plaque (zoom in to the right of the stairs) (26 October 2010)

Inside the tomb at left. Take the crank handle after stone lid lifts up
and you automatically get the Testimony (27 October 2010)

Inside of temple, near the front of the screen, hiding behind one of the
spokelike mounds in the floor (12 November 2010)

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