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BAAGS stands for: Buy All Adventure Games Syndrome

Criteria for BAAGS - name says it all

Levels of descent into the pits of this sickness are as follows (still fairly incomplete as there is ongoing research)

Level 1 - The Beginning Phase - Starts innocently enough - you buy or receive an adventure game, pop it into your computer and discover "gee, this is fun - I wonder if there are anymore out there like it?" You go to a computer store and find a couple that sound interesting, you buy only one, telling yourself that you'll come back and get the other one when you've finished this one and go home happy.

Level 2 - I Am Not Going to Let That Happen to Me Again Phase - You discover that when you go back to the store to buy the other game you wanted, they didn't have it anymore and didn't think they are going to be getting any more copies. You look around, see two other games and buy them both because I am not going to let that happen to me again.

Level 3 - Just in Case Phase - You go back to your favorite game buying store, think to yourself, there doesn't seem to be as many adventure games as there used to be here - see 5 and buy them all - just in case.

Level 4 - GameBoomers Phase - Store shopping again, nothing new except for a lot of games with action/adventure and FPS on them. Decide you can't be the only one who likes this type of game so you log on to the internet and see if you can't find some other people like yourself. You happen to stumble on a bulletin board named GameBoomers and you innocently post the following: I'm new to adventure gaming and can't find any in the stores, does anyone have any recommendations on the names of some good games and where I might buy them? Within 5 minutes you have a list of at least 50, plus where to purchase them.

Level 5 - The Ebay Phase - You've now managed to buy all the newer games and wonder where you might find some of the older ones that people keep talking about. You post and someone mentions Ebay. You bid, you win, you're sunk.

Level 6 - The Multiple Buying Phase - You scour on-line stores, Ebay and conventional stores looking for games. When you find you buy all you see - no more do you just buy one or two - you are buying four, five and six at once. You start to panic when your unplayed games dip below the 50 mark.

Level 7 - The Reviewer and Public Opinion Be Damned, it's an Adventure Game and I've Got to Have it Phase - When you have degenerated to this level of sickness there is no hope. At this point you purposely buy games no one else in their right mind would buy. If a reviewer says it's junk - you've got to have it - if three reviewers and people you ask, say it's junk - it now becomes your life's mission. You will not rest nor leave no stone unturned until you possess this stinker.
Note: Only known cure once this phase is reached, is a nice padded cell in some quiet mental hospital.

PS - the CDC in Atlanta just e-mailed me about the BAAGS epidemic associated with GameBoomers. Seems they are looking into the possibility that a warning message may have to be posted on the main bulletin board stating: CAUTION : The reading of this Bulletin Board has been known to cause BAAGS.
Enter at your own risk .

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