Tomb Raider III: London Levels - Walkthrough by Stella


Kills: 26 Items: 30, plus 2 keys and 8 save/power-up crystals Secrets: 5*

*Note that one of the pick-ups here will be the SHOTGUN if you didn't get it in the previous level.

Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

Objectives: Make your way across the rooftops and alleyways to the level's end in a bell tower. First you'll need to enter the building opposite to get the key to the flue room. There's a pair of buttons you need to press in the right sequence in order to raise a scaffold, enabling you to get to the flue room. Another button inside this room opens up a path to the next area, containing three large water tanks. Fill and empty the tanks in the proper sequence, opening underwater hatches as you go, to reach the last area--the roofs near the bell tower. Pick up a few useful items there and locate the exit.

(NOTE: There are several shortcuts through this level. I will probably include them in an updated version of this walk-through. But, for now, I've described the long route for readers who want to cover everything.)

Walk-through: You begin on a ledge high above street level. Before jumping across to the next building, take a detour for a secret. (Check out the screenshot at if the following description isn't clear enough.)

At the place where the bridge meets the ledge you're on, take a running jump over the angled roof. (Set up this jump with one step and one hop back from the base of the roof.) In the low area behind, you'll find shotgun shells and a save/power-up crystal. Backtrack and use the corner block to climb out onto the brown metal ledge. Cross the roof and jump onto the crane. Walk down the arm and drop down onto the dangling gray block. From there jump to the nearest ledge. Climb down the yellowish grating and drop to the cement ledge below. Take a standing jump from the MIDDLE of the ledge to the alcove below. That way you won't slide into the barbed wire. Walk through the barbed wire and follow the hallway to SECRET #1--a rocket and small med-pack guarded by 2 rats.

Exit the hallway and climb out of the barbed wire onto the block at the left corner. Climb onto the ledge above, then back up the yellow grating ladder you came down. Jump over to the dangling block then climb onto the arm of the crane. Turn around and take a running jump from where there's a break in the railing diagonally to the right, to land on a ledge. Jump to the small, square ledge ahead. Pull up and slide into the area where you found the shells and save crystal. Again, climb up the block onto the metal ledge. Turn around and jump to grab the top of the wall on the right. Traverse to the left until you're behind the ledge where you started. Pull up and slide onto that ledge.

Go to the right end of the ledge. Hop down onto the square grate below, then down to the angled roof. Grab the end, pull up and back flip onto the ledge behind. Kill a crow that makes a fuss. Throw the switch to raise a green trapdoor on the outside of the building across the way.

Now cross over. You're probably keen on using the zip line, so go that way now since you won't be able to later on. Use the overhead grating to traverse to the next ledge where the handle is. Ride the zip line down to the roof, let go and press Action again to grab the roof as you slide back. Release and grab the crevice below. Traverse to the right, pull up onto the green trapdoor, and kill the guy with the gun. Pick up the small med-pack he drops.

Enter the room beyond. Jump to the first ledge, but watch out for the breakaway tiles on the far side. You may be able to kill 2 rats on the far ledge from here before taking a running jump over to it. Follow the hallway, subdue the man at the end and take his FLUE ROOM KEY.

Return to the ledge with the dead rats, drop and hang from the edge, then let go and grab the ledge below. Pull up and press the button to open a trapdoor near the entrance. Drop to the ledge below to get some harpoons. Safety drop to the ground and pick up a small med-pack in the rubble from the broken tile, plus some flares in one corner and a save/power-up crystal in another. Use the button to open the trapdoor above the ladder and climb up. From the top ledge, jump to grab the horizontal crevice on the left. Traverse to the right, drop to the ledge and jump to grab the ledge at the entrance.

Use the switch outside to lower the green trapdoor. Drop to the ledge below. Kill the crow. Now check out the various small openings in the wall--two are accessible from the ledge. Jump up to grab the opening on the right. Traverse to the right to the second and third openings. They contain 2 boxes of shotgun shells, SECRET #2. (NOTE: If you don't already have the SHOTGUN, you'll get it here instead of one of the boxes of shells.) Traverse back to the ledge.

Now crawl into the left opening. Follow the tunnel up to a ledge high above another alley. Across the way you'll note painters' scaffolding. Hop across to the button and press it to uncover another button elsewhere.

Return via the crawlspace to the ledge below the green trapdoor. Drop down onto the steeply angled roof at the left side. Grab the edge and drop onto the crates. Take out the gunman lurking across the way. Then pick up flares, Uzi clips and a save/power-up crystal. Climb the tall stack of crates. Jump to grab the block ledge. Climb the yellow grate up the side of the building, then two more similar ladders to reach the top. Jump over to the ledge where you started.

Climb down to the trapdoor switch as you did earlier. This time, take a running jump across the alley to land on the roof with the small med-pack.

Grab the crevice in the wall and traverse to the right. Climb up and take the path to the right. This leads to a gap near the alley with the scaffolding. Jump the gap, go around back and kill a crow. Pick up the large med-pack and press the button (this is the one you uncovered earlier) to raise the scaffolding.

Return to the gap above the alley, jump to grab the other side and pull up. From here, take a running jump to the scaffolding. Shoot another crow. Now jump from the scaffolding into the doorway of the flue room. Pick up the flares and use the key to get in.

Take the save/power-up crystal and use the button to turn off a burner elsewhere and turn the fire on in here. Time a run past the flames, climb out and take a standing jump back onto the scaffolding. Safety drop to the metal ledge and return, via the crawlspace, to the other side of the building.

Drop down and climb up the ladders to the starting ledge. Again, jump across to the roof where you got the small med-pack and traverse to the right. This time there is a gunman on the right-hand path. Take care of him, then climb onto the higher ledge and follow that path to an opening above a burner (this is the one you turned off in the flue room). Jump over the opening to grab the ledge, pull up and take the shotgun shells. Go to the left, turn around and safety drop off the angled roof to land on a ledge with a rocket. This is SECRET #3. Climb the ladder, jump to the flat spot above, then jump over the hole to the walkway below.

Now, drop down into the hole. Slide down the ramp to emerge on a small ledge in the alley with the scaffolding. Jump the gap (using Action to land in the doorway) and follow the vent, picking up a save/power-up crystal and large med-pack and killing 2 rats on the way.

At the bottom is a control room with an armed guard on duty. When he's out of the way, take a look around. Note the switch and two covered buttons. Down the long hallway are three humongous water tanks. At the start tank #1 (closest to the button room) is half full, and tank #2 (middle) is empty. So, you're unable to get to tank #3, which can only be accessed by swimming across tank #2.

Use the switch to fill tanks #1 and #2. Jump into tank #2, retrieve a small med-pack and Uzi clips, and pull the underwater lever to open a hatch in tank #1.

Go back to the switch and use it again to lower the water levels. Jump into tank #1 and swim down through the hatch you just opened. The propellers are moving more slowly now, so you can swim past them into the next room. (If you hadn't pulled the switch, Lara would be shredded.) Climb out of the water, take out the guard, and follow the hallway to the end where you'll find a box of shotgun shells. Kill the 2 rats in the crawlspace and go through it, picking up a small med-pack.

In the next room you'll find a robot with live electric cables twirling in front of it. Yes, it is lethal. As you enter, you receive a "vision" of the electrical panel in a nearby alcove. That's a hint. What you must do is trick the robot into shocking the electrical panel.

If you're playing the PSX version, you'll probably want to go to the far right end of the track first to get the save/power-up crystal. (The button there turns on the lights, but it makes no difference whether or not you press it.)

When the robot heads for the end of the room where the save crystal was, go to the opposite end and pull out the movable metal box. Make sure you stand aside when the robot returns. If it touches the box while Lara is touching it, she'll be electrocuted. Move the box down the track until it is at the T intersection of the long path and the crosswise path near the electrical panel. When the robot comes along, it will bump into the box then turn around and drive into the alcove, frying the electrical panel, thus opening one of the button covers above.

Go into the hallway where you entered and climb the grating to get back into the button room. Press the button you just uncovered to fill tank #3. Then kill the guard who arrives on the scene. Use the switch again to refill tank #2 and swim across it to the doorway leading to tank #3.

Swim across tank #3 to the far ledge. Another guard comes out, so you'll have to take care of him. (Try to ignore the alarms. There doesn't seem to be a way to turn them off.) Go inside and use the button to raise the cover on the second button back in the other room. You'll also find this drains tank #3. Exit the room where the guard came out, climb onto the walkway to the left and go to about the middle. Above you'll see grates on the ceiling that you can use to traverse across the empty pool. Drop to the ledge, kill 2 rats, and get the small med-pack and save/power-up crystal. Follow the passageway, pick up a large med-pack and drop into tank #2.

Swim to the door. Take out another guard in the hallway and go push that last button. This opens a hatch in the bottom of tank #3. Swim down through it. Take the harpoons and follow the underwater passage to a lovely flooded edifice.

In two of the corners underwater you'll find shotgun shells and a small med-pack. Get them and climb out into the doorway. Kill the thug and take his small med-pack, plus the save/power-up crystal in the alcove. Jump over the barbed wire to grab the grating. Climb up, walk through more barbed wire and jump to grab the small platform on the side of the crane. Pull up. Turn right and take a running jump to grab the ledge topped with still more barbed wire. Pull up and walk carefully to the right where you can jump up to a flat spot.

Cross the roof and climb up on the other side. Don't go all the way up to the walkway yet. Instead, head to the right. Cross over the peak of the low roof and slide down the back on the right. There's a trench filled with barbed wire, but you'll find a safe spot at the right end where you can safety drop down. Walk through the wire to pick up some Desert Eagle clips and return the way you came.

When you come around the ledge outside the bell tower area, you'll encounter 2 gunmen you'll need to take out. Now find the movable block at the center (where the four paths converge) and pull it twice. Use it to climb to the shingled ledge above. In a depression behind the ledge, there's a small med-pack. Get it, climb out and take a running jump across the gap to a similar depression where you'll find SECRET #4--the CATHEDRAL KEY.

(NOTE: You won't actually use this key, and it will disappear from your inventory, but it counts as a secret toward the bonus level. If you're having difficulty locating it, look at the screenshot at It shows Lara on the ledge above the movable block. The arrow indicates the path of the running jump to where the key is. When you do this jump, be sure to set it up so Lara jumps right at the edge. Her feet will nick the top of the roof on the other side, but holding the Forward key through the entire jump will keep her from sliding back.)

Go back to the walkway outside. In the front corner farthest from the crane, there is a ladder leading down. Climb down, drop down several ledges, and you'll find SECRET #5--a crawlspace containing a large med-pack. Climb up the way you came. Follow the walkway to the left and jump down at the break in the railing to end the level.

A cut scene follows: Lara subdues a sniper in the bell tower. When she interrogates him, he says he works for a woman named Sophia Lee. Lara wants to know who she is and what she does, but the man pleads ignorance. He says he merely kills people for her, as his father and grandfather did before him. Lara asks how old this woman is. The thug says she's in her late 20's or early 30's. Lara is understandably skeptical. Then the guy tells Lara he gets a bonus for some special targets, such as herself.

"I could even retire from you," he says.

"Then you might want to mind. . . the bell," Lara replies, as the ringing bell knocks the man off the tower. She wishes him a "happy retirement," then slides into Aldwych station.



Kills: 29 Items: 41, plus 3 keys, Masonic Mallet, Ornate Star, Old Penny, Ticket, UZIS, ROCKET LAUNCHER and 9 save/power-up crystals Secrets: 5

Note that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the MP5 ASSAULT RIFLE if you didn't get it in a previous level.

Objectives: Make your way through an abandoned tube station to the secret lair of a mysterious brotherhood known as the Damned. First, find the maintenance key, which will help you get an old penny. Locate two Solomon's keys, which will unlock a door within the temple so you can get the Masonic Mallet. Buy a ticket with your penny and use it to gain access to another area, where you can use the mallet to (indirectly) get to the level exit. In the process, you may discover some additional items and secrets, and you'll find out more about the ageless Miss Sophia Lee.

Walk-through: The level begins with Lara falling down a hole from the bell tower above. Grab the end of the first slope. Release Action and press it again to drop to the slope below, slide and grab the opening opposite. Pull up and claim a box of shells.

Drop into the water, climb out and go up the stairs. On the third landing, shoot out the vent. Behind it is a save/power-up crystal and a ladder leading up to a room with red girders. Kill the gang member lurking in the corner and pick up a bunch of goodies--flares, shotgun shells and Uzi clips. (You'll find out more about these guys, the "Damned," in the cut scene following this level.)

Go around to the left and pull the movable block with the metal coils. Drop down through the opening onto one of the ticket machines. Shoot another thug from above. Hop onto the next machine and climb up the back of the movable block into a passageway. Drop/climb down into the ticket booth, where you'll find a large med-pack and MAINTENANCE KEY. Press the button to exit. Pick up a small med-pack from the guy you killed.

As you've probably surmised, you're now inside the abandoned Aldwych tube station. On the other side of the ticket machines are four doors. Beyond are escalators leading down to two train platforms.

[RIGHT SIDE ESCALATORS] First, go through one of the doors on the right and down the escalator. Jump the pit at the bottom. Kill the masked thug and his mangy dog and use the key to open the MAINTENANCE ROOM at the end of the platform. Press the button inside to turn on the lights and pick up Uzi clips and a small med-pack. Exit and go to the other end of the platform, where you'll find an OLD PENNY near the illuminated sign.

[WOODEN CRATE ROOM] Go back to the pit at the bottom of the escalators and safety drop into it. Head to the left (when facing the escalators above) and sprint into the doorway on the right to avoid an oncoming train. Inside is a red-lit room with numerous wooden crates. Take out the 2 angry gang members. Pick up the small med-pack on the floor and the save/power-up crystal in the corner. When you climb back over the crates, a dog will attack, so ready those guns. (I've been told this dog is "tame" and won't attack Lara, but I haven't tested this. Have a look; you may not need to fight it.)

Now climb/jump up to the level with the angled box. Side flip onto the slope and jump to grab the grate ahead. Climb up and back flip onto the ledge behind. Kill another thug who's lurking in back of the boxes. Relieve him of his small med-pack. Jump over to the small square ledge ahead and left of the red light on the ceiling. Take a running jump with Action to land on the ledge ahead on the right, behind the grating ladder you just climbed up. You'll find the UZIS here if you don't already have them. If you do, this will be Uzi clips instead. (See the screenshot at if you're having any difficulty finding the spot.) Take a standing jump down to the boxes on the left, or safety drop to the floor.

Return to the top where you killed the gang member. Jump up to grab the grating on the ceiling and traverse forward, then right. Drop to the ledge. Climb into the doorway. Turn around and jump to grab the ledge, where you'll find a rocket. Now get in the doorway below the drill and, if you didn't do it down below, SAVE YOUR GAME.

[DRILL ROOM] Slide backwards down the ramp and grab the end. Let go and drop to the break-away tiles. Jump to the left onto the slope, then slide and jump to grab the horizontal crevice opposite. Traverse to the right and drop to more break-away tiles. Fall through onto the slope below, grab the end and pull up. Jump, twisting in mid-air, to land on the opposite slope facing uphill. Slide and grab the end. Drop and grab quickly three more times and pull up into the alcove with the save/power-up crystal and MP5 clips. This is SECRET #1. Needless to say, all this has to be done speedily as the huge drill is bearing down on you from above. (NOTES: The secret area will contain the MP5 itself if you don't already have it. And, in case you've forgotten that mid-air twist, it's Jump + Roll-Alt + End on the PC.)

Follow the ramps to the bottom for a large med-pack. Then climb/jump back up to the middle level with the gray tiled floor. Climb up through the opening in the ceiling into a brick area. There's a small pool (which doesn't lead anywhere but comes in handy if Lara catches fire) and a save/power-up crystal around the corner. Climb up, timing your moves to avoid the first flame. Jump up to the gray block and the flames will extinguish. Climb up a little farther for a small med-pack. Then jump from the sloped ledge to grab the grate. Pick up the Uzi clips on top, then take a standing jump with Action to land in the alcove with the button. Press it to open a trapdoor back in the WOODEN CRATE ROOM. It also turns on another flame above where you got the clips.

Instead of climbing back up the grate, take a running jump angled just a little to the left to jump past the grate and land on the ledge beyond. Follow the stairs to a low, dark room above the tracks. At the far end are 2 rats, a large med-pack and some shotgun shells. Get the goodies, then safety drop through the opening to the platform below.

Again, drop down into the pit to the lower tracks and go to the WOODEN CRATE ROOM. Use the grates on the ceiling to traverse back to the drill area. Walk over the drill and climb into the next passageway, where you'll find the FIRST SOLOMON'S KEY.

Unfortunately, you'll need to take the long way back: Follow the passageway to the room above the tracks where you were a few minutes ago. Drop to the tracks, then drop down to the lower tracks and return to the WOODEN CRATE ROOM.

(IMPORTANT WARNING: A few people have informed me of a bug in both the PC and PlayStation version where the drill does not stay level with the doorway but sinks far below, making it impossible to walk across it to get the Solomon's Key. If you're playing on the PC and encounter this problem, you're welcome to download and use the . Just make sure we've played the areas in the same order--Nevada, London, South Pacific--so you don't miss anything. I will try and locate saves for the other possible combinations.)

(UPDATE: Huw L. suggested an alternate fix: He found that when he went through the trapdoor at the top of the wooden crate room to the area with the three timed doors (below) before crossing the drill to get the Solomon's Key, the drill bug was activated and he couldn't get the key. However, when he went to the drill BEFORE going up to the three timed doors, no bug.)

[ROLL-DOWN DOORS ROOM] Climb/jump up to the trapdoor you just opened. Enter and take out the thug and his dog. Get some shells on a ledge above where you came in (back flip off this ledge or jump while pressing Action) and some MP5 clips in the room to the side. You'll notice two closed doors as well. One contains the final secret of the game. You'll be back to get it later. (The roll-down doors at the top of the two flights of stairs don't open.) For now, fall through the break-away tiles and pull the movable box that's blocking the trapdoor above.

[THREE TIMED DOORS] Go down through the trapdoor and follow the passage. One way leads back to the room you were just in. The other leads to a network of passages ending in a room with a pool and three doors. There are 2 buttons on the wall down the hallway. These open the doors, which are timed to close before you get there. ;-) Here's the drill:

RIGHT DOOR: Press the right button. Press Look if it's your first time through to kill the "vision" of the door opening. Roll and run up the hallway to the room with the doors. Use sprint on the straight-aways but release it for better cornering. Run around the left side of the pool then straight on to the door on the right. (It is possible to jump the pool but more often than not you end up falling in.) Once inside, press the button to lower a trapdoor in the middle room. Slide down the ramps and follow the passage back to the buttons, picking up some flares on the way.

MIDDLE DOOR: Press the right button again. Repeat the same run to the middle door. Once inside, climb up through the trapdoor, press the button to open another trapdoor in the left room, and follow the hallway to drop down near the pair of buttons.

LEFT DOOR: Press the left button. The timer here is even faster, but if you sprint on the straight parts as you did before, you'll make it in time. Once inside, use the ceiling grates to traverse over the pool. Drop and grab the ledge. Pull up into the alcove and get shotgun shells a save/power-up crystal and the SECOND SOLOMON'S KEY.

(NOTE: If you're unable to complete the timed run, and you're playing on the PC, don't despair. Download the savegame at with Lara just inside the left door. Remember that I played Nevada first, then London, just so you don’t miss anything.)

Follow the underwater tunnel to emerge back in the ticket area. Kill the thug waiting for you then use your penny in the fourth machine from the ticket window to buy yourself a TICKET. (NOTE: Don't forget to pick up the ticket when it drops out of the machine onto the floor.)

[LEFT SIDE ESCALATORS] This time, exit through the doors on the left. The escalators here lead down to a platform with a huge pile of dirt. One of the Damned emerges and attacks here. Beyond the dirt pile is a vent you can shoot out to access SECRET #2--a pit containing shotgun shells.

If you want to, you can run up the stairs and kill a rabid dog so he won't surprise you later when you emerge through the closed door at the top.

Kill the 2 rats on the tracks. Then jump down and go to the right. Another thug comes out of a door and ducks into another. Follow him quickly so as not to be hit by an oncoming train. Use the button inside to open two doors outside. The one on the right contains a save/power-up crystal, the one on the left leads to a pool and a closed door.

[MASONIC TEMPLE] The area leading to the temple is a maze of passages, doors and buttons. The diagram aldwych.gif may come in handy. (This is also available online at And you'll probably want to save your game here in case you get lost or misplaced. Slog through the pool and push the button to open the door. Take the first right, then turn right again. Push the button here (B). Turn around go back to the left, then go to the right down the long corridor. At the end, just to the left is another button (C); push it. (Don't push the one at the end of this hall [D].) Turn around and come back up the long hallway. The doors on the right are now open. Go inside and pick up a small med-pack in the dark alcove. Now press the left button (F), but not the right (E). Exit this room through the door on the right and walk straight across the hallway. Turn right to face the first button you pushed. Push it again (it should be red now). Turn around and walk forward then to the right down a newly opened hallway. Follow it, passing two alcoves containing another small med-pack and MP5 clips. Continue to the inner sanctum of the Masonic temple.

Enter and go to the right. Use your two Solomon's keys in the keyholes to open doors at the front and back of the room. Go around the corner and pick up a save/power-up crystal and the long-awaited UZIS on the floor opposite the red chairs. (If you already have them, you’ll get Uzi clips here instead.)

Head for the back of the room, taking care to avoid the break-away floor tiles with spikes below. Run over the tiles into the little room you just opened. Grab the MASONIC MALLET and take a standing jump over the spikes to grab the edge. Pull up. Kill the dog that charges from the left. Then go back to the corner with the floor-length purple curtain and break-away tile. (Don't worry; there are no spikes below this time.) Go behind the curtain to get the ORNATE STAR and some MP5 clips.

Exit the temple through the small door in the opposite corner, which opened when you used the keys. Pick up a small med-pack and flares, then follow the underwater passage to a room with several cement ledges. Climb onto the block near the upper entrance and take a running jump to grab the crevice. Crawl through and drop down to the ledge with the railing. Climb onto the higher ledge and take a standing jump from the corner to grab the grate in the ceiling. Traverse to the wall, then drop and grab the small opening. Pull up and crawl through.

[TURNSTILE] Use your ticket in the turnstile to gain access to the next room. You may be able to kill 2 rats inside from the doorway. If not, take care of them, and the club-toting goon at the same time. Confiscate the goon's small med-pack. Then go around the row of turnstiles and use the Ornate Star to unlock the room with the campfire inside. (NOTE: If you're having difficulty unlocking the door, stand right at the middle of it, rather than facing the lock.) Another thug rushes out. Kill him before he flambées Lara, then enter.

This is SECRET #3. Climb through the opening in the ceiling. Follow the passage to drop down into a room containing a save/power-up crystal. The door opens automatically, and you're back at the landing above the pool. (Kill that nasty dog in the stairwell now if you didn't earlier.) Do the jump-climb-traverse thing to get back to the TURNSTILE room.

This time go to the right, down the escalator. Use the Masonic Mallet to open the door at the bottom. Get the rocket in the crawlspace above. (This is SECRET #4.) Then press the button to open a trapdoor inside the TRAIN CAR nearby.

Exit and go down into the hole on the left. As you approach, the door on the right opens and a thug comes out to pound on Lara. Subdue him and relieve him of a small med-pack. (NOTE: that the ENCLOSED WALKWAY he came out of leads down to the platform below the RIGHT SIDE ESCALATORS, but don't go that way yet.) Continue down the tunnel. Jump the gap, kill the dog a little farther on, and continue down the stairs to the platform.

[TRAIN CAR] Shoot the goon before he has a chance to hurt Lara. He'll leave another small med-pack. There's also a save/power-up crystal in the alcove, flares on top of the train car, and large med-pack and shotgun shells in a hole in the mud-filled, bat-infested tunnel.

Go back up the stairs to the hole. Drop down and follow the tunnel to the trapdoor under the train. Climb up into the train car. Push the button to cause a tremor and open another trapdoor. Drop through it and follow the tunnel to an open hallway with alcoves along the right side. Proceed forward, but DON'T SHOOT the gang member who dashes out of an alcove. Instead, follow him around the corner and let him open a door for you. He'll return with a buddy. Now you can kill them both. (NOTE: If you kill the first guy before he opens the door, you'll have no hope of getting the final secret.)

Go into the room the thug opened, pick up a rocket and press the 2 buttons. One opens the second trapdoor in the train; the other opens a door in the ROLL-DOWN DOORS ROOM.

Backtrack past the alcoves (pick up a small med-pack in the last) toward where you came in. Go right and up through the trapdoor into the train car. Press the button again, go through the other trapdoor and follow the tunnel to the opening. Take the ENCLOSED WALKWAY across the tracks. Go down the ramp to the platform, drop into the pit, go to the WOODEN CRATE ROOM, and climb up through the trapdoor. Enter the newly opened door on the right--SECRET #5. Kill another bad guy, and pick up a huge cache of goodies: MP5 clips, Desert Eagle clips, a large med-pack and the ROCKET LAUNCHER. Now, wasn't that worth the walk? :-)

Press the button to re-open the trapdoor into the TRAIN CAR. Then exit. You may encounter another thug on the far side of the big room when you leave. (NOTE: He doesn't always appear. Perhaps it depends on how you approach.) Return to the train. The quickest route is probably down into the WOODEN CRATE ROOM, across the ceiling grates to the drill, down onto the tracks, up the ramp, across the ENCLOSED WALKWAY, down into the hole, up through the train, and down into the hallway where you killed the 2 guys who opened the door for you.

Now exit the level by sliding down either of the ramps.

A cut scene follows: Lara falls into the lair of the Damned and finds herself before their leader. He correctly guesses that she's looking for Miss Lee. But obviously not for revenge, he says, since she hasn't got the face for it. Lara asks if he has, and the masked man replies caustically that he doesn't even have a face. He says he took a job as a research assistant in Miss Lee's cosmetic company. And, after taking part in a failed experiment to discover the secret of eternal beauty, he and the others ended up faceless monstrosities. The supreme irony, he explains, is that when he tried to take his own life, he found it didn't work. He strikes a deal with Lara: If she brings him some embalming fluid from the natural history museum, he and his friends will help her get to Sophia Lee.

RECOMMENDED READING: If you enjoyed the ambience of this level as much as I did, you might want to check out Neil Gaiman's book Neverwhere, a novel about a more-regular-than-regular guy who falls through the cracks of "normal" society and ends up in the mysterious realm of "London Below." It's full of abandoned tube stations, sewers, secret doors and passageways, etc. A completely fabulous book, which I recommend highly. In case you haven't heard of him, Neil is the guy who did the Sandman and Stardust graphic novels and The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish.Neverwhere links:



Kills: 19 Items: 53, plus a key, EMBALMING FLUID, the HARPOON GUN and 11 save/power-up crystals* Secrets: 6

*Numbers are approximate and depend on which route you take. Note that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the ROCKET LAUNCHER if you didn't get it in a previous level.

Objectives: Sneak into the Natural History Museum and steal some embalming fluid for your immortal friends. This will grant you access to the second part of the level. Here you'll need to navigate a series of water-filled areas and locate a key to unlock a door to the final area--the building where Sophia Lee has her office. This is where the last London level begins.

Walk-through: In case it wasn't obvious from the previous cut scene, the Damned are now your friends, so don't shoot at them. Turn and follow the guy with the torch down the plank walkways to a room with several shallow pools. Exit through the doorway on the LEFT. (The right doorway will get you where you're going, but you'll miss a secret.)

Slide down the ramp and quickly pull up into the opening on the right before the spiked ceiling descends and crushes Lara. Slide down into a small room. Exit to the left onto a white rock ledge above a room with many crates in it. (You'll come back there later.) Go to the right end of the rocks and drop down to the small brick ledge. Safety drop down to a clear area in the barbed wire. Walk to the other end and climb into the crevice. Inside are a large med-pack and flares--SECRET #1. To get out, climb through the opening in the ceiling, then up to the highest ledge. Turn around and take a running jump diagonally to the left to sail through the opening and land on the white stones where you started. (NOTE: If you're having difficulty with this jump, you can also jump to grab the edge of the opening and pull up.)

Go back into the little room. Press the button if you didn't earlier. This opens the trapdoor above. Climb up and scale the grating to just above the third silver strip. Back flip into the passage behind and pick up a large med-pack. (This is the way you would have come had you taken the right door initially.)

Jump back to the grate and climb up and over to the left side. Be careful not to drop into the barbed wire. Position Lara's hands on the grate just below the opening with the purplish-red light. (See the screenshot at if you're unsure.) Jump and twist in the air to grab the grate behind (Jump + Roll + Action). Climb up and crawl into the crack for SECRET #2--a rocket. (NOTE: If you have trouble making Lara climb into the opening, release Action and quickly press it again so she loses her foothold but grabs the ledge again. Then press Forward to pull up. If this doesn't work, try pressing Crouch + Forward while holding Action.)

Climb down the grate to just above the wooden slope and jump, twist and grab the black grate behind. Climb up farther until Lara's feet are just above the bottom of the green-lit area. (See Back flip into the opening with the save/power-up crystal and shotgun shells. Slide down the slope and jump to grab the grate. Climb all the way to the top.

Go through the crawlspace to the end. You'll find more shotgun shells in an opening on the right, but don't go all the way through. There's a guard in the hall beyond. Instead, backtrack to the point where you can stand up. Climb into the duct, pick up a small med-pack and drop down into the next room. Kill the guard here. Use the button to open the door, and kill the second guard in the hallway.

Pull/push the movable block onto the gray square. This will cause the tall pillar blocking the door to the next room to slide away. Go into the hall and to the right to enter this area. Get a small med-pack on a ledge in the back. Climb the stepped blocks to the doorway between the wooden ladders. Push the movable block there so it's in front of the door. This will move the tall pillar outside back in front of the outer door. Climb over the movable block and drop down on the other side.

Go out to the top step and turn left. Take a standing jump to grab the wooden slats on the ceiling. Traverse forward and left, then drop to grab the edge of the alcove with a save/power-up crystal. Pull up, get the crystal, then safety drop to the ground. Climb back up the blocks, jump to grab the wooden slats on the ceiling again and this time head for the alcove on the right. Drop, grab the ledge, pull up and crawl into the alcove. Use the switch to open a door high above. Then, climb out and drop down to the floor.

Climb up the movable pillar in front of the door. Pull up onto the ledge above and go through the crawl space. The ducts lead you back to the hallway. Move the block in the computer room again to slide the pillar back from the entrance. Go back to the Egyptian room.

Climb onto the movable pillar. Grab the ledge above, pull up and jump (with Action) to the ledge on the right with the switch. Pull it to close the door of the movable block room creating a climbable ladder. Climb up this ladder and onto the ledge on the left. Turn around and take a standing jump (with Action) to the block ahead on the left and another standing jump-grab to the doorway. Go into the alcove on the left, which contains shotgun shells and flares. Then cross over to the opposite alcove and go around the corner to a slope.

Slide down and jump at the end to grab the ledge across the gap. (Or, if you have difficulty timing this jump, slide down backwards, grab the edge, pull up and do a jump-twist--Jump + Roll + Action--to catch the ledge behind.) Continue to another ramp. Slide down to land on the break-away tiles. Immediately jump forward and grab the ledge between the sarcophagi. Pull up and take the EMBALMING FLUID.

(NOTE: There's a shortcut you can take here. Turn around and jump to the remaining break-away tiles on the left. Fall through and hold Action to grab the lowest slope. Traverse to the left and drop to a flat spot with a rocket on it. Then fall down the hole into the water. Pick up the walk-through below at the **. If you go this way, however, you'll miss a lot of action and two secrets. And, your friends will never get their precious embalming fluid.)

Crawl through the duct, picking up some Uzi clips on the way, and back out into the hallway. Kill the guard around the corner and go back around the corner to the crawlspace. There's another guard on duty in the next room. Take care of him, then use the button to open the doors and get a rocket. Go around the stone blocks and drop down onto a ledge high above the sphinx room.

Take a standing jump to grab the ceiling grates. Traverse across to the other side to get a save/power-up crystal. Traverse back to the third silver stripe in the grating. Then drop onto the sphinx's head. Turn to face the back left of the sphinx. Line Lara up with the point sticking down from the ceiling and take a standing jump-grab to land on a square corner ledge with a small med-pack. (You can't see the ledge from above. So use the screenshot at if necessary to get the right angle.) Take a standing jump from the ledge to the tall, square pillar. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the back of the white angled ledge. Pull up, slide down the other side and jump to the long ledge beyond. Go to the other end of the ledge for SECRET #3--a save/power-up crystal and 2 rockets.

(NOTE: There is another rocket on a ledge on the front of the sphinx. This will be the ROCKET LAUNCHER if you don't have it already. You can get to it by dropping down from the top. To get down to the ground, stand at the edge of the ledge and back flip onto the sloping head of the sphinx. Slide and grab to work your way down to the bottom. However, once you climb down, you won't be able to get SECRET #3.)

Go to the middle of the ledge and take a running jump to the sphinx's shoulder. Slide/drop to the ground. Go around to the other side of the sphinx. A guard opens fire from the stairwell, so take him out and grab his small med-pack. Then go to the alcove at the back right of the sphinx for some shotgun shells. When you return to the stairs, another guard comes in from the front of the room. Get him out of the way, then go to the top of the steps.

Climb onto the ledge above. Turn around and jump to grab the blue opening. Pull up and get a rocket and large med-pack--SECRET #4. Drop down and climb up to the ledge again. Pull the movable block on the left. Drop back and grab the ledge. Traverse to the left and use the block and the grating above as a ladder to climb up to the alcove on the right. Climb into the passageway above and drop down on the other side of the movable block. Push it again once. Then pull a second movable block twice. Climb back up the first block and grating to the alcove on the right. Again, go through the passage above. Now you can drop down behind the second block and emerge back in the lair of the Damned.

Go up the hall on the right and place the embalming fluid in the carved alcove with the blue lights above it. This opens a door nearby. Go in and fall through the trapdoor into a pool. Now test out your new ride: the underwater propulsion vehicle (UPV).

Drive the UPV into the big cavern, harpoon the crocodile (Action is the fire key on the UPV as well), and head for the opening on the right (with the wooden crate top) to get some air.

Scour the area for goodies, but be careful; another crocodile comes out when you pick up the harpoons on the square cement block. Other items here are: a small med-pack on the bottom near the cement block; a save/power-up crystal and 2 bunches of harpoons in the room opposite the one with the air space; a large med-pack and 2 more bunches of harpoons in the next room; and Uzi clips in the room next to the air room. The large brick opening leads to the next area, where you can surface.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: DON'T SAVE YOUR GAME FROM THIS POINT UNTIL AFTER YOU FINISH THE NEXT AREA AND GET ALL THE SECRETS!!! Some people have experienced a bug in which an invisible wall appears blocking the entrance to the sixth secret. Saving here seems to be what causes it.)

(**) Climb onto the ledge, pick up 2 bundles of harpoons. Jump into the water on the other side. Swim along the brick passage to a room with a glass ceiling where you can surface for air. (You can also see another UPV in an adjacent room.) Pull the underwater lever to open the nearby trapdoor. Swim through it, climb out of the water and press the button to open the door in the underwater passage to the left. (You passed it on your way in.)

(NOTE: Be sure not to accidentally fire weapons here, or you'll attract unwanted attention from the guard on the other side of the window and miss getting one of the secrets.)

The next bit is rather complicated, but it will enable you to get one of the more difficult secrets in the game. Ostensibly the object is to kill the frogman before he can get away and close the door to the underwater room with the UPV. The catch is that you can't shoot him on land. The frogman on top of the crates is just set dressing. He can't react to Lara, and she simply won't target him. You do want to avoid attracting the attention of the guard, though. This is actually what sounds the alarm and closes off the secret. Here's one strategy.

(NOTE: The diagram luds.gif, also online at, shows the path you'll take. It's quite rough and not at all to scale, but it will help clarify the text directions.)

Swim through the door you just opened into the area with the guard and the frogman. Swim forward and to the right until you come to two small underwater openings. You can surface in the corner near them and not be seen by the guard above. Go down into the left opening for SECRET #5--Desert Eagle clips. Then go into the right opening, get a small med-pack and pull the lever to open a concealed trapdoor nearby.

Swim UNDERWATER back toward the tunnel where you came in and continue past it down a small channel. Surface and climb out on the ledge to the right. Climb up and CRAWL forward to a hole. Back up to it and drop into the water below. (This is the trapdoor you just opened.) Get the save/power-up crystal, climb out on the other side and CRAWL around to the white rocks on the far left (opposite secret #4 and lever).

Once you're behind the rocks, you can stand. Go to the back right corner, jump up the small slope and pull up into the doorway. There's a guard lurking inside. Don't bother with him yet. Instead, run down the dark hallway and jump at the end to land on the metal ledge behind where the frogman is standing. He'll jump into the water and start shooting harpoons at Lara. Kill him before he swims away.

Now kill the guard and jump into the water where you killed the frogman to claim SECRET #6--4 bunches of harpoons, a large med-pack, a save/power-up crystal and the second UPV. (NOTE: Make sure you get everything in the secret room before going on. If you leave this area then come back, the invisible wall bug may be activated.)

Now you can take your time scouring the area for goodies. In all, you'll find: the BOILER ROOM KEY, which the first guard will have dropped; the HARPOON GUN and 2 bunches of harpoons behind the crates near the window and silver door; 3 more bunches of harpoons--one where the frogman was standing, one on the white rocks just behind that, and one on the big ledge above the red flashing light; a large med-pack in the pit behind the crates opposite where the frogman was; a small med-pack in a hole to the left of where you entered the dark room (you have to crawl then drop into it); flares and a save/power-up crystal in the dark room with the guard. (After climbing in from the rocks below, look up in the right corner and you'll see a crawlspace. The items are inside.) You can also kill the other guard here now.

When you've collected everything, drive the UPV down the long, diamond-shaped tunnel near where you killed the frogman. (NOTE: If you missed Secret #6 and don't want to bother trying again, continue to the next area where you'll find another UPV in the upper left alcove on the right wall.). Another diver lies in wait, and there's a crocodile in the large, open area beyond. You may want to kill the diver then return to the previous area for air before taking on the croc.

This next area is a big, square room with four openings in each wall. (In the diagram ludsgate.gif, which is also online at, the wall where you enter is labeled "Near," and the others "Left," "Right" and "Far" relative to that.) There's an air pocket in the top left opening on the right wall. First, pick up a few things: a large med-pack in the lower right opening on the same wall as the air space and a save/power-up crystal in the opening next to the entrance.

Now comes a series of underwater levers and doors. Needless to say, you'll need to go back for air between each action. I found that the UPV is very difficult to maneuver in the tight spaces inside some of the side rooms. It may help to park it outside, do the lever business, then return to it to speed back to the air hole. Here's the sequence: Swim into the opening to the left of the entrance (when facing it). Around the corner to the right is a lever. Pull it to open a door in the yellow area (just above the entrance). Swim in there to get a small med-pack and pull another lever. This opens the door in the red area (left wall, top right). Swim in there, picking up a save/power-up crystal on the way, and pull the lever to open a door in the blue area (far wall, upper right--next to air opening). This also lets in 2 more scuba divers. Here, I recommend either rushing back to the air hole, then using your hand harpoon gun to take them out, or simply avoiding them and heading for the exit.

Ride the UPV into the blue opening and up a long, vertical passage to surface near the BOILER ROOM. Climb over the ledge and jump into the water below the burners. Here you'll find some harpoons and a lever. Pull the lever to turn off the flames. Jump from the ledge, across the burners, stopping near the second burner to pick up a large med-pack and Uzi clips. Then jump to the doorway.

Follow the duct around the corner to the pistons (?). Watch the shadows on the floor, and you should be able to run past them one at a time without a hitch. Climb up to the ledge, then take a running jump to grab the grate on the ceiling. Traverse all the way across to the rolled steel duct. Drop down in the area next to the pool and pick up Desert Eagle clips and flares. Climb up to the duct, grab the ceiling grate again and traverse to the wall near the waterfall. Drop to grab the small opening, pull up and crawl through. Use the boiler room key here to open the door. Get the save/power-up crystal and press the button to open a door back down in the underwater area.

Climb out, drop into the water and drive the UPV back down to the bottom. There's another crocodile waiting down there, but you can hurry past it much more easily than you could kill it. Also, your previous air pocket is now gone, so you don't want to waste any time. Drive directly across from the blue opening into the purple one. Head to the left through the door you just opened, and continue up a long, vertical passage until you can surface.

Climb out of the water on the ledge with the large med-pack. Then cross back to the other ledge. Walk to the edge facing the left side of the platform with the swinging steel gizmo. Take two steps back then do a standing jump to grab the platform. Shimmy to the left (against the wall) and pull up. Walk across the platform to the other edge. (Or, if you're having trouble walking past the machines without taking damage, stand near the wall and roll.) Take another standing jump to grab the next platform. Again, pull up next to the wall where it's safe. Walk to the far edge and take another standing jump to grab the last platform. Jump from there to the doorway.

Follow the passage around the corner and kill the guard. Now backtrack to an opening in the ceiling near the machine room. Climb up and follow the duct to an opening above the very deep, very wide pit. Take a running jump to grab the small, rectangular opening across the way. Drop and grab the opening below. Crawl through the duct to a brick ledge above the big pit. Again, take a running jump to grab the opening opposite. Crawl through the ducts to the end of the level.

A cut scene ensues: Lara confronts Sophia Lee in her office. Sophia is unwilling to part with her artifact and flees. Lara, naturally, won't take "No" for an answer.


LONDON PART 4: CITY Updated 12/17/98 Kills: 0* Items: 6, plus the EYE OF ISIS Secrets: 1

*The only enemy is the level boss, Sophia Lee. However, since Lara defeats her indirectly, this doesn't register as an "official" kill.

Objectives: Kill the angry Miss Lee and get her artifact.

Walk-through: Follow Sophia Lee through the door in the corner of her office. She'll be waiting outside on a ledge of the adjacent building. DON'T SHOOT AT HER. She can't be killed with conventional weapons, so don't even waste any ammunition on her. Instead, climb up to the electrical panel and shoot it to electrify the walkway where Sophia will be standing. (Detailed directions follow.)

As you climb, Sophia will continue to fire energy bolts from her artifact. Expect to take some hits. Use med-packs as you go along. There are additional med-packs scattered along the ledges. If you're desperately low on health, go ahead and pick them up. But if you have enough to last, wait until later to get them. If you keep moving, Sophia won't be able to hit Lara as often, since she climbs as Lara does and doesn't fire as she's climbing. Once you' know where you're going, it's not all that difficult.

First, run up the ramp on the right side of the opening. Climb up onto the ledge, turn around and either take a running jump to grab the ledge on the left side, or grab the grate in the ceiling and traverse over to the ledge near the pink light. Climb onto the block on the left. Turn around and pull up onto the next ledge.

Run across the bridge to the right side and press the button to open a trapdoor behind you. Run back across the bridge to left side. Climb up. Turn left and climb to the next level (above the white light). Cross the bridge back to the right side. Jump and grab the yellow grating ladder and climb up. Crawl through the low opening to the other side. Turn around, climb up and, if you want to, crouch behind the angled block until you hear Sophia pause for a power-up. Then take a running jump across the gap to grab the ledge on the left side (above where you were earlier). Pull up and walk forward. You'll find the electrical panel on your right. Shoot it to turn on the current in the walkway and put Sophia out of your misery.

Now you can go for all the goodies. Just make sure not to step on that electrified walkway. There's a small med-pack near the crawl space, small and large med-packs on the walkway at the level of the ladder, and another small med-pack on the level where the button is.

To access the level's SINGLE SECRET, get on the ledge below and to the left of the trapdoor. Drop backwards and hang from the edge. Traverse to the left, then drop and grab the opening below. Crawl in for a rocket and another large med-pack. Safety drop out through the little opening and climb back up to the ledge above the crawlspace.

Jump from there across the gap to the building where Sophia was (just below the helipad). Climb up the cement ledges (near the white light). Drop down on the other side and use the button to turn off the current. Take the EYE OF ISIS to end the level.

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Copyright © 1998-99 - Stellalune. Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walk-through couldn't have been written. Thanks also to the following people who helped with the London levels: Katie L., Helen, Domino, Fred, Cujo, Huw, Jeff Reid, Sugarmama, Andy D., Vesa, John G., Gus, Cadfael and Mike B. Feel free to copy, distribute and quote this walk-through, but please include this credit line so people can send me their corrections, comments and suggestions. Also, if you'd like to offer this on your own web site, kindly ask permission first.

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