A First Look at Shardlight by flotsam

The world died twenty years ago today. Bombs fell, and from the rubble, a distinctly us and them civilization arose. Some live in towers, looking every bit like French aristocracy, others eke out a living scrounging and selling what they can.

Amy is one of the latter, doing a lottery job for one of the "lords". These are dangerous jobs - this one involves restarting a reactor - rewarded by a ticket in the vaccine lottery. This is personal for Amy, as she recognises the early symptoms of the deadly Green Lung.

Not surprisingly, there is an underground movement. Freedom fighters or vandals probably depends on your point of view.
Right now, I am not sure what Amy's is. At this stage I feel she is playing two sides of the same coin. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. In the meantime, errands for her friends need tending to.

This is pure Wadjeteye, and anyone familiar with any of their previous products will know what to expect. Pixelly graphics can't hide a good game, and so far it is good. It plays like all the others, pure point and click, although I just discovered (and turned on) commentary mode.

Various members of the production team apparently leap in from time to time to tell me stuff, which I will turn off again if it becomes distracting but am interested to see in action.
I will let you know more when I get to the end.